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Ted Cox Enacts Custer’s Last Stand In Taking On Huge Redskin In Mat Bout

Santa Cruz Sentinel – August 30, 1933

Meets Huge Indian Grappler
– Who tackles Julius Strongbow, huge Choctaw Indian wrestler in the main event on tonight’s wrestling card in community park.  “Tiny” Roebuck, another big Indian, the largest wrestler in the game, meets “Rowdy Rudy” LaDitzi; while Dean Detten wrestles George Kovacevich.

“Bulldog” Ted “King Kong” Cox, the Lodi wildman, is going; to enact Custer’s last stand tonight when he takes to the mat in community park to face Julius Strongbow, the 274 pound Choctaw Indian brave from Oklahoma. It is a one hour limit match for the best two out of three falls.

Cox spots the Indian 44 pounds of weight advantage, but he has had more experience than Strongbow and is considerably faster. He expects to make his superior speed and experience off-set his opponent’s advantage in bulk.

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World Title At Stake In Meet Tonight

The Healdsburg Tribune – July 20, 1933

The heavyweight championship of the world is at stake tonight in the Fifth street arena in Santa Rosa when Champion Jim Browning meets the tough and spectacular “Tiny” Roebuck, 275 pound six foot seven inch Indian in a two-hour, two-fall match.

Browning, unlike most champion.-, has shown a willingness to meet any and all contestants to his title, and has depended to a great extent on his “airplane scissors” for his triumphs.

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Browning Wins From Roebuck With Turnover

The Healdsburg Tribune – July 21, 1933

Jim Browning and his “turnover scissors” were too much for the giant Indian. Tiny Roebuck, in their world championship heavyweight match at Santa Rosa Thursday night, Browning taking two straight falls, the first in 29 minutes and the second ten minutes later.

Both falls came after Browning had clamped his powerful legs about Roebuck’s middle and whirled him aloft, spinning and bounding him from one side to the other as he cartwheeled about the ring.

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Strangler Lewis On Oakland Card

The Evening News, San Jose, California – June 16, 1933

OAKLAND, June 16 (UP). – Ed (“Strangler”) Lewis, former world’s heavy weight wrestling champion, will meet “Tiny” Roebuck, 275-pound Choctaw Indian, in a two-hour time limit wrestling match here tonight.

Browning’s Airplane Scissors Downs Lutze

Los Angeles Times – May 18, 1933

Jim Browning, a prominent member in that great fraternity — “The Rasslin’ Champions of the World” — tossed Nick Lutze, the former Venice life guard, two out of three falls last night in the main event at the Olympic Auditorium. On both occasions the recognized kingpin in the environs of New York City and Hoboken resorted to an airplane turnover scissors to perform the feat. Continue reading

Juan Juarez Wins Olympic Mat Tourney

Los Angeles Times – May 20, 1941

Disposing of four opponents in a total of slightly more than 15 minutes, Juan Juarez, Mexican champion, won the one-night elimination wrestling tourney at Olympic Auditorium last night.

Juarez was pretty sensational as he disposed of Tom Zaharias in the opening match in 5m. 48s. with an airplane spin and finished with a flashy 1m. 9s. triumph over another of the Zaharias clan, Chris, in the finals. Continue reading

K.O. Koverly Disqualified

Los Angeles Times – June 13, 1940
By Al Wolf

Last night’s rassle class at the Olympic quite possibly had the rare good fortune ot see a shooting match, although such things have long been considered as extinct as the dodo bird.

A stranger who gave the name “Del Rosa” plunked down five bucks for a license and examination, borrowed a set of trunks from one of the boys and attempted to win a “C” note by staying 20 minutes with Lee Wykoff, who has been making that offer to the house weekly. Continue reading

Londos Scores Over Szabo At Olympic

Los Angeles Times – November 9, 1939

Lee Wykoff joined the also-rans in the international wrestling tourney at the Olympic last night, lumbering Hans Steinke being returned the winner, but it was Jeemy Londos and Sandor Szabo who stole the show with a Graeco-Roman match which had no bearing on the tournament proper. Continue reading

Hardboiled Haggerty Stops El Pulpo In Mat Massacre

Los Angeles Times – October 27, 1938
By Jack Singer

W.P.A. crews, working in shifts, last night were removing the broken body of El Pulpo, the Mexican Octopus Man, in sections and transporting said torso the glue factory where, attendants report, there is a 50-50 chance that it will be patched up again as good as new, give or take an arm. Continue reading

Clara Still Girl Champ

San Francisco Chronicle – June 30, 1937
By Will Connolly

It was a genuine pleasure for the gentlemen at Dreamland last night to sit back comfortably and watch two young ladies pull hair without the gallant urge to separate the dears. Continue reading