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‘Twas Easy For Parr

The Buffalo Times – March 4, 1903

Jim Parr made short work of Frank Miller, the Flying Dutchman at Fenton’s Theater last night.  The English champion caught his man with a crotch and half nelson and had placed both shoulders on the mat in two minutes.  Tonight Parr will meet Louis Steinagle, the strong man.

They’ll Keep Parr Busy

The Buffalo Times – December 4, 1903

“I can throw a dozen second and third raters in an evening,” said Jim Parr, the English wrestler, yesterday, “and when I meet those five fellows at the Olympic Club next Monday night, I’ll not only throw ‘em quick but I’ll throw ‘em hard.”  The five men that will confront Parr include George Winzenreid, champion strong man and nail-bender; Louis Steinagle, the strong man; Larry Huber, well-known local wrestler; Count Alexander, the French champion from Nugent’s baths, and Billy Daw’s unknown.

Parr agrees to throw each one of those men twice in an hour or forfeit the match.  It certainly doesn’t look easy.  The “big five” promise to keep him mighty busy.

Parr’s Tough Undertaking

The Buffalo Times – December 5, 1903

Jim Parr has begun to realize that to throw twice each in an hour five men of the caliber of Winzenreid, Huber and Louis Steinagle, to say nothing of Daw’s Unknown and Count Alexander, will be no easy task and he is awaiting next Monday night’s affair at the Olympic with more or less anxiety.  He declares that he will turn the trick, but there are many who believe that he will fail.  Parr is training every day and promises to be in good condition for the task he has cut out for himself.

The big five are reported to be ready for next Monday night’s contest.  They have all been training fully as hard as Parr and lively times may be expected on North Division Street next Monday night.

Wrestling At Tonawanda

The Buffalo Commercial – November 24, 1903

The wrestling contest to be given by the Tonawanda Athletic Club tonight at the Old Armory in Tonawanda promises to furnish some exciting sport as the bouts arranged for are all of in whirlwind order.  There are two championship bouts, both of which have created almost as much interest as the main bout.  The first will be between Dick Chase, of the Central A. C. and Bob Tiedeman, for the 135-pound championship of the Tonawandas.  The next bout which will be the main preliminary, will be between Kid Filier of Niagara Falls and Alex. Kennedy of the Buffalo Y. M. C. A., at 125 pounds, for the championship of the state.  The main bout is between Jim Parr and five heavyweights, as followed: George Winzebried, Larry Huber, Louis Steinagle, Ralph Craig and Billy Daw’s “Unknown.”  Daw has bet George Walters 4 to 5 that Parr loses the match.  Parr agrees to throw the five men two falls each in an hour.  Frenardo brothers, famous comedy acrobats, will give their act between the bouts.  The Buffalo delegation will leave at 7:30.

Real Feature Of The Circus

The Buffalo Times – January 3, 1904


“Yankee” Rogers, or McMilten, performed an unusual feat yesterday at the Highland Park A. C. Gymnasium, while training for his bout with Jim Parr at the Olympic A. C. tomorrow night.  To show his bridging strength, he allowed Louis Steinagle, Manager Daw and another man to stand on his breast while bridged.  The feat seemed easy for him.

The preliminary between George Winzenreid and Count Alexander tomorrow night promises to be the real feature of the circus.

Echoes From The Roped Arena

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – April 19, 1902

“Dan” McLeod, the Scotch wrestler, failed to fulfill his contract to throw Jim Parr, the English champion, three falls within an hour at catch-as-catch-can style, before the Industrial A.. C., at Chicago, last night.  The Englishman proved a harder man than McLeod had evidently thought him to be and the Scot was unable to gain even one fall.  There was no brilliancy about the match and many thought that McLeod was not wrestling his best.  At least the vicious attack was wonderful skill which he has always shown in his matches were entirely absent.  The terms were that McLeod was to throw Parr three times within an hour or lose the match.  A bet of $1,000 was made on the result and a similar amount that Parr would not get a fall.  Over six thousand persons were present.  Tom Jenkins was introduced and announced that he would give either man a match at any time and bet any amount on himself.  In the preliminary, a mixed style contest between Louis Steinagle of Buffalo and Tom Riley of England, each man gained a fall.  The deciding fall was not gained within the twenty minute time limit and no decision was given.  E. H. McBride refereed the contest.

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Hot Wrestling

The Buffalo Commercial – January 23, 1902

Jim Parr, the English wrestler, took a whirl with John Piening, the Graeco-Roman expert, after the show in the all-comers’ series at the Court Street Theatre last night, a hot bout resulted.  Parr had asked for a catch-as-catch-can bout, but the strong boy insisted on Graeco-Roman, the style at which he claims the championship.  Parr did well at the style, for he stuck the 15 minutes without a fall.  Perhaps had he tried he might have made it more interesting for his opponent, but he declared he went on more to get a line on Piening in the event of a finish match in the future than anything else.  It was hot while it lasted.

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Wrestling At Lafayette

The Buffalo Commercial – April 10, 1902

Lew Whistler gave Jim Parr a hard fight at the Lafayette last night.  He went on to earn the $50 offered by Parr to any wrestler staying fifteen minutes, and stayed five and a half minutes.  It was a fierce struggle from beginning to end.

Whistler got out of many dangerous positions, but finally succumbed to a half-Nelson and crotch hold.

The amateur bout last night was the best of the week.  The contestants were Jack Mills, winner of Fenton’s tournament, and Young Parr.  They worked cleverly, though fiercely throughout.

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Parr Defeated Louis Steinagle

Buffalo Courier – January 11, 1902

English Champion Had Too Much Skill For The Strong Man.

One of the largest crowds of the season witnessed last night’s wrestling contest in the Court Street Theater between Jim Parr, the English crack, and Louis Steinagle, the champion strong man.

Parr won the match in two consecutive falls.  He took the first in 4 1-2.

Steinagle was aggressive and showed much strength in throwing Parr around the mat for a few minutes.  The Englishman cleverly prevented Steinagle from picking him up for any hard slams, however, by the use of his legs.  He blocked Steinagle’s moves in skillful style, and after allowing the strong fellow to try several holds without effect, Parr put on a crotch and half Nelson, with which he pinned Louis to the mat.

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Tonight’s Wrestling Contest

The Buffalo Courier – January 10, 1902

This cut shows the back muscles of Louis Steinagle, the strong man champion, who meets Parr in the Court Street Theater.