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Ventura Interested In Running For President

The Hour – August 4, 2003

NEWTON, Iowa (AP) – Former Minnesota governor and pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura discussed his political future – and his “interest” in running for president – over the weekend while receiving an award for his sporting past.

Jesse Ventura 8-4-03


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Wrestling to the Fore Once More

(Copyright, 1905, by McClure, Phillips & Co.)

The Minneapolis Journal – December 3, 1905

The present vogue for wrestling, which became marked last year and which is exceedingly strong this season, is sufficient reason for calling the interested public’s attention to this, the not least interesting fact about wrestlers today that, unlike prize fighters, they are a pretty abstemious lot when out of training as well as when in. Continue reading

Maybe Not

Fort Wayne News – May 20, 1916

CHICAGO, Ill. — Frank Gotch may never wrestle Joe Stecher. The world’s champion is in Chicago consulting a specialist in stomach troubles, and he is in bad shape physically. He says he will never go into the ring unless he is in perfect shape, which now seems improbable. Continue reading

When Gotch and McLeod Wrestled at a Picnic

St. John Daily Sun – December 22, 1905

On Friday night, at Sohmer Park, Montreal, will be seen two of the cleverest mat artists in the world at catch-as-catch-can style of wrestling.  They are Frank Gotch, of Des Moines, Iowa, and Dan McLeod. Continue reading

Hackenshmidt Accepts Offer To Meet Gotch

The Pittsburg Press – July 5, 1907

Kansas City, July 5. – William D. Scoville, president of the Missouri Athletic Club, today received an acceptance from Charles B. Cochran, of London, England, of his offer of a purse of $10,000 for a match between Hackenschmidt and Gotch for the world’s wrestling championship.  The winner to take 75 per cent and the loser 25.  Hackenschmidt will arrive in this country February next.

Newsy Gossip Of The Sports

The Day – January 27, 1908

Charles Olsen has about decided to give up the grappling game and he says that when he gets a good steady job planning joists or shingling roofs he will forget all about his aspirations to be a champion.  He has also discovered that he doesn’t know as much about the game as an experienced manager. Continue reading

Iowa Man Won From Foreigner

The Herald – January 17, 1906

Frank Gotch of Humboldt Secured Two Falls From Hackenschmidt.

 Was Given Hard Fight

 The Big Swede Was Game to the Last, but Was Outclassed by Gotch – Great Crowd Saw Contest and Cheered Lustily.

Des Moines, Ia., Jan. 12 – Frank Gotch, ex-champion wrestler of America, catch as catch can style, clearly demonstrated his right to claim the Graeco-Roman championship at the Auditorium by defeating Charles Hackenschmidt of Hand, Sweden, in the greatest mat battle ever seen in Iowa.  Gotch’s great weight and strength, coupled with his wonderful speed and skill, was too much for the young man from across the water, but Hackenschmidt was game to the last and gave Gotch one of the hardest battles he has ever had in his wrestling career. Continue reading

On The Hoof

Saturday Evening Post – December 14, 1935
By Milton MacKaye

The standing of wrestling as a profit-making enterprise has received little attention in the economic journals, and even those publications devoted to the fevers of sport have been niggardly in space and headlines. There has been a general tendency to regard wrestling as a sort of little country cousin of the opulent boxing profession, a rude and primitive trial of strength persisting feebly in the backwoods sections, but destined ultimately to become as extinct as the broadsword. As a public spectacle, it has been rated just ahead of long-distance walking contests and the hop, skip, and jump, and considerably behind the breath-taking thrills and romance of puss-in-the-corner and the potato race. Continue reading

Hackenschmidt – He Searches The World For Gotch

The Kansas City Times – January 8, 1910

Newspaper cartoon with George Hackenschmidt searching the world for Frank Gotch

Modern Wrestling Harder Game Than Gotch Knew

Havre Daily News – December 1, 1928

ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — The late Frank Gotch, who is the standard by which wrestlers have been measured through the years since he ruled the mat domain, would never be champion of the world today in the opinion of Stanislaus Zbyszko, oldest grappler in the game and one of the most ancient of competitive athletes in the world today. Continue reading