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On The Hoof

Saturday Evening Post – December 14, 1935
By Milton MacKaye

The standing of wrestling as a profit-making enterprise has received little attention in the economic journals, and even those publications devoted to the fevers of sport have been niggardly in space and headlines. There has been a general tendency to regard wrestling as a sort of little country cousin of the opulent boxing profession, a rude and primitive trial of strength persisting feebly in the backwoods sections, but destined ultimately to become as extinct as the broadsword. As a public spectacle, it has been rated just ahead of long-distance walking contests and the hop, skip, and jump, and considerably behind the breath-taking thrills and romance of puss-in-the-corner and the potato race. Continue reading

Americus, Zbyszko, And Roller Win

The New York Times – February 15, 1912

BALTIMORE, Md., Feb. 14. – Six of the best heavyweight wrestlers in the country competed on the mat at the Monumental Sporting Club here to-night.

“Americus” (Gus Schoenlein) of Baltimore defeated Romanoff, the Russian, in two straight falls of 25 minutes 21 seconds and 13 minutes 35 seconds, respectively. Continue reading

Zbyszko Throws Roller Twice

The New York Times – January 29, 1911

BOSTON, Jan. 28. – Zbyszko, the Polish wrestler, took two falls from Dr. Roller of Seattle in a bout here to-night.  The bout, which was best two out of three without time limit, lasted nearly an hour and a half, for it took the winner 1 hour 10 minutes and 35 seconds to get the first fall.  The second he secured in ten minutes and thirty seconds.

Many Will Bet On Dr. Roller

Tacoma Daily News – June 24, 1908

SEATTLE – The championship wrestling match between Frank Gotch, champion of the world, and Dr. B.F. Roller, the western champion, is exciting an unusual amount of interest among lovers of professional sports, and it is doubted that the Dreamland Rink will be large enough to accommodate the large crowd that will be clamoring for tickets. Continue reading

Gotch Arrives At Seattle

Tacoma Daily News – June 19, 1908

SEATTLE – Frank Gotch, champion wrestler of the world, arrived in this city yesterday to prepare for his match with Dr. B.F. Roller. The contest will take place July 1. Gotch said he would be glad to arrange a wrestling match to take place in Tacoma after he had finished with Roller.

Roller Will Wrestle A Sailor

Tacoma Daily News – June 12, 1908

SEATTLE – Dr. B.F. Roller, the local wrestler, will appear at the athletic entertainment to be given by the Press Club at the Dreamland Rink Monday night. Roller’s opponent will probably be Ben Charlesworth, of the battleship Georgia, now at Bremerton. Roller will agree to throw the sailor in 15 minutes or forfeit $100.

Australian Wrestler Challenges Roller

Associated Press – May 2, 1908

WICHITA, Kan. – Charles Delivuk, the Australian wrestler, has deposited in the American State Savings Bank of this city $1,000 as a forfeit and has issued a challenge to wrestle Dr. B.F. Roller of Seattle. Continue reading

Roller Again Wins From Westergaard

Tacoma Daily News – April 28, 1908

SEATTLE – Dr. B.F. Roller defeated Jess Westergaard for the second time last night, winning two straight falls from him at the Dreamland skating rink.

Roller took the first fall with a crotch and half Nelson in 36 minutes and 20 seconds, and the second in exactly 20 minutes, with a chancery and bar hold and a leg scissors hold. Both falls were secured after a most stubborn battle, which excited the crowd and brought forth repeated applause. Continue reading

Would Wrestle Local Ball Teams

Tacoma Daily News – April 13, 1908

Before he left for Portland last night Victor McLaglen issued what is probably the most unique challenge ever made public in this city.

The big wrestler-boxer authorizes the News to say for him that he challenges the Whitworth football team to a wrestling match. In short, McLaglen wants to arrange a handicap wrestling match with the football eleven which played such a clever game under Coach Rueber last season, and Vic says he will take on the entire team, agreeing to throw the eleven within one hour of actual wrestling time. Continue reading

Roller Throws The Giant Swede

Tacoma Daily News – April 7, 1908

SEATTLE – Dr. B.F. Roller of this city last night defeated Ole Donnelson, the giant Swede, in two straight falls, before a large crowd at the Seattle Theater. Roller took the first fall with a chancery hold in 23 minutes and 15 seconds, and the second in 20 minutes and 50 seconds. The last fall was secured with a chancery and bar hold, which was effected by the toe hold, which Roller appears to have mastered to the queen’s taste. Continue reading