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Strangler Lewis in Win Over Ad Santel

San Francisco Chronicle – April 29, 1933

Strangler Lewis won two out of three falls from Ad Santel in their feature wrestling match last night in the Oakland Auditorium. Lewis won the first fall in twenty-four minutes with a headlock, lost the second in six minutes when he quit to a Japanese leglog, and won the third by twisting halfway out of another leglock and pinning Santel’s shoulders to the mat in seven minutes. Continue reading

Robert M. Russell, 77, wrestled As Masked Marvel, Boris Fabian

The Boston Globe – June 14, 1984

Robert M. Russell Sr. of Revere, who wrestled for 30 years in Boston, throughout New England and in several foreign countries, died of pneumonia yesterday in the Sea View Nursing Home in Rowley after a short illness.  He was 77.

He began his professional wrestling career after the 1932 Olympics and continued to wrestle in the early 1960s. Continue reading

Referee Mason Loses To Irish Enemy

Seattle Times – January 3, 1933

As a heavyweight wrestler, Charlie Mason is an excellent referee. That was decisively proved last night in the main event of the wrestling smoker before the largest Monday night audience of the season. “Rough House” Pat Reilly, the Boston Irishman, carried too many guns for Mason, who showed flashes of his oldtime form but who couldn’t match Reilly for gameness and stamina. Reilly took two straight falls. Continue reading

Russell Is Aspirant To Wrestling Crown

The Gazette – May 23, 1944

“Rebel Bob” Russell may become a figure in the battle to decide whose going to meet Sandor Szabo next, first chapter of which will be staged at the Forum Wednesday night, with Yvon Robert meeting Leo Numa, and the Masked Marvel tackling clever Regis Siki, the Sengalese star, in one-fall matches both to a finish. Continue reading

‘Masked Marvel’ Ready For Big Wrestling Bout

Elmira Star-Gazette – September 2, 1916

Giant Heavyweight Returned to Elmira After Strenuous Training—Announces Himself Fit to Meet the Swedish Champion Labor Day Afternoon.

Masked Marvel Mort Henderson 9-2-1916 copy

Masked Marvel Who Wrestles Here Labor Day
Above are two likenesses of Mort Henderson, the “Masked Marvel,” who created a sensation in the New York wrestling tournament. The pictures show Mr. Henderson with and without his mask. He will unmask after his match here.

The “Masked Marvel,” who will wrestle Charles Oleson at the Maple avenue park Monday afternoon for the American heavyweight championship, arrived in Elmira last night.  He has been in training at Rochester, and with a few finishing touches announces that he will be in prime condition for the coming mat argument. Continue reading

“Masked Marvel” May As Well Discard His Hood

New York Herald – January 5, 1916

Photographs of Mort Henderson Show Remarkable Resemblance in Poses to the Mysterious Wrestler.

Masked Marvel Mort Henderson 1-5-1916

There is no reason why the “Masked Marvel,” who has caused wrestling “fans” and many others in all walks of life to do a lot of guessing since he first appeared in the tournament at the Manhattan Opera House, should not remove his mask, as it interferes with his work and his identity is conceded to be as good as proved. Continue reading

Big Russian Will Wrestle Masked Marvel

Elmira Star-Gazette – October 20, 1916

Ivan Michaloff, Who Wears His Native Costume On The Street, Booked To Appear At The Lyceum Theater Next Wednesday.

Ivan Michaloff 10-20-1916

Famous Russian Cossack, who has met all the best wrestlers in Europe, South America and this country, will wrestle to finish against the Masked Marvel at Lyceum next week – Michaloff is acknowledged the best mat artist in Russia.

Elmirans will enjoy a big carnival of wrestling at the Lyceum theater next Wednesday evening, when Mortimer Henderson, better known to wrestling fans as, “The Masked Marvel,” will meet Ivan Michaloff, the Russian Cossack champion, in a finish match, catch-as-catch-can, best two falls out of three. Continue reading

Wrestling Fake At Last Is Exposed

The Pittsburg Press – April 28, 1916
By Robert Edgren

“Masked Marvel” Henderson Under Weekly Salary, With Date Of His Defeat Known In Advance

New York, April 28 – A new attempt is being made to make a popular “mystery” of a wrestler called the “Masked Marvel” and identified as Mort Henderson, a clever western mat artist who lacked the bulk necessary to make him actually first class.  Two of the officials told me there were no less than three men in the so-called “tournament” held at the Manhattan Opera House who could throw him at any time.  They were Aberg, Zbyszko and Lewis. Continue reading

Yukon Eric Wins 2 Falls; Midgets Amuse Mat Fans

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – February 6, 1958

Marvel Unmasked

They unmasked ‘The Masked Marvel” last night at the War Memorial before an assemblage of about 1,000 fans but his identity was not divulged. After unmasking, the loser covered his face with his hands and ran into the dressing room. Continue reading

Greek Latest Victim Of Masked Marvel

Arizona Republic – April 14, 1931

A couple of heavyweight tornadoes descended upon the ring of Phoenix Madison Square Garden last night, crowded more wrestling into about 25 minutes of work than is actually seen in a dozen bouts and sent the biggest crowd of 1931 into a frenzy of excitement unparalleled in the history of wrestling here. Continue reading