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Kruskamp Meets Lever On Friday

Madera Daily Tribune and Madera Mercury – May 15, 1940

Rudy LaDitzi Also on Fresno Wrestling Card

While no champions are on the bill, yet the classy wrestling card Promoter Don Price is presenting in Ryan’s Auditorium Friday night promises to provide valley mat j fans with an abundance of fast and I exciting action.

Hardy Kruskamp, the drop-kicking ace of Ohio State, meets Dirk Lever, rough and ready Tennessee threat, in the main events, slated for three falls, one hour limit.

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International Flavor Given Bouts On Wrassle Card Mere Friday Night

Calexico Chronicle – December 17, 1940

It looks like a battle of the nations or an international incident in Calexico’s enclosed arena this Friday night.

The occasion is Promoter Pete Buzukos’ first wrestling show of the winter season and the principal characters are an assorted group of grunt-and-groaners hailing from (1) the Philippines, (2) valiant Greece, (3) neighborly Mexico, (4) not-so-sunny Italy, and (5) belligerent Germany.

In the main event, or what is known along cauliflower alley as the top spot is cast Panteleon Manlopig, the largest Filipino extant, who has consented for the delectation of valley mat fans and a percentage of the gate to take on the rough tough Tom Zaharias, one of the four Zaharias brothers, or is it six ?

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Filipino Grappler Meets Little Wolf In Feature Match

Calexico Chronicle – February 13, 1940

Panteleon Manlopig, regarded as the greatest Filipino wrestler of al time and present holder of the world’s Filipino championship, will tangle with Chief Little Wolf in the main event at the El Centro City Limits arena, Thursday night at 8:30.

Manlopig, however, will have his work cut out for him when he tangles with Little Wolf, the man who invented the Indian death grip because Little Wolf is one of those fellows who often forgets to follow instructions.

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Wrestling Ad

Calexico Chronicle – February 14, 1940

Jack Dempsey Throws Left Hooks At Finish

Sacramento Union – November 19, 1940
By Bill Conlin

Jack Dempsey came back to the Memorial Auditorium last night and with him came $1,100 worth of wrestling fans, biggest house since Doc Visser resumed promotion of wrestling here almost a year ago. Continue reading

K.O. Koverly Disqualified

Los Angeles Times – June 13, 1940
By Al Wolf

Last night’s rassle class at the Olympic quite possibly had the rare good fortune ot see a shooting match, although such things have long been considered as extinct as the dodo bird.

A stranger who gave the name “Del Rosa” plunked down five bucks for a license and examination, borrowed a set of trunks from one of the boys and attempted to win a “C” note by staying 20 minutes with Lee Wykoff, who has been making that offer to the house weekly. Continue reading

Londos Pitches Foe To Floor

Los Angeles Times – May 23, 1940
By Al Wolf

There’s been many a dive at the Olympic in these many years of fisticuffing and grappling, but never one so perfect as that involuntarily executed last night by Pantaleon Manlapig. Continue reading

Wykoff Squelches Koverly To Win Wrestling Tourney

Los Angeles Times – May 16, 1940
By Al Wolf

Apparently all things must come to an end – even international heavyweight wrestling tournaments.

Jack Daro’s mat mammoth, which began in William Jennings Bryan’s heyday, according to oldtimers hereabouts, wound up last night at the Olympic with Lee Wykoff, a semi-bald party from little Nevada, Mo., the champion of champions, or something. Continue reading

Wykoff Bounces Szabo In First Match Of Finale

Los Angeles Times – May 9, 1940

Lee Wykoff bounced Sandor Szabo in the first of a three-match series in the finals of the international wrestling tournament last night at the Olympic Auditorium. Wykoff grabbed the duke in 23m. 5s. after a series of body slams and a body press. Continue reading

Manlapig And Travis To Meet On Mat Program

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – January 12, 1948

Ted (Tiger) Travis and Pantaleon Manlapig have been signed for a non-title match to headline next Sunday night’s pro mat show at the Civic Auditorium, promoter Al Karasick announced. Continue reading