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Iron Mike Wins Feature Garden Bout

Tucson Daily Citizen – August 16, 1962

Iron Mike DiBiase won the main event on last night’s professional wrestling card at Tucson Garden, taking the second and third falls from Silento Rodriguez.

Rocky Columbo copped the semi-main by winning two falls from Ken Lucas.  Big Jim Wright took the single fall City of Tucson elimination bout from Frankie Cain.

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Sandor Vary Wins At Fort Hamilton

Brooklyn Daily Eagle – July 29, 1936

Sandor Vary emerged victor over Olaf Olsen after 32 minutes of grappling last night at Fort Hamilton.  Pete Petersen drew with Matros Kirilenko, Gene Bruce won over Ernie Stevens, Mannie Cantor tossed Firpo Wilcox and Jim Wright conquered Felix Slowikowski in the other bouts.

Lou Thesz Grapples To Draw But Bronko Still Champ

St. Paul Pioneer Press – March 22, 1941

Bronko Nagurski is still the National Wrestling Association champion. In the defense of his title against Lou Thesz of St. Louis, at the St. Paul Auditorium theater, Friday night, he wrestled to a one-hour draw. Only a defeat could have stripped him of his championship. Continue reading

Nagurski Risks Crown In Aid Fund Bout

St. Paul Pioneer Press – March 21, 1941

Who will benefit most from the Dispatch-Pioneer Press’ fourth annual Amateur Aid Fund wrestling show in the theater section of the St. Paul Auditorium tonight?

Certainly, deserving amateur athletes will come in for a big share since all proceeds after expenses go into the Aid Fund “kitty.” Continue reading

Gardini, Great Togo On Troy Mat Tonight

Schenectady Gazette – June 25, 1951

TROY – Benito Gardini, Chicago video star, and the Great Togo, All-Asia champion, will tangle in the feature outdoor wrestling bout at the South End Arena tonight. Continue reading

Lopez Outslugs Koverly In Mat Show

Washington Post – June 5, 1936
By George Considine

Thirty-five hundred spectators sat by the light of the silvery moon last night at Griffith Stadium to witness Vincent Lopez, so-called world wrestling champion, taming villainous George Koverly in one of the wildest slugging exhibitions on record. Continue reading

Grable and Wright Matched for Friday Wrestling Card

Spokane Daily Chronicle – July 30, 1945

The two men who lost to Maurice Tillet (the Angel) in recent bouts here will headline the Spokane Wrestling club’s show Friday, Promoter Hat Freeman said today. Continue reading

Wright Brothers In Grapple Win

Tacoma News Tribune – September 12, 1945

The brothers Wright, Rube and Jim, defeated the soldier duo of Cpl. Louie Thesz and Pvt. Morris Shapiro, both of Fort Lewis, in the tag team bout heading the mat program Tuesday night at the Midway. Continue reading

Gustafson, Thesz ‘Rassle’ To A Draw

Seattle Star – September 11, 1945

Corporal Louie Thesz of Fort Lewis and Clifton Gustafson of Gonvick, Minn., tugged and mauled each other thru 60 minutes of exciting action to a no-fall draw in the main event of the State Athletic Club card at the Civic Auditorium last night.

It was easily the finest mat display since the revival of the game locally and one of the best goes ever unleashed here.

There were thrills galore as these two undefeated boys “shot the works.” On one occasion, Thesz let go with his “flying tackle” but Gustafson finally squirmed away. On another sortie, the Swedish kid tied up the Hungarian with a headlock, but he managed to weather the storm session.

For some strange reason, “The Angel” appears to draw the bobby sox crowd a la Frank Sinatra. Anyway, the ugly Frenchman took a pair of falls from Chief Little Wolf in the semi-windup. He used the “bear hug.” The Redskin got the middle fall with a top body press.

Albert Mills, the Englishman, came from behind to win from Jim Wright of Texas in the special event. Wright scored first with a “strangle-headlock.” Mills tied the score with a toehold and got the decisive fall when Referee Nick Zvolis awarded him a foul on a strangle.

Rube Wright, Jim’s brother, registered in the opener by fastening Jim Clark of St. Joseph, Mo., with a reverse toehold in 17 minutes.

Cliff Gustafson, Lou Thesz In No-Fall Draw

Seattle Post-Intelligencer – September 11, 1945

Cliff Gustafson, the burly young man from Gonvick, Minn., and Cpl. Louis Thesz, the thick-necked and also youthful grunter and groaner from Fort Lewis, did their swinging and sweating without a result last night at the Civic Auditorium. The two grappling pachyderms did their stuff cleanly and stuck mainly to classic holds, surprising the promoters by not “stinking the jernt out.”

Both Gustafson and Thesz are students of old maestros like Ed (Strangler) Lewis and Dan (The Lion) Koloff. They went through a pretty fair repertoire from wristlocks to toe holds last night without appreciably paining each other or the audience.

Other events were:

Rube Wright, Houston, Tex., took one fall from Jim Clark, St. Joseph, Mo., in 17 minutes; Albert (Lawd) Mills, London, England, took the odd fall from Jim Wright, Houston, Tex.; Maurice (The Angel) Tillet, France, bear-hugged Chief Little Wolf to score, two falls to Little Wolf’s one.