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Wright, Firpo In Sunnyside Mat Clash

Long Island Star-Journal – May 7, 1960

Bearcat Wright, popular Negro grappler from Kingston, Jamaica, and Pampero Firpo, bewhiskered Argentine giant, clash in the non-televised opener of next Tuesday’s pro mat bill at Sunnyside Garden.

Promoter Manny Heicklen, who also has scheduled a pair of tag team matches and two single contests, will put the Wright-Firpo tussle on at 8:30 P. M.

The team events send Prince Maiava and Johnny Walker against Chet Wallick and Jack Vansky, and Miguel Perez-Eugene Marin vs. Al Smith-Johnny Kace.

Rocca Combine Beats Rebels

Long Island Star-Journal – October 31, 1960

Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez won two of three falls to defeat The Rebel Brothers in the feature of Saturday night’s pro wrestling card at Sunnyside Garden.

The Bavarian Boys and the team of Jerry Graham – Pampero Firpo grappled to a draw, while Ricki Starr defeated Red Grupe when the latter was disqualified.  Rocca faces Grupe in tomorrow’s feature.

Bruno Sammartino scored over Pat Kelly, Pao Yon Chon beat Miguel Torres, Luther Lindsey whipped Al Smith and Tony Martino won from Jose Romero.

Starr Triumphs, Will Top Card On Saturday

Long Island Star-Journal – June 29, 1960

Ricki Starr defeated Australian champion Bud Cody in 7:15 of the Sunnyside Garden wrestling feature last night and promptly was invited to return on promoter Manny Heicklen’s special non-televised show Saturday night to face Antonio the Great, the Italian giant.

Starr will share top billing with the unbeaten tag team of Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez, slated to tangle with Pampero Firpo and Dr. Jerry Graham.

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Triple Tag Bill At Sunnyside Tomorrow

Long Island Star-Journal – September 16, 1960

Three tag teams matches, plus the appearance of fabulous Ricki Starr, whirlwind ex-ballet dancer, highlight tomorrow night’s special non-televised professional wrestling program at Sunnyside Garden.

Starr, flashy undefeated tangles with Fritz Wallick of Germany.  Another individual match pairs Rene Bardot of France with Miguel Torres.

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Rocca Team Mat Victor

Long Island Star-Journal – August 24, 1960

Antonino Rocca and Bruno Sammartino defeated Pampero Firpo and Dr. Jerry Graham last night before the largest crowd of the summer wrestling season at Sunnyside Garden.

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Becker, Witzig Go After Smith Brothers Tonight

The Spartanburg Herald – April 9, 1955

JACK WITZIG… George Becker’s partner

George Becker and Jack Witzig, who local wrestling fans figure got “rooked” in a battle with the Smith brothers last Saturday night, clash with the bearded New Yorkers in a return number at Memorial Arena tonight.

The Smith were officially declared the winners last week after Al had sneaked into the ring and helped John “pin” Witzig in the third fall.

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Wrestling Slated Tonite

The Rockland County Journal-News – July 29, 1960

The Haverstraw Little League will benefit by a professional, Madison Square Garden wrestling show tonight at 8:40 p. m. under the lights at the league stadium off Gurnee Avenue, Haverstraw. Continue reading

Bearcat Wright Grapples Firpo At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – May 10, 1960

Bearcat Wright, giant Negro mat favorite, meets Pampero Firpo, bewhiskered South American Wildman, in the non-TV highlight of tonight’s professional wrestling card at Sunnyside Garden. Continue reading

Antonina Rocca Heads Show For Haverstraw Next Week

The Rockland County Journal-News – July 20, 1960

Madison Square Garden wrestling is coming to the Haverstraw Little League Stadium off Gurnee Avenue on July 28.  The show will be under the lights and proceeds will go to the Haverstraw L. L. Continue reading

3 Tag Matches Top Sunnyside Card Tonight

Long Island Star-Journal – August 16, 1960

Three tag team matches highlight tonight’s pro wrestling card at Sunnyside Garden, with the non-televised opening match at 8:30 P.M., pitting Dr. Jerry Graham and Pampero Firpo against the Bavarian Boys. Continue reading