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‘Swede’ Wins, Draws, Loses As Grappler

Ocala Star-Banner – January 14, 1958

Carl (Swede) Karlson won his three fall match with Jerry Christie, “drew” with several spectators in a chair-swinging melee after the fight then lost the decision on a reversal by referee Bill Braun. Continue reading

TIME OUT with Maurice Smith

Winnipeg Free Press – March 15, 1947

We have always been under the impression that any woman who would take up the sport of wrestling to make a living must be something of a freak.  It was with this belief in mind that we journeyed to Grand Forks on Wednesday to see a couple of the gal spine-benders – Kitty Duvall and Gladys Hild – in action.  And see them we did along with close to 1,600 North Dakotans and Minnesotans, many of whom had driven as far as 50 miles to be on hand for the show. Continue reading

Gal Groaners “Hot Stuff”

Lethbridge Herald – July 22, 1948

Calgary – The proposed debut of women wrestlers in Calgary next Friday has run into a snag – fire hazards.

Fire Chief John Shelley issued an order last night that no seats would be permitted on the floor of Calgary’s Victoria Arena, planned site for the match.  He issued the order without explaining whether he was just tightening up fire restrictions, or if he considered the gal grunt and groaners “hot stuff”. Continue reading

She Ain’t Doin’ Right By Little Nell

Brooklyn Daily Eagle – November 26, 1949

Lady wrestler Helen Hild throws Nell Stewart

When ladies meet on the wrestling mat, they usually demonstrate what the fellow meant when he said that “the female of the species is more deadly than the male.”  Above is a sample of how the hand that rocks the cradle may also be used to rock a sister into slumberland.  The gal in white is Helen Hild and her opponent, who has just been given the heave-ho, is Nell Stewart.  Lady wrestlers draw a bigger gate than the males – maybe because they groan soprano.

Steinborn Meets TV Grappler

Daytona Beach Morning Journal – August 24, 1954

Ace Freeman, a TV wrestler, has been signed for the big wrestling show this weekend, Matchmaker Saul Weingeroff announced last night. Continue reading

Watson-Mull Team Cop Wrestling Feature

St. Petersburg Times – August 26, 1954

Bonnie Watson and Mary Jane Mull defeated Betty Hild and Ida Mae Martinez in a tag team match in the weekly wrestling feature at N. Worth Gable Armory last night before 600 fans. Continue reading

Five Girls At Beach Arena

Daytona Beach Morning Journal – January 30, 1953

Some of the oldtimers in sports can probably remember the time when Mildred Burke wasn’t the woman’s champion. Continue reading

Triple Features Wrestling Card

Deseret News – June 18, 1957

Three action-packed mat features should make the old coliseum wrestling arena rock ‘n’ roll Friday when the local promoter presents the weekly program. Continue reading

Tag Wrestling Scheduled Here

The Miami News – December 22, 1951

An Australian tag match will be one of the features on next Friday night’s wrestling show at Miami Beach Auditorium on which Don Eagle, the sensational Indian grappler from Quebec, meets Fred Von Schacht of Milwaukee and Buddy Rogers (Nature Boy) of Camden, N. J., locks horns with Nick Roberts of Athens, Ga. In a double windup, each match to a positive finish. Continue reading

Tag Match Is Feature

Sarasota Journal – January 27, 1953

Violet Viann and Helen Hild will meet Mars Bennett and Barbara Baker in a tag team wrestling match at the American Legion Coliseum tonight as the gal grapplers return to Sarasota. Continue reading