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Becker, Russell To Battle In Passaic

The Bergen Evening Record – March 15, 1945

The Armory in Passaic will open its doors to wrestling tonight with an all-star show arranged by promoter Jimmy Austeri.  The card is headed by a bout between Gorgeous Georgie Becker, the Newark defense worker, and Rebel Bob Russell, a roughneck from Texas.  The match is slated for two out of three falls with a time limit of an hour.

As a wrestler Becker has no peers, but he is not a roughneck, while Russell can slug it out with the best of them.  The match is expected to provide plenty of excitement, especially if Russell doesn’t behave.

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Russell Pins Dusek

Indianapolis Times – October 12, 1937

NEW HAVEN, Oct. 12. — Reb Russell, Texas, threw Rudy Dusek, Omaha; Ray Steele, California, and Dynamite Joe Cox, Kansas City, drew; Abe Coleman, California, threw Al Mercier, Springfield, Ill; Willie Davis, Virginia, threw Franz Schuman, Germany.

Becker Hopes To Hand Russell His First Local Mat Setback

The Herald-News – March 13, 1945

George Becker, the popular Newark defense worker who in his last appearance here battled Emil Dusek, of Omaha, to a draw at Kanter’s Auditorium, will wrestle in the feature bout on Thursday night’s wrestling show at the Armory.  He will meet Rebel Bob Russell, the roughneck from Texas who hasn’t lost a bout since he arrived in the East two months in the two out of three falls, one hour time limit bout.

Dusek in Semi-Final

Becker is one scientific gripster who has always been able to more than hold his own with a roughneck and that is the reason why Jim Austeri picked him to oppose the Texas bad man.  No matter how rough Russell gets, Becker will know how to cope with him and the Texan, who has won every bout except two in which he finished even, may have his streak broken.

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Scorpion To Wrestle Russell Wednesday

Madera Daily Tribune and Madera Mercury – August 13, 1935

The Scorpion, masked mystery matsman who has run up six straight local victories, will stake his honors Wednesday night at Ryan’s auditorium when he meets Rebel Russell, Georgia’s wrestling cave man. The match, hilled tor two hours, three falls deciding, should he one of the wildest ever seen localy.

Matchmaker Don Price has lined up an especially strong supporting card for Wednesday night with Blue Sun Jennings, burly Iroquois Indian, meeting Stanley “Wildman” Pinto, Boston veteran. in tlie three-fall semi-final.

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Strangler Gets Boos But Wins The Mix

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – September 23, 1936
By Loui Leong Hop

“Personally, I don’t go for this hippodroming and clowning rassling stuff, but you know how the public is. They want that kind of a show and I’m always willing to oblige.”

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the daddy of ’em all in wrestling, gave out this statement to a bunch of sports scribes soon after his arrival about two weeks ago.

Last week he pinned Ed Don George after 55 minutes of straight scientific wrestling, using his famous “strangle” liberally. The crowd, totaling close to 4,000, was divided as to its likes and dislikes of that performance.

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Lewis Obliges, Applies Strangle Near End

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – September 16, 1936
By Loui Leong Hop

For a long time last evening, some 4,000 curious spectators gathered in the Civic Auditorium thought they were going to be deprived of the commodity that made Ed (Strangler) Lewis the holy terror of the wrestling world.

But the veteran showman, willing to oblige when the occasion demands, finally came through to apply his famous “strangle” and then clamped the headlock to down Ed Don George for the only fall of the main attraction.

There were less than five minutes left in their scheduled one-hour performance when Lewis pinned George. Then the fans got up, cheered the 45-year-old, 245-pound grappler and started to go home.

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The ‘Strangler’ Lewis is Due Here Tomorrow

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – September 9, 1936
By Loui Leong Hop

Honolulu’s rassling fans are sitting pretty again.

About a month ago, they saw “Jumping Joe” Savoldi’s famous dropkick in action against Al Karasick and Ed Don George. The “big league” attractions jammed the Civic Auditorium to overflowing.

Next Tuesday evening at the covered arena, these grappling addicts will set their optics on a match that commands major interest and prices on the mainland.

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Russell, McLarity On Galento Card

The Pawtucket Times – October 22, 1949

Rebel Bob Russell of Newport has been signed to meet the sensational young Canadian grappler, Roy McLarity, in the semi-final bout on next Tuesday night’s wrestling card at the R. I. Auditorium. The main event will have “Two Ton” Tony Galento, Orange, N. J., ex-heavyweight boxer, opposing Marvin Westenberg of Tacoma, Wash. McLarity has been sensational in his short career. He has been on the wrestling circuit for only 10 months and already he is clamoring for main bout billing. Last week he dumped Hardy Kruskamp in 20 minutes and 43 seconds in the semi-windup of the Auditorium show. Promoter Jack Lynch also announced that he had two additional bouts for the card Harry Armus of Baltimore will take on Ivan Vakturoff of the Ukraine in one match with Stanley Wydra of Boston opposing Manuel Bernica of Spain in the opener.

Bob Russell Will Tackle Tough Foe

Madera Daily Tribune And Madera Mercury – June 11, 1935

When Bob “Rebel’’ Russell, the Georgia Hurricane, climbs Into the ring at Hyan’s auditorium Wednesday night, hundreds of valley wrestling fans will be pulling for him to dole out a decisive lacing to King Kong Ted Cox, the Lodi slugger.

Russell in his past two bouts here has proved himself big enough and rough enough to give the Lodi Larruper a dose of his own medicine. After Cox’s rough-house work last week when he subdued Wee Willie Davis scores of irate fans beseeched Matchmaker Don Price to put him against Russell. Hence, the match, which will be decided two out of three falls, two hour limit.

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Russell In Mat Victory

The Herald-News – January 25, 1945

Pins Austeri In Main Bout At Kanter’s

Jimmy Austeri, Clifton grappler, returned to local mat warfare last night at Kanter’s Auditorium but his 1945 debut was an inauspicious one as he dropped the feature wrestling bout to Reb Russell.

Rothenberg Victor

Russell, Texas grappler, used numerous illegal tactics in his match with Austeri.  The bout was rough throughout with Russell being booed by the fans for his unfair tactics.

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