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Real Feature Of The Circus

The Buffalo Times – January 3, 1904


“Yankee” Rogers, or McMilten, performed an unusual feat yesterday at the Highland Park A. C. Gymnasium, while training for his bout with Jim Parr at the Olympic A. C. tomorrow night.  To show his bridging strength, he allowed Louis Steinagle, Manager Daw and another man to stand on his breast while bridged.  The feat seemed easy for him.

The preliminary between George Winzenreid and Count Alexander tomorrow night promises to be the real feature of the circus.

Freberg Is Victim Of Caddock’s Skill

The New York Times – December 16, 1917

Western Wrestler Ends Short Visit by Scoring Second Victory in Tourney.

Earl Caddock, the young Iowa wrestler, making his last appearance in a mat bout before returning to Camp Dodge, Des Moines, Iowa, to resume his duties as an enlisted fighter in the army of Uncle Sam, last night added another triumph to his list by throwing John Freberg, announced as the Swedish champion, in a finish bout in the international wrestling tournament at the Lexington Theatre. The young Westerner did not show up as strongly as he did in his first appearance here, against Dr. B. F. Roller. Freberg lasted longer against the lad, who is being popularly piloted as the next successor to Frank Gotch’s crown, and illustrated a falling off in Craddock’s performance. Freberg worked 45 minutes and 15 seconds before succumbing finally to a heed, arm, and scissors hold. On the previous night Craddock threw Dr. Roller in 40 minutes 59 seconds.

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Caddock Scores Triumph

The New York Times – December 15, 1917

Young Wrestler Conquers Roller In 40 Minutes 59 Seconds

Earl Caddock, the young wrestler from Anita, Iowa, who is looked upon as a probable successor to the crown left vacant by the enforced retirement of Frank Gotch, champion wrestler, achieved success on his initial appearance in competition in the East last night. Opposed to the veteran grappler, Dr. Benjamin F. Roller, of Seattle, Wash, in a finish bout in the international wrestling tournament at the Lexington Theatre, Caddock thrilled the biggest crowd that has been attracted to the tournament with a convincing victory over Roller. Caddock accomplished the downfall of his veteran opponent in 40 minutes 59 seconds, with ahead scissors and crotch hold.

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Wrestlers Are Busy

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – March 10, 1911

Alphhonse Steurs of Belgium, who wrestled George Hackenschmidt a draw in Montreal recently, has returned to this city.  Efforts are being made to arrange a finish match between Hackenschmidt and the Belgian champion, to take place here.  Big Joe Rogers, the American Apollo, who has repeatedly tried to secure a match with either “Hack,” Zbyszko or Frank Gotch, is on the trail of Pilakoff, who is meeting all comers this week at a local theater, in conjunction with Demetral, the Greek champion.  Rogers has secured backing to the extent of $1,000 to wrestle any man in the world to a finish, and intends to force some of the big foreigners to prove their ability and reputation by first defeating the local heavyweight champion, who is willing to risk his money on the result.  Rogers will hereafter challenge any and all of them at the ring, wherever they appear, to prove his claim.  Demetral, the Greek champion, has also agreed to meet Steurs after his match with Frank Gotch, which takes place in Omaha, Neb., on March 16.  Demetral will appear tonight against Andy Kandrat, the Lithuanian giant, and Pilakoff will meet Hans Tell, the Tyrol giant.

New Yorkers Are Easy For Athletic Grafters

The Pittsburgh Press – March 9, 1908

New York, March 9.–Little old New York is preparing for its annual “fall.”  The home of the confidence game and high finance, where the wisest gees in the world hang forth, is welcoming with open arms the Frank Gotch – Joe Rogers handicap “wrassling” match.

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Fails To Impress Cleveland Sports

The Washington Times – April 2, 1909

Mahmout Unable to Gain Fall in Bout With Third-Rater.

Cleveland, Ohio, April 2. – Unless Yussif Mahmout was stalling in his bout last night with Joe Rogers, he will stand little chance of gaining the world wrestling championship when he meets Gotch in Chicago.   Continue reading

Smith To Referee Waterloo Match

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald – June 7, 1917

Managers Of Earl Caddock And Joe Rogers Both Favor Him.

Wrestlers Are In The Pink

Rogers Has $2,500 To Wager That Caddock Cannot Throw Him In An Hour.

Waterloo, Ia., June 7. – Owing to a disagreement between Gene Melady, manager of Earl Caddock, and Larney Lichtenstein, manager of Joe Rogers, who will meet in a finish match here Friday evening, it is probable that Edward W. Smith of Chicago will be selected as referee. Continue reading

A Hard Battle

The Oswego Daily Palladium – January 8, 1914

Rogers and Lundin Will Come Together on the Mat Monday Night.

“Yankee” Rogers fully realize that he has his work cut out for him at the Armory Monday night, when he goes up against Hjalmar Lundin, the champion wrestler of Sweden, and the Swedes turn out some good men on the mat.  That is why Rogers is going through one of the most thorough training stunts he had done this season.  Rogers knows that in order to win he must have everything he has ready and in working order.   It will be by far the best bout ever seen in this city and will be a finish match, best two out of three falls. Continue reading


The Washington Herald – February 4, 1909

Martin Julian, who, with Ernest Roeber, is interested in the welfare of Siegfried, says the “Oak” will make a match with Joe Rogers, Graeco-Roman style, just as soon as Tom O’Rourke, the latter’s manager, is ready to sign articles.  O’Rourke, in behalf of Rogers, accused Siegfried of bluffing the other day, hence the manifesto from Julian, who has not cut much of a figure in the sporting world since he severed business relations with Bob Fitzsimmons.

That Gotch-Rogers Match

The Salt Lake Herald – March 15, 1908

Frank Gotch is coming in for considerable criticism over his recent match with Joe Rogers, in which he failed to throw Rogers five times in an hour, as he agreed to do.  Rogers left America and went to England to wrestle Hackenschmidt, and he claimed the American championship.  As a matter of fact, Rogers is nothing better than a third-rater, and Gotch offered to throw him five times in an hour.  This he failed to do, although Gotch’s friends thought he could without trouble.  One of the excuses offered by Gotch’s friends is that the Iowa farmer allowed Rogers to stay in order to throw Hackenschmidt off.  Others are so unkind as to say that Gotch allowed him to stay to get another match.