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Lewis Takes Seventy-Two Minutes To Beat Marvel

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – February 18, 1916

With amazing swiftness, Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the world’s catch- as-catch-can champion, got a crotch and wrist lock on the Masked Marvel, the sensation of the recent tournament in New York, and slowly but surely brought his shoulders to the mat at the Colonial Theatre, ending a conflict of seventy-two minutes of wrestling. Continue reading

The Original Masked Marvel

Reminisce – February/March 2014
By Len West – Newnan, GA

CLETE KAUFFMAN cuts an imposing figure in this photo taken in 1920.  He parlayed a need for tires into a career as a pro wrestler.

CLETE KAUFFMAN cuts an imposing figure in this photo taken in 1920. He parlayed a need for tires into a career as a pro wrestler.

His uncle stepped into the ring at a carnival and became a wrestler.

The promoter at the carnival offered $50 to any man who could stay in the ring with the company wrestler for three 3-minute rounds.  My uncle Clete Kauffman needed new tires, which cost $50 each, so he stepped into the ring. Continue reading

No Doubting The Fact That Masked Marvel Is Henderson

Brooklyn Daily Eagle – December 27, 1915

Sensational Wonder of the International Wrestling Tournament is an American Mat Artist, Who Was Born in Rochester of Scotch Parents–Has Been Staying at the Hotel Victoria, in Manhattan–Once Trailed to the Crescent A. C. and Lost. Continue reading

Ed (Strangler) Lewis: The Early Days In Norfolk

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – February 13, 1916

A wrestling bill which presents the feature of the one which will be put on at the Colonial Theatre next Thursday has not been seen in Norfolk in a long time; in fact, there has never been one here in which the acknowledged catch-as-catch-can champion of the world appeared. Continue reading

Paavo Applies Final Touches To Mat Card

Tacoma News-Tribune – October 9, 1953

Completion of this Friday night’s Bronko Nagurski-Luther Lindsey wrestling card, which also features a meeting between Frank Stojack and the Masked Marvel, was announced Thursday by promoter Paavo Ketonen. Continue reading

N.W. Sports By Jack Hewins

Associated Press – October 7, 1953

This, friends, could be slaughter. Or sheer slapstick.

The rasslers have organized a football team and will bang heads with the Seattle Ramblers at Tacoma Oct. 11 in the “Muscle Bowl.” And heaven help the Ramblers if they don’t know the holts. Continue reading

Greek Beats Marvel; Victim Identified

Arizona Republic – May 12, 1931

The reign of the Masked Marvel is over! At least for the present.

Identified as Jimmie Corrigan, former University of Minnesota athlete, who wrestled here several years ago in old Arcadia hall as “Cyclone Thompson,” the erstwhile man of mystery dropped the first fall to George Kotsonaros in one hour and three minutes of their match last night at Madison Square Garden, and was injured so badly he was forced to forfeit the second fall and match to the Greek heavyweight. Continue reading

Marvel Meets Greek Heavy In Re-Match

Arizona Republic – May 11, 1931

The mystery of the Masked Marvel which has been one of the greatest sensations the wrestling game in phoenix has ever experienced, ceases to be a mystery tonight at Phoenix Madison Square Garden where the Masked Marvel meets George Kotsonaros in the much discussed return bout. Continue reading

Ed (Strangler) Lewis Cleans Up Wrestling

Australian Ring Digest – August 1950

During the past month professional wrestling continued to gain in popularity throughout the world and attendance records are being shattered in all countries where the mat sport is promoted. In fact, at the present time, wrestling is in the middle of a boom that has been unsurpassed in the history of the sport. Continue reading