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Whoooooooo! Never Sounded So Good

Scripps-Howard News Service – December 30, 2001
By Alex Marvez

Never has Ric Flair’s trademark “Woooo!” sounded so good.

Flair’s recent return to wrestling after an eight-month absence was long overdue. Flair – who is regarded as the greatest performer in wrestling history by most industry observers – debuted in the World Wrestling Federation last month as the promotion’s “co-owner” along with Vince McMahon. Continue reading

Is Ric Flair Running The White House?

Weekly World News – February 5, 1991

Ric Flair 2-5-91


Pro Wrestler Talked Bush Into Sending Troops To Saudi Arabia!

Wrestling wild man Ric Flair has become one of President Bush’s closest pals and political advisors – and it was Flair who persuaded Bush to send U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia!

High-ranking government sources confirmed the President launched Operation Desert Shield after the snarling ring villain urged him to “knock Saddam Hussein on his butt.”


“We might still be pussy-footing around, trying to decide whether to send troops or not send troops, if Flair hadn’t stirred Mr. Bush to action,” said an aide to North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms. Continue reading

Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls…

Sunday Star-News – June 16, 1985
By Ben Steelman

A gleeful Cowboy Ron Bass puts pressure on Avalanche Buzz Tyler...

A gleeful Cowboy Ron Bass puts pressure on Avalanche Buzz Tyler…

...Tyler, thrown from the ring, works himself into a frenzy...

…Tyler, thrown from the ring, works himself into a frenzy…

...and exacts his revenge on Bass with a mighty elbow launched from the top of the ring ropes.

…and exacts his revenge on Bass with a mighty elbow launched from the top of the ring ropes.

It was a Friday night, and I went to Legion Stadium to see the wrestling and write about courage and about fights cleanly done, the way Papa Hemingway wrote about bull-fighting.

Perhaps it was not the best night to go.  Already Ivan Koloff, the growling Russian, had been scratched from the card. Continue reading

Pro Wrestling Has The Ring Of Truth – Or Just Of Fun

Sunday Star-News – June 16, 1985
By Ray Belew

It takes all kinds to make a professional wrestling crowd.

The recent bout at Legion Stadium had them all – teeny-boppers, bikers, farmers, rock ‘n’ rollers, blacks, whites, grandmothers, grandfathers… you name it.  And then some. Continue reading

Eric Bischoff Surprises All By Becoming Newest Member Of New World Order

Wilmingston Morning Star – December 4, 1996
By Ronald Jordan

“They have leadership, and we have none.”

Those were the words of announcer Larry Zbyszko a few weeks ago when assessing why the New World Order had been so successful in its attempts to dominate and control World Championship Wrestling.  Well, now that WCW senior executive vice president and key announcer Eric Bischoff has joined the NWO it now looks like total domination. Continue reading

Questions About The NWO: Who? When?

The Ledger – February 1, 2002
By Matt Tracker/Gregory Dickens

The WWF continues its run of no-nonsense serial drama, and why not – wrestling is a TV entity nowadays.  As much as people may decry the label of “male soap opera,” let’s be frank, it is just that.

Vince McMahon, Victor Numan.  They ain’t that different.  They’re the same type of characters: super-rich, dressed to the nines, larger-than-life and wielding significant power.  And, of course, both overact like you wouldn’t believe. Continue reading

Legends Gather At King Street Palace

Charleston Post and Courier – June 21, 1998
By Mike Mooneyham

Once in a blue moon an event comes along that shouldn’t be missed.

The recent Low Country Wrestling Society reunion was one of those special occasions.

A number of former greats from the old Mid-Atlantic wrestling area gathered in Charleston on May 29-31 to take part in festivities that included an autograph session and an awards ceremony at the King Street Palace (the old County Hall), and a banquet at a downtown motel. Continue reading

Taking In A Pro Wrestling Match Great Father-Son Ritual

Cincinnati Post – March 23, 1999
By William Weathers

‘So close. So close.’

I remember those words going through my head as I watched live professional wrestling on the old Zenith. The show came from a studio at a station in Nashville, about 60 miles away. Continue reading

Tim Casts His Vote For Wrestling

Cedar Rapids IA Gazette – May 26, 1999
By Suzanne Barnes

Professional wrestling has had a headlock on Tim Burrow since he was a youngster.

And the wrestler who put the hold on him was Andre the Giant, the 7-foot 4- inch 540-pound professional wrestler Tim first spied from the fourth row of Chase Arena in St. Louis. Tim had gone to the match with his father. Continue reading

Three Wrestlers Remain In Hospital

Greensboro News & Record – October 6, 1975

WILMINGTON- Johnny Valentine, Ric Flair, and Bob Bruggers, three professional wrestlers familiar to Carolinas and Virginia-area fans, remain hospitalized at New Hanover County Hospital following a Saturday evening plane crash near the Wilmington airport.

Continue reading