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Fails To Impress Cleveland Sports

The Washington Times – April 2, 1909

Mahmout Unable to Gain Fall in Bout With Third-Rater.

Cleveland, Ohio, April 2. – Unless Yussif Mahmout was stalling in his bout last night with Joe Rogers, he will stand little chance of gaining the world wrestling championship when he meets Gotch in Chicago.   Continue reading

On The Hoof

Saturday Evening Post – December 14, 1935
By Milton MacKaye

The standing of wrestling as a profit-making enterprise has received little attention in the economic journals, and even those publications devoted to the fevers of sport have been niggardly in space and headlines. There has been a general tendency to regard wrestling as a sort of little country cousin of the opulent boxing profession, a rude and primitive trial of strength persisting feebly in the backwoods sections, but destined ultimately to become as extinct as the broadsword. As a public spectacle, it has been rated just ahead of long-distance walking contests and the hop, skip, and jump, and considerably behind the breath-taking thrills and romance of puss-in-the-corner and the potato race. Continue reading

A Wrestling Champion

La Patrie – November 27, 1908

Yussiff Mahmout 11-27-1908

Youssouf Mahmout, victor over Tom Jenkins in a match last night at Madison Square Garden.

De Rouen Versus The Turk

La Patrie – November 27, 1908

These Two Colossi Will Come To Grips Tonight, At Sohmer Park

Jenkins Was Defeated Last Night


A Bulletin from New York tells us that Yussif Mahmout, known as the Terrible Turk, has defeated Tom Jenkins, ex-champion wrestler of America, winning the first two falls of his “match” with him, at Madison Square Garden, last night. Continue reading

Hopes Of Boer Wrestler Dashed By Mahmout

The San Francisco Call – December 7, 1910

CHICAGO, Dec. 6. – The championship aspirations of Peter Nogert, the Boer wrestler who came here in quest of Frank Gotch’s crown, were given a severe setback last night when Yussiff Mahmout, the Bulgarian, won from the South African in straight falls without apparent effort.  Mahmout won the first fall in 9:30 with a double bar-arm and the second in 2:30 with a half Nelson and leg lock.  Mahmout, who was at least 40 pounds lighter than his opponent, assumed the aggressive in both bouts.

Gotch Wins on Mat Again

The New York Times – October 15, 1911

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 14. – Making his first appearance since his defeat of Hackenschmidt in Chicago, Frank Gotch, world’s champion wrestler, easily won from George Padoubny of Russia in straight falls last night.  The first fall was gained in 16:16 with a half-nelson and crotch hold, the second in 7:50 with a half-nelson.  In the preliminary Yusiff Mahmout, the Turk, failed to throw Fred Beell of Wisconsin in fifteen minutes, as he had agreed to do.

Gotch to Back Mahmout

The New York Times – January 4, 1911

Champion Resigns Honor of Title-Holder in Wrestling to Foreigner.

Omaha, Neb., Jan. 3. – Frank Gotch, champion wrestler of the world, to-night declared he resigned the honor in favor of Yousef Mahmout, and said he would back Mahmout against Hackenschmidt for $20,000, part of which was posted to–night. Continue reading

Gotch Throws Pietro Twice

The New York Times – October 18, 1911

DES MOINES, Iowa, Oct, 17. – Frank Gotch, world’s champion wrestler, threw Emilio Pietro, the Canadian heavyweight wrestler, twice in a little more than twenty minutes here last night.  The first fall came in fifteen minutes and twenty seconds; the second in five minutes nineteen seconds.  Yousiff Mahmout failed to throw Jesse Reimer of Des Moines in a thirty-minute handicap match.

Raoul de Rouen and Mahmout Matched

The New York Times – January 26, 1909

CHICAGO, Jan. 24. – Raoul de Rouen, the French Graeco-Roman wrestler, and Yussif Mahmout, the Turk, have been matched to wrestle in a catch-as-catch-can bout here Feb. 1.

The M. Londes Names Stars Of The Mat

Detroit Free Press – January 1, 1934
By Charles B. Ward

When Monsieur Jacques Curley, New York wrestling promoter, announced his ratings of the heavyweight wrestlers of the world Saturday night he just about ruined the New Year for Monsieur Nick Londes, Detroit wrestling promoter. Continue reading