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‘Ali Baba Bah!’ – So Scoffs Gus

Detroit Free Press – April 28, 1936

As far as Gus Sonnenberg is concerned, he will be wrestling for the world’s championship Friday night when he takes on Danno O’Mahoney at the Olympia. The dispute in the courts has not affected Gus in the least. Continue reading

Big Wayne Munn Defeated Romans

The Nevada Daily Mail – February 19, 1925

Took Champion Just A Few Minutes To Win Last Night’s Match.

Chicago, Feb. 19. – Wrestling fans here believed today that any mat artist, who seeks to take away the championship laurels claimed by Wayne Munn, Nebraska grappler, will have his work cut out for him. Continue reading

Dern Wins On Foul From Mike Romano

The Oregonian – November 3, 1927

Ira Dern, the handsome Salt Lake City matman, won from Mike Romano, Chicago Italian, on a foul in their wrestling match at the Heilig Theater last night. The match ended when, after each man had taken a fall, Romano gave Dern the knee in the pit of the stomach. That was too much for referee Chet Wiles who, up to that time, had been overlooking considerable more rough stuff than the wrestling law allows. He stepped in while Dern was still writhing on the mat from the effects of the kick and awarded the match to the Salt Lake City grappler. Continue reading

Dern And Romano To Wrestle Tonight

The Oregonian – November 2, 1927

Football has its Red Granges and baseball its Ty Cobbs, boxing its Dempseys and wrestling also boasts of some colorful athletes, pre-eminent among whom is Ira Dern, Salt Lake sheik, who meets Mike Romano in a muscle-grinding tilt at the Heilig Theater tonight. Of comparatively slight build for a heavyweight, the vivid Utahan is catlike, his every movement and his face shines with a deadly battle light when he is on the mat. He is rough and strong and extremely popular with Portland fans. Dern has appeared here in more sell-out engagements than any other visiting wrestler. Continue reading

Casey O’Dale Wins From Rudy Warner

The Oregonian – October 26, 1927

Casey O’Dale, Irish matman of Cedar Rapids, Ia., slammed Rudy Warner, Omaha grappler, to the padded canvas for a clean knockout in their match last night at the Heilig Theater. The limb-locking tussle, one of the most spectacular ever seen here, ended right then and there, with the Irish lad declared a winner, for Warner was unable to come back after a 15-minute rest. Continue reading

Romano Died Of Natural Causes, Autopsy Discloses

Washington Post – June 27, 1936

Mike Romano, the wrestler who died in a bout with Jack Donovan at Griffith Stadium last Thursday night, succumbed from natural causes, an autopsy performed by Dr. Christopher J. Murphy, deputy coroner, disclosed yesterday. Continue reading

Wrestler Dies In Stadium Bout; Inquiry Called As Rival Held

Washington Post – June 26, 1936
By Bill McComick

Mike Romano, veteran wrestler, died on the mat before 5,000 people at Griffith Stadium last night.

The 40-year-old native of Trieste, Italy, was being counted out by referee Cyclone Burns after 13 – minutes of a match with Jack Donovan, of Boston, when he became unconscious. Continue reading

Threatens To Ban Wrestling In State Because 200-Pounder Fell Into His Lap

Indiana Evening Gazette – May 20, 1925

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., May 20 (INS) — Because a 200-pound wrestler dropped into Judge Eugene C. Bonniwell’s lap last night during some wrestling bouts at the Adelphia Arena here, the future of the wrestling game in Pennsylvania is threatened. Continue reading

Szabo Conquers Hagen

The New York Times – March 16,1935

Tosses Rival From Ring To Win At Stauch’s Arena Last Night

Sandor Szabo, 214, conquered George Hagen, 212, in the feature finish wrestling match at Stauch’s Arena, Coney Island, last night. The victor tossed his rival from the ring in 23:12 and Hagen was unable to continue. Continue reading

Jones Faces Veteran In Romano

Washington Post – December 9, 1931

Five mat bouts of the less publicized, but invariably more sincere type, make up tomorrow night’s weekly rasslefest at the Washington Auditorium. With the possible exception of George Kotsonaros, none of the boys showing tomorrow night are headed any particular place in the bone-bending profession, but are good journeymen matsters, willing to take and give all sorts of excruciating holts and not a few clips on the ebeneezer. Continue reading