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Taylor Throws Zigmund Again In Grove Feature

The Daily Star – November 30, 1927

Jack Taylor defeated Joe Zigmund in the feature event in the wrestling show held at the New Ridgewood Grove last night.  The bout, which was to be to a finish, lasted 41 minutes and 30 seconds.  Taylor applying a flying mare hold to win.

In the semi-final Reginald Siki won over Carl Vogel in 21 minutes and 11 seconds of a 45-minute match.  Siki used a body hold to pin his opponent’s shoulders to the mat.

Abe Coleman defeated Otto Korte in 12 minutes and 30 seconds of a scheduled 45-minute bout.

Wladek Zbyszko Wins On Foul

The New York Sun – October 26, 1927

Wladek Zbyszko received the award over Reginald Siki in their scheduled one-hour wrestling match at the Ridgewood Grove Sporting Club, Brooklyn, last night, when after seventeen minutes of wrestling Siki threw Zbyszko out of the ring.  Farmer George McLeod and Cyclone Reese wrestled to a draw.  Jack Ganson threw Tom Lurich and Abe Coleman drew with Martin Ludecke in the other bouts.

Rocco Defeats Kolloff In Grove Grappling Final

The Daily Star – February 22, 1928

Tony Rocco had little trouble throwing Dante Kolloff in the final finish bout at Ridgewood Grove last night.  The bout lasted just thirteen minutes when Rocco ended it with a flying mare and a headlock.  Rocco gave away fifteen pounds, but the weight advantage was no help to Kolloff.

Fred Meyer used the same hold to defeat Abe Coleman in the semi-final which lasted thirty-six minutes.

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Reginald Siki Throws Lieberman, Jewish Ace

California Eagle – December 30, 1927

Springfield, Mass., Dec. 14. – Reginald Siki, Abyssinian strongman, took two of three falls from his Jewish rival Freddy Lieberman in an interesting and thrilling wrestling match staged before 1,000 fans.

Gardini’s Strength Overcomes Meyers

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – March 7, 1928

Renato Gardini and Fred Meyers wrestled for 40 minutes at the New Ridgewood Grove last night with neither having any perceptible advantage.  Then Meyers suddenly surprised Gardini by grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and hurling him sidewise across the ring.

Gardini arose, scowling, and met Meyers’ attack by encircling his arms about the body of the Jewish champion.  Meyers was lifted over Gardini’s head and thrown to the mat.  The bout was to have been to a finish.

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Meyers Wins Jewish Wrestling Title

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – February 22, 1928

The carded feature wrestling bout at the Ridgewood Grove last night was the Hans Steinke-Tommy Draak tussle, but the semi-final between Abe Coleman and Fred Meyers, which was billed to decide the Jewish heavyweight championship, stole the thunder from the main attraction and converted itself into one of the best bouts held at the Ridgewood this season.  Meyers won.  The match lasted 36 minutes, but every minute of the time was filled with action.

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Mayaki Wins On Mat

Syracuse Journal – December 29, 1923

Chicago, Dec. 29. – Taro Mayaki, jiu jitsu champion of Japan, pinned Reginald Siki to the mat in two straight falls here last night.  The Japanese’ next bout here is with Champion Ed “Strangler” Lewis, whom he will meet New Year’s eve.

Joe Malcewicz Wins Over Colored Champ

Utica Daily Press – January 24, 1925

Reginald Siki Falls Victim of Flying Mare in Third and Deciding Fall – Utican Is Downed at Outset With Punishing Headlock

Joe Malcewicz, Utica’s premier mat artist defeated Reginald Siki, colored champion in a fast, clever match Friday night at Maennerchor Hall.

Joe lost the first fall to Siki when the colored champion clamped on a punishing head scissors and bar arm on him after 31 minutes of fast work.  Both men worked out of some tight places, Siki being being punished with a headlock several times.

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Londos Grapples Siki On 71st Regiment Mat

The Daily Star – February 22, 1928

Jim Londos is preparing himself for a tough tussle when he encounters Reginald Siki in the finish match at the Seventy-first Regiment Armory, Monday night.

Siki is young, speedy and is master of the toe hold, and those who follow wrestling know that Londos doesn’t care much for this trick hold.

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Deglane Bests Reg Siki

Buffalo Evening News – September 7, 1932

PITTSFIELD, Mass., Sept. 7 (AP) – Henri Deglane, 216, Montreal, won over Reginald Siki, 210, Abyssinia, in two straight falls in a wrestling match here Tuesday night.  The first fall was in 22 minutes, with a double-arm lock and back flop and the second in 11 minutes with a body lift.  In another match Pat Fraley, 210, Toronto, and Scotty Dawkins, 205, New Orleans, wrestled to a draw.