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Bearcat Wright Grapples Firpo At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – May 10, 1960

Bearcat Wright, giant Negro mat favorite, meets Pampero Firpo, bewhiskered South American Wildman, in the non-TV highlight of tonight’s professional wrestling card at Sunnyside Garden. Continue reading

Firpo, Graham Mat Victors

Long Island Star-Journal – May 14, 1960

Pampero Firpo and Eddie Graham won two of three falls from Skull Murphy and Pat Kelly in the slam-bang feature of last night’s pro wrestling card at Sunnyside Garden.

Promoter Manny Heicklen announced that his next special non-TV card, “a really sensational show,” will be held on Saturday afternoon , May 28. Continue reading

DiBiase Gets The Mask Sat. Night

Eugene Register-Guard – March 24, 1961

Wild Bill Savage claims he is sick of the foul treatment he has been getting from Iron Mike, and will wear his mask Sat. and make him howl for mercy. Continue reading

Dusek-Dillon Clash In Local Mat Fight

Lawrence Daily Journal-World – April 26, 1957

The heated rivalry existing between Joe Dusek and Black-Jack Dillon, stemming from their tag team wrestling partnership here April 9, will probably produce one of the roughest showdowns of the spring season Saturday. Continue reading

Girls Return On Mat Card

St. Petersburg Independent – April 17, 1960



A change is on tap for viewers of the grunt and groan sport this Wednesday night, as Miss Ella Waldek and Miss Bonnie Watson return to the local scene to highlight weekly wrestling action at the new Armory. Continue reading

Bonnie Wrestles Sylvia Torres

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – January 19, 1960

Bonnie Watson proved to be the champion of the girl wrestlers Monday night at the American Legion Coliseum.  She and Sylvia Torres were the last two eliminated in a wrestle royal. Continue reading

Louis Gains Win In Third

Omaha World – September 28, 1954

Joe Louis, 40, Monday night returned to the ring in the City Auditorium to toss a little leather.

He was matched against rassler Art Nielsen, who also wore boxing gloves for the scheduled six-round exhibition. Continue reading

Gagne Keeps His Title; Foe Is Hurt

Sioux City Journal – September 1, 1954

Verne Gagne again defended his United States wrestling title successfully Tuesday night when his opponent, Roy McClarity, was unable to continue because of a shoulder injury.

The title match was staged as a George Parnassus promotion at Soos baseball park. A crowd said to exceed 6,500 watched the action. Continue reading

Macera Tops Mike Dibiase

Eugene Register-Guard – February 27, 1961

Luigi Macera and the “battling midgets” stole the show before a capacity wrestling crowd at the fairgrounds Cow Palace Saturday night.

Referee Elton Owen disqualified Mike Dibiase in the first fall of the headliner with Macera.  Macera had “Iron Mike” in a bad way in the second fall with punches and drop kicks and Wild Bill Savage avenged an out-side-the-ring trick by Savage last week and head-butted Dibiase.  Macera pinned Savage with ease.

Little Beaver, with his partner Red Taylor, beat Sky Lo-Lo with drop kicks and a flip to win the howling special event.  Tom Thumb was Lo-Lo’s partner.

The team tilt ended in a draw when Savage downed Kenny Ackles in the first fall.  Lorenzo Parente, Ackles’ partner, whip-wristlocked Savage so hard into the ropes that the top strand snapped and Savage plunged to his face and Parente scored an easy press.  Tito Kopa was Savage’s partner.

Kurt Von Poppenheim beat Pancho Valdez in the one-fall opener.

Top Middle West Heavies To Clash

St. Joseph, MO., Gazette – January 27, 1956

Tonight’s Auditorium Wrestling Card
First Match Starts at 8:30
Feature Match – Mike DiBiase, 235, Lincoln, Neb., vs. Ike Eakins, 260, Harian County, KY, Best two out of three falls to a finish; no time limit.
Semi Windup – Ed Gardenia, 235, Youngstown, Ohio, vs. Jack Pesek, 232, Ravenna, Neb., Best two out of three falls, or a 45-minute time limit.
Special Event – Gentleman Jim Dobie, 225, Detroit, vs. Jerome Zackary, One fall, or a 30-minute time limit.
Added Attraction – Bibber McCoy, 230, Boston, vs. Don Whitehead, 227, Australia, One fall, or a 15-minute time limit.

It will be a clash between two of the Middle West’s undefeated heavyweights when Ike Eakins, Kentucky, and Mike DiBiase, Nebraska, collide tonight in the Auditorium’s wrestling ring.  The meeting between the top-rated matmen is long overdue and the outcome will have a direct bearing on the regional supremacy issue.

A comparison of their respective records shows both me to be evenly matched for their victory skeins have been established over nearly every top heavyweight who has appeared in the area this winter.  Eakins has been absent from the St. Joseph ring scene since Oct. 21 when he ousted Sonny Myers from the unbeaten ranks.

DiBiase employs strongarm measures in his matches which puts him on an even par with the rowdy 260-pound Kentucky mountaineer.  A major point of interest in tonight’s wrestle to a finish is certain to be focused on Eakins’ use of the atomic drop, which resembles a pile driver.  So far no opponent has been able to escape free from Eakins’ body drop.

Full ring length flying drop kicks and tackles are DiBiase’s most potent offensive weapons and may help to neutralize Eakins’ atomic drop.  The Nebraska strong man is a three-time Big Seven intercollegiate heavyweight champion.  Mike also won the National A. A. U. title in his weight division in 1946.  He lettered for three years in football at the University of Nebraska.

Powerhouse wrestling will also keynote the semi-windup which pits towering Ed Gardenia of Ohio against Jack Pesek, who is the son of old John Pesek, the Nebraska “Tiger Man” of two decades ago.

Ed Gardenia, the colorful Ohio mat personality, is back in the United States following an extended tour of the South Pacific and Hawaii.  He will be making his first Missouri appearance of the current season.

Bibber McCoy, the veteran Boston Irishman, tackles Australia’s Don Whitehead in the opener at 8:30.