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Ryan, Fenton Headline Card

The Tuscaloosa News – April 8, 1941

Rugged Grapplers Wrestle At Fort; Kasaboski, Corby Fight

Ray Ryan, the rugged little New York grappler, has been signed to take on Rash Roderick Fenton here tomorrow night on the main event of the American Legion fight program, it was announced today by Promoter Joe Gunther.

Gunther also said that Bob Corby will clash on the preliminary attraction with Larry (Babe) Kasaboski, the handsome Polish wrestler. Continue reading

Ray Ryan Takes On Rod Fenton

The Tuscaloosa News – April 9, 1941

Diminutive Grappler Battles ‘Meanie’ Tonight At Brandon

Promoter Joe Gunther of the American Legion has signed a pair of rough customers and two casualties to do the wrestling at Fort Brandon armory tonight.

The rowdy lads are Ray Ryan, the diminutive matman from New York with a chip as large as himself on his shoulder, and Roderick Fenton, the toughest fellow ever to carry such a pretty name. Continue reading

Becker Whips Rod Fenton

The Tuscaloosa News – March 20, 1941

Irregularities Are Held At Minimum As Leonard Referees

Due to the expert refereeing job done by Benny Leonard, and no doubt because of the potential sting which still lay dormant in his two aging fists, the American Legion fight program passed rather peaceably last night at Fort Brandon.

The retired former lightweight champ of the boxing ring was continually at odds with the rampant Roderick Fenton, however.  A less strong willed character would likely have had considerably more trouble with the cantankerous Canadian. Continue reading

Mobley, Fenton Wrestle Here

The Tuscaloosa News – April 2, 1941

Champ Meets Rod In Main Event; Ryan To Fight Jensen

Champion Rex Mobley, king of the light heavyweight wrestlers, returns to Tuscaloosa tonight for an engagement with Rod Fenton on the main event of the American Legion grappling card at Fort Brandon Armory. Continue reading

Fenton Defeats Ryan At Fort

The Tuscaloosa News – April 10, 1941

Charlie Keene Wins From Leo Jensen In Legion Opener

Villains clashed at Fort Brandon Armory last night, with Rod Fenton claiming undisputed right to the title of meanest man of Tuscaloosa grappling by virtue of a victory over Ray Ryan. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis To Wrestle Tiger Marsh

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot – December 7, 1941

The greatest wrestler of modern times, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, four times world’s heavyweight champion, comes back to Norfolk next Wednesday night to wrestle Tiger Joe Marsh in a special match of another outstanding card to be presented by Promoter Bill Lewis at the Auditorium. It will be a one-fall bout. Lewis refereed the Marsh-Ryan match here last week. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis On Post Benefit Card

Washington Post – December 14, 1941

Once again the once familiar figure of Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the man who made the headlock famous, and who has been called one of wrestledom’s immortals, returns to action next Thursday night at Turner’s Arena on the card which The Washington Post Neediest Family Fund will benefit to the extent of 10 per cent of the proceeds. Continue reading

Confusion Ends Grappling Show

The Tuscaloosa News – March 6, 1941

Excited Crowd Sees Rod Fenton Win; Becker Is Victor

The Larry Kasaboski-Rod Fenton feud grew hotter at the Fort Brandon wrestling matches here last night as an excited crowd threw local policemen into a dither and worked themselves up into a near riot.

Fortunately, however, the casualty list blanked out again.  The commotion waned as quickly as it had started.  Observers concluded that it was just a case of the spectators taking the wrestlers’ work more seriously than did the beefers themselves. Continue reading

Grudge Battle Slated At Fort

The Tuscaloosa News – March 4, 1941

Kasaboski Meets Fenton Again; Becker Pairs With Malone

A double main event is to be staged by Promoter Joe Gunther Wednesday on the weekly American Legion wrestling show at Fort Brandon armory.

Headlining the card will be a return grudge battle between Larry (Babe) Kasaboski, alias the Killer, and Rod Fenton, the terrible torso-twister from Canada.  This watch will be the final feature of the evening. Continue reading

Miss Lee Fights At Fort Tonight

The Tuscaloosa News – February 26, 1941

Larry Kasaboski Meets Rod Fenton On Preliminary

A program of contrasts is scheduled for the American Legion wrestling show at Fort Brandon armory tonight.

A pair of the toughest matmen in the business take over the canvas in the opening event, while two girls are booked to do the wrestling in the final bout. Continue reading