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Wrestling Show Monday Night

The Journal News – May 11, 1975

The main event on the Cincinnati Gardens All-Star card Monday features U.S. heavyweight champion Bobo Brazil against The Sheik. Continue reading

…Bad Guy

The Miami News – March 18, 1977
By Bill Brubaker

Ox Baker

Ox Baker

TAMPA – On television, he seems to be serious when he tells an opponent: “I’m gonna break your back!” or something equally terrible.  In wrestling magazines, he swears, “I like to hurt people.”  But, does he really?

He is perhaps the most hated wrestler on the Florida tour – hated, that is, by the thousands of fans who gladly pay $3 or $4 to watch him dirty-punch “good guy” Dusty Rhodes and call him, as he did in one recent match, “you son of a bitch, you.” Continue reading

Dusty Objected Royally To King

St. Petersburg Independent – March 14, 1979
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – Grudges die hard in professional wrestling, and sometimes the matches arranged to settle them don’t.  That was probably the case last night at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, as an overflow crowd watched Dusty Rhodes and Sonny King attempt to pound out a solution to their differences. Continue reading

Dusty Rhodes Wins Feature

The Miami News – March 10, 1977

In the featured Texas death match last night on the wrestling card at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Dusty Rhodes defeated Superstar Graham. Continue reading

Wrestling Returns To Fronton

Ocala Star-Banner – October 12, 1985

I.W.A. Pro Wrestling returns to Ocala Thursday night at the Jai Alai Fronton with Bugsy McGraw and Tiger Conway Jr. teaming up in the main event against “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers and “Ravishing” Randy Rose. Continue reading

Baker’s Souffle Attempt Flops

St. Petersburg Independent – March 29, 1978
Gene Taylor

TAMPA – The team of Killer Karl Kox and 311-pound Ox Baker came close, but they couldn’t keep the dynamic duo of Dusty Rhodes and Rocky Johnson down for the three-count last night. Continue reading

Like ‘Em Or Not, Wrestlers Can’t Escape The Groupies

The Miami News – March 19, 1977
By Bill Brubaker

Pro wrestler Steve Keirn with a police escort

Wrestler Steve Keirn needs a police escort to keep the groupies away

A top-name professional wrestler who is married and living in Tampa recently told me: “Don’t put anything in the Miami paper about me being married.  I can get in a lot of heat down there.  I have women in Miami.” Continue reading

Battering With A Chair Led To Disqualification

St. Petersburg Independent – July 6, 1983
Gene Taylor

Cowboy Ron Bass apparently thought he could beef up his chances against Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan Tuesday night if he rounded up Ox Baker for his partner in the Special Challenge wrestling match at packed Fort Hesterly Armory. Continue reading

Garvin Got It Back

St. Petersburg Independent – May 2, 1979
Gene Taylor

TAMPA – For a moment Tuesday night at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, Jim Garvin saw his Florida Heavyweight title slip into the clutches of Bugsy McGraw while the referee was looking the other way. Continue reading

Rhodes Wrestles Baker For Win

Palm Beach Post – November 16, 1976

Dusty Rhodes defeated Ox Baker last night to win the main event of the professional wrestling meet held at West Palm Beach Auditorium. Continue reading