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The Cincinnati Enquirer – October 18, 1908

Cora Livingston Lost Wrestling Match To Miss Smith.

The wrestling match to a finish between Cora Livingston, the woman champion, and Miss A. Smith at People’s Theater was won by the latter after 14 minutes of rough work, the champion being disqualified for foul tactics.

The bout was hotly contested throughout, and both contestants were anything but gentle in their manner of going after holds.  Miss Livingston was cautioned by the referee for using “Maud” tactics, and lost through using the strangle hold after being warned.

Women Wrestlers To Meet

The Pittsburg Press – April 28, 1911

Cora Livingston, champion woman wrestler of the world, and May Nelson of the North Side, meet in a finish match at Harry Williams’ Academy tonight.  May O’Neill was thrown by Miss Livingston last night.

Women Wrestlers In Hair Pulling Match

The Pittsburg Press – September 8, 1910

Two thousand men and boys tried to stop a wrestling match at the Academy of Music last night between Cora Livingston, champion woman wrestler of the world, and May Nelson, of the South Side.  Kicking and gouging in the match enraged the spectators and their shouts could be heard for a square.  Eight policemen under Captain John Dean, were called to prevent a riot. Continue reading

Woman Wrestler’s Challenge

The Pittsburg Press – September 3, 1910

Pittsburg women wrestlers will have a chance to earn $25 at each performance at Harry Williams’ Academy next week if they can throw or stay the limit in bouts with Cora Livingston, champion woman wrestler of the world.  No woman is barred.

Woman Wrestler Coming

The Pittsburg Press – September 2, 1910

Miss Cora Livingston, champion woman wrestler of the world, will put in a lively week at Harry Williams’ Academy next week, meeting aspiring women wrestlers of Pittsburg and giving exhibitions with her partners.  Miss Livingston will meet all women comers for a purse at each performance.

Woman Wrestler Coming

The Daily Times – March 2, 1912

Manager Sam Hanauer of Lyceum theatre, Beaver Falls, has booked Cora Livingston, the champion woman wrestler of the world, for a bout at the theatre on the evening of Mar. 7.  Miss Livingston will be opposed by a Pittsburgh woman.  Paul Bowser, the Monaca whirlwind, will go on with Jos Buckley, of Pittsburgh, in the preliminary.  A Pittsburgh woman a devotee of fistiana, will put on the gloves with a local boxer.  Hugh Fay in “Little Miss Cutup” comes to the Lyceum Monday and Tuesday.  Saturday matinee and night, “The Cat and the Fiddle.”

Of Local Interest

Lewiston Evening Journal – December 27, 1921

Charles Metro of Boston has been engaged to referee the matches in Lewiston City Hall on Thursday night when Cora Livingston, champion lady wrestler of the world, will meet an unknown competitor and Paul Bowser of Newark, Ohio, will meet Peter Goulette of Woonsocket, R. I.  This announcement was made Tuesday by Gus Legendre, manager of the Legendre Sporting club, who said he had negotiated the appearance of George Tuohey of Boston as referee, but Tuohey was prevented by business.  A preliminary between Young Tanguary and Kid Terry, both of Lewiston; they were signed Tuesday morning.

Plays and Players

The Pittsburg Press – September 27, 1908

Cora Livingston, who holds the championship wrestling title of the world, will be at the Academy, meeting all female wrestlers, during the week.  Any woman who can stay before her 15 minutes without being put on the mat can earn $25.

Wrestling Tournament

The Daily Times – March 4, 1912

Manager Sam S. Hanauer has completed all arrangements for a treat to the athletics lovers of the Beaver valley; the entertainment will consist of three big bouts.  Miss Cora Livingston, champion female wrestler of the world vs. Belle Wilson, of Cleveland.  Paul Bowser, of Monaca, vs. Jim Buckley, of Lawrenceville, and Harvey Freshcorn, of Rochester, vs. Ollie Molter, of New Brighton.  All bouts will be best two out of three falls.


The Pittsburg Press – September 6, 1910


Miner’s “Jardin De Paris Girls” and Cora Livingston, world’s champion female wrestler, furnished the entertainment to a crowded house at the Academy yesterday afternoon and last night.  A bevy of pretty girls and several good comedians kept things moving all the time.  The olio, which included Augusta Phelps, the Broadway Comedy Quartet, Davis & Harris, and the Merry Minstrels, was above ordinary.  Cora Livingston, the female wrestler came to this city for the expressed purpose of meeting Miss Nelson, a Pittsburg wrestler, who gained a decision over the champion last year.  Miss Livingston failed to throw Miss Hazel Kennard, of New York at last night’s performance and forfeited $25.  If shows of this standard are kept at the Academy, crowded houses can be looked for all season.