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Fails To Impress Cleveland Sports

The Washington Times – April 2, 1909

Mahmout Unable to Gain Fall in Bout With Third-Rater.

Cleveland, Ohio, April 2. – Unless Yussif Mahmout was stalling in his bout last night with Joe Rogers, he will stand little chance of gaining the world wrestling championship when he meets Gotch in Chicago.   Continue reading

Smith To Referee Waterloo Match

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald – June 7, 1917

Managers Of Earl Caddock And Joe Rogers Both Favor Him.

Wrestlers Are In The Pink

Rogers Has $2,500 To Wager That Caddock Cannot Throw Him In An Hour.

Waterloo, Ia., June 7. – Owing to a disagreement between Gene Melady, manager of Earl Caddock, and Larney Lichtenstein, manager of Joe Rogers, who will meet in a finish match here Friday evening, it is probable that Edward W. Smith of Chicago will be selected as referee. Continue reading

A Hard Battle

The Oswego Daily Palladium – January 8, 1914

Rogers and Lundin Will Come Together on the Mat Monday Night.

“Yankee” Rogers fully realize that he has his work cut out for him at the Armory Monday night, when he goes up against Hjalmar Lundin, the champion wrestler of Sweden, and the Swedes turn out some good men on the mat.  That is why Rogers is going through one of the most thorough training stunts he had done this season.  Rogers knows that in order to win he must have everything he has ready and in working order.   It will be by far the best bout ever seen in this city and will be a finish match, best two out of three falls. Continue reading


The Washington Herald – February 4, 1909

Martin Julian, who, with Ernest Roeber, is interested in the welfare of Siegfried, says the “Oak” will make a match with Joe Rogers, Graeco-Roman style, just as soon as Tom O’Rourke, the latter’s manager, is ready to sign articles.  O’Rourke, in behalf of Rogers, accused Siegfried of bluffing the other day, hence the manifesto from Julian, who has not cut much of a figure in the sporting world since he severed business relations with Bob Fitzsimmons.

That Gotch-Rogers Match

The Salt Lake Herald – March 15, 1908

Frank Gotch is coming in for considerable criticism over his recent match with Joe Rogers, in which he failed to throw Rogers five times in an hour, as he agreed to do.  Rogers left America and went to England to wrestle Hackenschmidt, and he claimed the American championship.  As a matter of fact, Rogers is nothing better than a third-rater, and Gotch offered to throw him five times in an hour.  This he failed to do, although Gotch’s friends thought he could without trouble.  One of the excuses offered by Gotch’s friends is that the Iowa farmer allowed Rogers to stay in order to throw Hackenschmidt off.  Others are so unkind as to say that Gotch allowed him to stay to get another match.

Ferocious Finn Downed

The New York Times – December 22, 1917

Rogers Ignores Verbal Attack and Pins Hevonpaa to Mat.

The winning career of Sula Hevonpaa, Finland’s rotund wrestler, in the international wrestling tournament at the Lexington Theatre, was canceled before it really had a chance to mature.  Up to last night the ferocious Finn had registered on victory in the tournament that has now been progressing for three weeks. Unfortunately for Hevonpaa, Joe Rogers, a local grappler, loomed up in Sula’s path last night in one of the finish matches, and the result was the breaking of Hevonpaa’s winning streak. Rogers disregarding the noisy objections of his Finnish opponent, finished the Finn in 14:10 with a side roll and double arm lock.  Booth the mat was pretty well occupied while the bout lasted. Continue reading


The Clinton Advertiser – February 15, 1908

George Hackenschmidt and Frank Gotch are to wrestle in America for the world’s catch-as-catch-can championship.

“Joe” Rogers, American, was defeated by George Hackenschmidt, Russian, in England for the wrestling championship.

Zbyszko Wins on Mat

The New York Times – April 12, 1911

Polish Mat Expert Throws Joe Rogers in Two Straight Falls

Zbyszko, the Polish wrestler, succeeded in throwing Joe Rogers last night in a catch-as-catch-can match at the St. Nichols Rink under the auspices of the Twentieth Century Athletic Club.  He obtained two falls in 1:14:37 and 14:50, respectively.  There was a fair crowd in attendance, and most of them were almost frost bitten by the freezing exhibition.  Neither man showed any semblance of knowledge of the game, Rogers refusing absolutely to try for a hold or do anything other than wiggle out of positions which appeared likely to result in falls.

Continue reading

Zbyszko and Rogers

Oswego Daily Times – April 11, 1911

New York, April 11 – A wrestling match that is attracting much interest will be held here tonight when Stanislaus Zbyszko meets Joe Rogers, the giant New Yorker.

Matches In The Wrestling Meet

The Morning Leader – December 10, 1917

NEW YORK, Dec. 9. – Three finish matches in the international wrestling tournament were decided here last night.  Joe Rogers, the American Apollo of Rochester, N.Y., threw Pierre Le Colosse, the French giant in two minutes and ten seconds with a body scissors hold.  In the second match Ed “Strangler” Lewis, of Lexington, took advantage of the carelessness of Fred Pilokoff, the great Finn, after 14 minutes and 12 seconds of wrestling by throwing him with an arm scissors and further arm hold.  Wladek Zbyszko, of Poland, was the aggressor in the second contest with Steve Havige, of Slavonia, and finally pinned his opponent’s shoulders to the mat with a body scissors hold in 11 minutes and 42 seconds.