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Nagurski Tosses Szabo To Retain Title

Rocky Mountain News – April 15, 1938
By Chester Nelson

A mighty man is the Nagurski!

The 230-pound Bronko toppled Sandor Szabo, “Denver’s hero” of grunt and groan, retained his world heavyweight title and showed his muscles splendidly before 2,520 rain-dampened customers in City Auditorium.

The “Nag,” famous for his deeds in professional football, showed the partisan gathering some scientific grappling, if a serious thought may be had at this point, in spinning the 215-pound Hungarian Adonis to the canvas for the necessary three seconds twice in three falls. Continue reading

George Zaharias Suspended

Associated Press – November 30, 1938

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — George Zaharias, 235, Pueblo, Colo., cannot wrestle in Missouri for the next 30 days, under a ruling by Garrett Smalley, chairman of the Missouri Athletic Commission. Smalley ruled the Coloradan threw a chair at Frank Sexton, 240, Columbus, Ohio, during a match last night, disqualifying himself.

Hank Barber Wins From Rebel Russell

The Philadelphia Inquirer – November 1, 1938

ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Oct. 31 (A. P.) – Hank Barber, 224, former Dartmouth football player, used a flying head lock to defeat Rebel Russell, 218, of Tennessee, in 21.21 of the feature wrestling match tonight. Continue reading

O’Mahoney Downs Macaluso; Fans Aroused

The Hartford, Ct., Times – January 15, 1938
By Bill Shea

That famous cheer which, according to history, was first sounded in the Bronx received a tremendous workout at Foot Guard Hall last night.

The recipients were Danno O’Mahoney, who at one time wore the crown designating him world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, and Smiler Livingstone, Hartford’s own “popular” referee. Continue reading

Londos Defeats McGinnis On Mat

Portland Oregonian – September 18, 1938

Jim Londos, ex-heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, made an auspicious start in his first appearance in the international wrestling tourney at the Ice Coliseum last night, defeating Terry McGinnis.

Londos, weighing 202, was forced to go 1:52 minutes of the way through the fifth round before pinning McGinnis, 217, with an airplane spin. Continue reading

Londos, The Greek Who Gave Sex Appeal To Rasslin’

United Press – February 6, 1938
By Jack Guenther

LOS ANGELES — Jimmy Londos, kingpin of Great Britain, Arabia, Bangor, Maine, and several other points north and west, returns to American wrestling again tomorrow for the advertised purpose of earning his third million dollars. Continue reading

Kansan Wins Lone Fall In Second Overtime Period

Wichita Eagle – June 21, 1938

The Society for the Suppression of Lee Wyckoff will have to wait another season for a celebration.

The giant Kansan defended his claim to the state championship last night at Lawrence Stadium by winning a one-fall match from Everett Marshall in the second overtime period of a modified rules bout which, on the whole, was a dull affair. Continue reading

Winner Of Match Tonight Will Be Heavy Champion

Wichita Eagle – June 20, 1938

Everett Marshall, La Junta, Colo., will wrestle Lee Wyckoff in a bout to determine the world’s heavyweight championship under supervision of the Kansas athletic commission tonight at Lawrence Stadium. Continue reading

Kyus Kirkpatrick And Everett Marshall At Family Reunion

Wichita Eagle – June 20, 1938

“I’ll throw any of ‘em you can’t handle, Everett.”

That’s what Kyus Kirkpatrick, who is celebrating his 90th birthday, Sunday told his grand-nephew, Everett Marshall, La Junta, Colo., former world’s heavyweight champion, and he meant it. Continue reading

Wrestlers Meet Monday To Settle Long Mat Dispute

Wichita Eagle – June 19, 1938

In a bout under complete supervision of the Kansas athletic commission, Everett Marshall, La Junta, Colo., will meet Lee Wyckoff, Osborne, Kan., to settle the title dispute in a finish affair, best two out of three falls, modified rules, Monday night at Lawrence Stadium. Continue reading