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Lewis Clashes With Carnera In Mat Bout

Miami Herald – December 2, 1947

Primo Carnera, former heavyweight boxing champion, pits his 265-pound, six-foot-six-inch frame against Ed (Strangler) Lewis’ famous strangle hold tonight in the feature wrestling event at the Coral Gables Coliseum. Continue reading

Wrestling Game Is On The Upswing

Sacramento Union – February 23, 1949
By Bill Conlin

The remarkable resiliency of the wrestling business is being demonstrated on a weekly basis at Memorial Auditorium. Business has never been better, at least in the last five years, and the grapplers are playing to profitable houses every Monday night. Continue reading

Carnera Likes The Rassling Dollars

Sacramento Union – February 16, 1949
By Bill Conlin

Half the wrestling show Monday night in Memorial Auditorium was in the ring; the other half was up in Primo Carnera’s dressing room.

Max Baer, the man who knocked down Carnera 13 times back in 1934 to win the heavyweight championship, came up to pay a social call. Continue reading

Ambling Alp Brings Gate Of $3,291

Sacramento Union – February 15, 1949

Primo Carnera, former world’s heavyweight boxing champion, proved a magnate to Sacramento’s wrestling industry last night as he attracted approximately 3,000 fans to Memorial Auditorium in a match against Dan O’Connor, Boston Irishman. Continue reading

Debts Will Be Paid By Carnera

Associated Press – December 8, 1951

LONDON, England – Primo Carnera settled a bankruptcy case in Britain last night after 14 years of hard times.

The London Gazette, official legal newspaper, announced that the Italian giant, who was coaxed out of Italy and nursed to the world heavyweight boxing championship, will pay off his debts in full next month. Continue reading

Donovan Takes Win In ‘Wrestle To Finish’

The Spokesman-Review – April 6, 1956
By Danny May

More than 2000 wrestling fans warmed up last night at the Interstate Fairgrounds arena for next week’s Coliseum headliner between Primo Carnera and equally huge Adrien Baillargeon. Continue reading

Record Crowd Sees Carnera At Armory

Wenatchee, Wash., Daily World – December 12, 1952

Primo Carnera, former world’s heavyweight boxing champion, now turned wrestler, provided the attraction to draw the largest audience of mat fans in local history last night. Continue reading

Wrestling Pays For Ex-World’s Champ

Wenatchee, Wash., Daily World – December 12, 1952
By Roy Snodgrass

How does it feel to be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world . . .

. . . To be wined and dined in all the big cities, and honored by all the important people?

. . . To be feted in Madison Square Garden before thousands upon thousands of avid fight fans?

. . . And then, 20 years later, to climb in the ring in every tank town in the United States as a wrestler . . . mixing sweat and sometimes blood with every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along? Continue reading

Gorgeous George Small Potatoes To Great Togo

Ottawa Citizen – January 25, 1950
By John Barrington

NEW YORK – About all you need nowadays to become a wrestler is a gimmick.  Of course, a good set of muscles is no handcap.  But unless you’re a Tibetari sheepherder, the seventh son of a seventh son, or at least a battered up football player, you might as well give up. Continue reading

Da Preem No Show; 40 Irked

The Spokesman-Review – April 13, 1956

There were 3,284 wrestling fans at the Coliseum last night and evidently 40 of them came to see Primo Carnera.

Carnera, former world heavyweight boxing champion, failed to show for his scheduled match with Quebec’s Adrien Baillargeon, but when fans were offered their money back because of Primo’s nonappearance, only “about 40” took advantage of the opportunity. Continue reading