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Londos Grapples Siki On 71st Regiment Mat

The Daily Star – February 22, 1928

Jim Londos is preparing himself for a tough tussle when he encounters Reginald Siki in the finish match at the Seventy-first Regiment Armory, Monday night.

Siki is young, speedy and is master of the toe hold, and those who follow wrestling know that Londos doesn’t care much for this trick hold.

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Londos Wins From R. Siki Two Straight

San Pedro Daily Pilot – November 24, 1925

Defeats Reginald Siki
Applying Head Chancery on Training Partner.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24.—The flying headlocks gave Jim Londos a victory over Reginald Siki in their wrestling match here last night. Londos took the first fall In 56 minutes and the second in 2 minutes 10 seconds.

Pete Sauer won the semi-windup when he threw Earl Clemings with a body scissors and stiff arm in 24 minutes 40 seconds. Al Baffert and Doc Mullikan fought a draw In the opening bout.

Wrestling Tourney at Arena Wednesday

San Bernardino Sun – October 6, 1940

Nearly a dozen main event wrestlers will appear in a tournament scheduled Wednesday night at the San Bernardino Athletic club. The full action program will assure 11 to 13 one-fall matches, it was declared by Promoter Art Mondt.

The winner of this tournament will get the feature mat tussle with Jimmy Londos, national champion, at the San Bernardino club the following week.

Wrestlers listed for this tournament include Rube Wright, The Yellow Terror, Pete Meheringer, Manuel Rodriguez, Joe Tonti, Otto Schnable, Jimmy EI Pulpo, Tom Zaharias, Rudy Laditzi, Hardy Kruskamp and Vic Hill.

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Filipino Grappler Meets Little Wolf In Feature Match

Calexico Chronicle – February 13, 1940

Panteleon Manlopig, regarded as the greatest Filipino wrestler of al time and present holder of the world’s Filipino championship, will tangle with Chief Little Wolf in the main event at the El Centro City Limits arena, Thursday night at 8:30.

Manlopig, however, will have his work cut out for him when he tangles with Little Wolf, the man who invented the Indian death grip because Little Wolf is one of those fellows who often forgets to follow instructions.

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Donchin Throws Passas In Armory Mat Bout

The New York Sun – March 2, 1935

By United Press

Twenty-second Engineers Armory – Curley Donchin, New York, threw Steve Passas, Greece; Sammy Kosh, New Jersey, threw John Gudiski, Poland; Leo Wallick, Germany, drew with Maurice La Chapelle, France; Jack Bloomfield, Connecticut, gained decision over Hans Schnabel, Germany; Wilhelm Wagner, Germany, threw Hymie Fishman, Chicago; Sammy Nicholas, San Francisco, gained decision over Dave Levin, New York.

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A New Wrestling Find

Boxing & Wrestling News – April 1933
By Marvin Williams

When we discover that a youngster of barely twenty-one summers in the short space of less than a year has already nearly defeated a great ex-champion, Gus Sonnenberg, and recently gave the present champion, Jim Browning, a tough battle, we naturally prick up our ears and decide to look into the matter. We realize that this is a very rare case. We remember that such a fine wrestler as Earl McCready, after successfully wrestling for years, made the statement when a match between himself and Jim Londos was talked about, “I am not yet ready to meet Londos. I feel that I require more experience.”

We wonder if Paul Boesch is too ambitious and if he will be a flash in the pan? We wonder if he will grow discouraged by being defeated, even though the defeats thus far have only been at the hands of the finest? Or can it be possible that Paul is a “great”; one of those instinctive wrestlers who acquires great skill without long years of practice? Perhaps he figures that the finest experience in the world can only come from real matches against the best. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis In Title Campaign

Seattle Times – January 11, 1933

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, many-time heavyweight champion wrestler of the world, is campaigning for undisputed possession of that title once again, in “wrestling matches” rather than the present-day “exhibitions.” The veteran heavyweight made that declaration here yesterday. Continue reading

Steele v. Strangler

Time – December 12, 1932

Two of the ugliest professional athletes in the U. S. last week crawled through the ropes of a ring at Madison Square Garden. One was blubbery Ed (“Strangler”) Lewis, recognized by the New York State Athletic Commission as the heavyweight wrestling champion of the world. The other was crook-nosed Ray Steele, whose challenge the Commission had ordered Lewis to accept. Continue reading

Illinois Takes Rest From Mat Shows

Associated Press – April 12, 1933

CHICAGO – Wrestling throughout the commonwealth of Illinois was finally laid to rest today after a posthumous exhibition in the Coliseum last night in which Jim Browning pinned Ed “The Strangler” Lewis with a scissors. Continue reading

N.B.A. Refuses To Recognize Mat Champions

Associated Press – January 24, 1931

CHICAGO – The National Boxing Association does not recognize any champion in the field of wrestling, General John V. Clinnin, president of the organization, said today. Continue reading