Londos Scores Over Szabo At Olympic

Los Angeles Times – November 9, 1939

Lee Wykoff joined the also-rans in the international wrestling tourney at the Olympic last night, lumbering Hans Steinke being returned the winner, but it was Jeemy Londos and Sandor Szabo who stole the show with a Graeco-Roman match which had no bearing on the tournament proper.

In Graeco-Roman grappling, all holds below the waist are barred, but in losing a fall during the second of three 10-minute periods, Szabo claimed he was tripped by Londos as they came off the ropes and the world’s catch-as-catch-can champion obtained a body lock in 4m. 19s.

The referee refused to allow Szabo’s protest and when the match was all over the defeated warrior insisted upon displaying the illegality of the fall to announcer Dan Tobey, radio broadcasters and others.

With the tourney enterting its fifth week, four grapplers were eliminated for good – Wykoff, Hank Metheny, Crusher Al Beillings and Don Luis Sebastian.

Steinke’s victory, gained in 9m. 20s., was due largely to the fact that Wykoff was unable to continue because of an elbow he received in his groin.

Both Billy Hansen and Tom Zaharias reversed verdicts of a week ago to remain in the running. Hansen slaughtered Hardboiled Haggerty with a series of drop kicks and a body press in 1m. 28s., and Zaharias disposed of Vic Christy with headlocks in 11m. 44s.

Sammy Stein put Metheny out of the tournament with a flying butt in 17m. 55s. Joe Pazandak cracked up Billings with an arm lock in 9m. 15s., and Aladar Schizler applied the business to Sebastian with a series of headlocks in 9m. flat.

In the other matches, LaVerne Baxter won from Cliff Thiede in 9m. 57s. with a body press, Young Stecher dumped Jack Kogut in 9m. 58s., and Tiny Roebuck body-flopped Henry Graber into submission in 11m.

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