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Wolfe Works on Pet Hold for Bowl Bout

San Pedro News-Pilot – November 21, 1933

“Big Bad” Les Wolfe today continued to polish up on his elaborate figure four body scissors in preparation for his match at Wilmington Friday night against Jim Cushing—who is better known here under the name of Pasquel Costello. Costello, with his “surf board” and wicked Japanese toe holds, ranks a formidable rival for Wolfe.

Costello has wins over men like Don Hill, Rod Fenton, “Gorilla” Pogi and others, while Les Wolfe has defeated Jack Ryan, Louie Miller, Joe Woods and other favorites. Many followers of the sport rank Wolfe as too rough and tough for the young Latin former football star. The match is two out of three falls with a two-hour time limit.

Les Grimes tangles with Jack Ryan in the semi-windup.

Dan McShain takes on Frankie Schroll in the second spot, while Pat McGill goes to the post against the Rod Fenton, in other bouts.

McShain Said Weighing Film Offer

The Knockout – February 10, 1940
By Dean Snyder

What would you do if you were Danny McShain?

He holds the world’s undisputed light-heavyweight championship.

But the flickers are calling him.

Dangerous Danny has the requisites because he is handsome and alert.

The wrestling game has been good to McShain. He owns a home in Beverly Hills. He has a sizeable trust fund.

But a few years ago he met Richard Lane, movie star.

Lane liked the way McShain went about his work. He watched him as a fan.

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McShain Clashes With Bob Gregory

The Knockout – January 27, 1940
By Dean Snyder

Being a world’s champion is not always what it is cracked up to be.

For instance, when Dangerous Danny McShain stuck out his chest — and he really can do that — after defeating Jesse James, glamour Greek, he bumped into Bob Gregory.

McShain won the undisputed recognition by the National Wrestling Association which controls 36 states and the sanction of California, Illinois and New York that he was the world’s light-heavyweight wrestling champion.

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Martter Wins Welter Title

San Pedro News-Pilot – July 1, 1933

Pins Rod Fenton at Bowl; Miller and Morgan in Wild Slugfest

Perry Martter, former Olympic team captain, won recognition as California’s welterweight wrestling champion at Wilmington Bowl last night with a smashing victory over Rod Fenton, San Bernardino rougher, in a fast and spectacular match.

Martter captured the title by taking the two final falls, the first in 7:28 with a leg split and a body pin and the second in 4:46 by tripping Fenton as the latter started an airplane spin.

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Danny McShain Is Winner Over Gene Blackley In Match

The Democrat-Voice – January 23, 1936

Danny “I’m a Gentleman” McShain of Los Angeles lived up to all the things that had been said about him last Thursday night when he took Gene Blackley of Red River Valley in two straight falls before a large crowd at the Coleman Athletic Arena.

Gentleman Danny had been advertised as a tough customer and he proved to be double tough.  Not only  to his opponent of the evening but to the most anybody in the audience who would liked to have entered the ring with him.

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McShain Will Appear Again At Arena Here

The Democrat-Voice – January 23, 1936

Grunt and groan fans last Thursday evening received an introduction to Danny (I’m A Gentleman) McShain, one of the roughest and toughest wrestlers who yet has obtained a toe hold in the local Hall of Horrors, alias the Coleman Athletic Arena.

But that introduction, the promoters of tonight’s bill state, was just a tea party in comparison with the prospects for tonight.  In the first place, there is no love lost between the gentleman and Rex O’Sullivan, the Amarillo Sandstorm.  In the second place, it’s a challenge affair and O’Sullivan is determined to win.

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Thesz Defeats Leone For World Mat Crown

Los Angeles Times – May 22, 1952
By Jack Geyer

There was one less heavyweight wrestling champion in this neck of the woods last night after Lou Thesz of St. Louis, Mo., took two of three falls and the bout from Baron Michele Leone of Santa Monica, Pacific Coast pretender to the throne. Continue reading

Leone, Thesz Tangle Tonight At Gilmore

Los Angeles Times – May 21, 1952
By Jack Geyer

One of the nation’s foremost television comedians – oops – wrestlers, Baron Michele Leone, will face Lou Thesz at Gilmore Field tonight in an affair d’cauliflower billed as a world’s heavyweight wrestling championship match. Continue reading

Rocca, Starr Team Up At Waterbury

Sunday Herald – November 3, 1957

DUE IN WATERBURY... Famed Antonino Rocca will combine with Ricki Starr to battle Prof. Roy Shire and Dr. Jerry Graham in tag team match that will feature benefit mat card to be staged by Waterbury B'nai B'rith on Nov. 18.

DUE IN WATERBURY… Famed Antonino Rocca will combine with Ricki Starr to battle Prof. Roy Shire and Dr. Jerry Graham in tag team match that will feature benefit mat card to be staged by Waterbury B’nai B’rith on Nov. 18.

B’nai B’rith Show

Waterbury’s B’nai B’rith, whose venture into wrestling promotion several months ago drew a shiny $4,600 gate, hope to top that at their next mat project on Monday, Nov. 18. Continue reading

Weidner Pins Danny McShain

Los Angeles Times – May 28, 1940

A newcomer to local wrestling circles made his debut a successful one last night when Billy Weidner replaced Bob Gregory, who was injured this week, and won the two out of three fall main event matfest over Danny McShain at the Hollywood Legion Stadium. Continue reading