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McCready Retains Mat Title

Winnipeg Free Press – May 10, 1933
By Clem Shields

Billed to go best of three falls with a two-hour limit, the Canadian championship wrestling match last night at the Amphitheatre rink between Earl McCready, Canadian heavyweight champion, and veteran Jack Taylor finished after 36 minutes and 45 seconds, Taylor being unable to continue due to a neck injury. The injury was the result of taking a reverse body slam with all of McCready’s 236 pounds behind the charge.

The far from gentle art of modified murder was demonstrated in all its phases in all bouts, with exhibitions of leaping Lenas, grunting, growling, groaning and boxing thrown in for good measure. Particularly in the preliminary in which Mihaly Orgovanyi, perfectly-built grappler from Hungary, and Alex Monahan, wild rushing Irishman, tangled were fans served a tasty hors-d’oeuvres of smash-as-smash-can. Monahan, one of the best to show here, was the victim, suffering a cut eye and split ear and resembling a redskin before the final gong sounded ending the bout in a draw.

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Taylor Confident Of Win Over McCready Tonight

Winnipeg Free Press – May 9, 1933

The Canadian heavyweight championship will be at stake tonight when Earl McCready, of Amulet, Sask., tangles with Jack Taylor, of Calgary, in a finish bout. They will tussle until one registers two falls, or for a two-hour time limit. This contest headlines an attractive all-star programme being staged by Ivan Mickailoff at the Amphitheatre rink.

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A New Wrestling Find

Boxing & Wrestling News – April 1933
By Marvin Williams

When we discover that a youngster of barely twenty-one summers in the short space of less than a year has already nearly defeated a great ex-champion, Gus Sonnenberg, and recently gave the present champion, Jim Browning, a tough battle, we naturally prick up our ears and decide to look into the matter. We realize that this is a very rare case. We remember that such a fine wrestler as Earl McCready, after successfully wrestling for years, made the statement when a match between himself and Jim Londos was talked about, “I am not yet ready to meet Londos. I feel that I require more experience.”

We wonder if Paul Boesch is too ambitious and if he will be a flash in the pan? We wonder if he will grow discouraged by being defeated, even though the defeats thus far have only been at the hands of the finest? Or can it be possible that Paul is a “great”; one of those instinctive wrestlers who acquires great skill without long years of practice? Perhaps he figures that the finest experience in the world can only come from real matches against the best. Continue reading

Phelan Orders Wrestling Cleanup

Syracuse Herald – September 27, 1934

A demoralized group of Syracuse wrestling and boxing officials were awaiting further word from the offices of the New York State Athletic Commission today, following an unexpected investigation on the part of Gen. John J. Phelan, chairman of the sports board, here last night. Continue reading

McCready Retains Title

The Argus – November 15, 1937

AUCKLAND (N Z ), Sunday
Earl McCready, of Canada, retained the British Empire wrestling championship last night after a strenuous bout with Lofty Blomfield, of New Zealand. Neither gained a fall, and the referee declared the match a draw.

Lewis Keeps Title By Pinning Meyers

The New York Times – February 7, 1933
By James P. Dawson

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, had no difficulty defending his crown last night against the assault of Dr. Fred Meyers, Chicago’s grappler-dentist, in Madison Square Garden. Continue reading

McCready’s Last Match

The Age – October 19, 1937

Earl McCready, the British Empire champion heavy weight wrestler, will have his last contest in Australia for the season against Sammy Stein, at West Melbourne, on Saturday.  He will arrive here from Sydney on Wednesday.  McCready is to leave for New Zealand to defend his Empire title against Lofty Blomfield, the New Zealand champion. Continue reading

Chris Zaharias On The October 6th Card

Sports Pointers, St. Louis – October 6, 1944
By Earl Brady

Lieut. Chris Zaharias is on the October 6th card, his foe being Thor Morgan, ex-Marine… For excitement and thrills, don’t overlook the Warren Bockwinkel- Chief Saunooke battle… Al Massey, who made a classy debut here recently, and Wally Greb, a new face, also should furnish lots of action and thrills… Of course, we are anticipating one of the banner matches of the season when Wild Bill  Longson and Earl McCready get on the mat in their best two out of three fall scrap, and last but not least our little pal, Tuffy Truesdell, Mexican champion, sails into Dave Feldman in a battle of 178-pounders in the opener… We have just been informed that Otto (Whitey) Brexler will referee the main go…

The Grunt And Groan Industry Has A Problem

Jack Dempsey’s Sports Magazine – June 1938
By Marcus Griffin

On a soft, summer night in June, 1937, there was but one World’s Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. His name was – and still is – Dean Detton. He was an odd sort of fellow, this champion. His spare moments were spent filling the duties of a Deacon in the First Church of Christ of the Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon Church. Continue reading

American Wrestlers

The Argus – August 12, 1937

More American wrestlers will arrive in Australia within the next two weeks. Chief Little Wolf, the American Indian, leaves New Zealand on August 20. His first contest will be in Melbourne. Ed (“Strangler”) Lewis, who is on his way to India to wrestle Gama, the Indian champion, should be here in a few weeks. It is possible that Lewis will have one contest In Melbourne. Earl McCready is expected to leave New Zealand for Australia shortly. Continue reading