Browning’s Airplane Scissors Downs Lutze

Los Angeles Times – May 18, 1933

Jim Browning, a prominent member in that great fraternity — “The Rasslin’ Champions of the World” — tossed Nick Lutze, the former Venice life guard, two out of three falls last night in the main event at the Olympic Auditorium. On both occasions the recognized kingpin in the environs of New York City and Hoboken resorted to an airplane turnover scissors to perform the feat.

After each had won a fall Browning crushed Lutze in 12m. 33s. to send the paying public home to their children.

Lutze captured the second fall with an overhead backward body slam in 18m. 32s. Browning applied one of those punishing airplane turnover scissors in an effort to cut Nick in half, but the latter broke the vise-like grip and flopped over backwards on his opponent to give the referee a chance to pat him for his good work.

In the heralded semi-wind-up, Ad Santel and Oki Shikina grappled to a twenty-minute draw jiu-jitsu style. Oki did his best to apply his famous “Oki Choki” hold but Mr. Santel was not in a receptive mood.

Tiny Roebuck disposed of Ray Jarecki in just one minute with a well-aimed body slam. In the opener Glenn Wade stowed Tex Wright away in 3m. 51s., with that old favorite, a pile driver drop. Mr. Wade piled and Mr. Wright dropped.

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