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Wright, Firpo In Sunnyside Mat Clash

Long Island Star-Journal – May 7, 1960

Bearcat Wright, popular Negro grappler from Kingston, Jamaica, and Pampero Firpo, bewhiskered Argentine giant, clash in the non-televised opener of next Tuesday’s pro mat bill at Sunnyside Garden.

Promoter Manny Heicklen, who also has scheduled a pair of tag team matches and two single contests, will put the Wright-Firpo tussle on at 8:30 P. M.

The team events send Prince Maiava and Johnny Walker against Chet Wallick and Jack Vansky, and Miguel Perez-Eugene Marin vs. Al Smith-Johnny Kace.

Rocca Captures Mat Feature

Long Island Star-Journal – June 1, 1960

Antonino Rocca won from Haystacks Calhoun  in 11:15 of the feature of last night’s professional wrestling show at Sunnyside Garden.

Bearcat Wright disposed of Chet Wallick in 9:15, Bruno Sammartino subdued Larry Simon in 6:45, Don Curtis whipped Jack Vansky in 7:45, Arnold Skaaland won two of three falls from Iron Mike DiBiase.

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Rocca, Calhoun Clash Tonight At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – May 31, 1960

Antonino Rocca, best known wrestler of the past decade, and Haystacks Calhoun, 600-pound country-boy, battle in a single fall match highlighting tonight’s card at Sunnyside Garden.  The contest will open promoter Manny Heicklen’s program at 8:30 P. M.

Bearcat Wright, 6-7 Negro sensation from Jamaica, West Indies, will clash with Chet Wallick and Bruno Sammartino, Italian strongman, will engage Larry Simon.

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Nature Boy Godoy Grapples At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – May 17, 1960

Nature Boy Buddy Rogers makes his first appearance at Sunnyside Garden tonight in one of the features of an all-star professional wrestling card.  Rogers has been matched with Pedro Godoy in a one fall test.

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Negro Wrestlers

Ebony – May 1962

Clenching fists, 6’4”, 265-pound Bearcat Wright switches to boxing stance in Chicago match with 6’9”, 329-pound Japanese wrestler Shohei Baba.  Both were disqualified.

Pros Help Popularize Television-Boosted Sport

Combining brute strength with baseball agility, basketball quickness and the violence of football and boxing, pro wrestling is one of the most popular of the spectator sports.  One reason is television.  Another is a handful of Negro wrestlers which includes Edward (Bearcat) Wright, Reggie (Sweet Daddy) Siki, Bobo Brazil, Seaman Art Thomas, Dory Dixon and at least two women, Dinah Beamon and Sweet Georgia Brown.  Skill with such torture tactics as the step-over toe hold, the flying kick and the back-breaker has grossed them up to $60,000 a year.  Wrestling as often as six times a week in spectacles billed in some states as exhibitions rather than sporting events, the wrestlers must keep in peak physical condition the year-around.  Bearcat, for instance, refuses to eat anything fattening and is seriously thinking of becoming a vegetarian.  Neither he nor Sweet Daddy eat after two on day of a match.

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Bearcat Wright Grapples Firpo At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – May 10, 1960

Bearcat Wright, giant Negro mat favorite, meets Pampero Firpo, bewhiskered South American Wildman, in the non-TV highlight of tonight’s professional wrestling card at Sunnyside Garden. Continue reading

Gorgeous George Meets Wright At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – March 19, 1960

Gorgeous George, spectacular blond grappler, will take on Bearcat Wright, giant ex-boxer from Kingston, Jamaica, in the non-televised feature of Sunnyside Garden’s pro wrestling program next Tuesday. Continue reading

Ripper Collins Beats Reed For Title

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – January 20, 1966

Ripper Collins lifted Ron Reed’s Hawaiian heavyweight title last night by taking two out of three falls at the Honolulu International Center Arena.

Reed won the first fall with a reverse cradle, but Collins captured the second by applying the boots to his foe’s head and stomach. Reed then missed with a flying dropkick and Collins subdued him with an atomic drop. Continue reading

Zuma, Starr, Calhoun In Mat Bouts

Sunday Herald – August 30, 1959

Four favorites, including a newcomer, will enhance the next weekly wrestling card at the City Arena and on Channel 5 via WNEW-TV on Wednesday.  And each one has the individuality of being a strikingly-different type than the other popular contenders. Continue reading

Wrestling On Tap

Ocala Star-Banner – May 17, 1972

Florida heavyweight wrestling champion, Jack Brisco, meets Bearcat Wright in the main event of the mat card at the City Auditorium Saturday night.

Brisco is outweighed 231 to 272 pounds by the huge Wright, one of the few nationally-ranked black wrestlers in the pro ranks. Continue reading