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Romero Defeats Levin On Valley Garden Mat

Los Angeles Times – June 15, 1952

Rito Romero added another victim to his growing list last night on the Valley Garden Arena wrestling mat, where he downed Dave Levin in two out of three falls.

Sandor Szabo made Antone Leone say uncle in another match. Ray Piret bounced Bob Corby in the opener.

Hardboiled Haggerty Stops El Pulpo In Mat Massacre

Los Angeles Times – October 27, 1938
By Jack Singer

W.P.A. crews, working in shifts, last night were removing the broken body of El Pulpo, the Mexican Octopus Man, in sections and transporting said torso the glue factory where, attendants report, there is a 50-50 chance that it will be patched up again as good as new, give or take an arm. Continue reading

Ole Olson Draws Rassle Rowdy

Rochester, N.Y., Democrat & Chronicle – November 11, 1947

Ole Olson, who since he began his “reform” campaign, has run into rassle rowdies almost exclusively in his mat campaigning, has another session booked with a member of the villainous fraternity tomorrow night at the Edgerton Park Sports Arena. Continue reading