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Strangler Lewis In Title Campaign

Seattle Times – January 11, 1933

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, many-time heavyweight champion wrestler of the world, is campaigning for undisputed possession of that title once again, in “wrestling matches” rather than the present-day “exhibitions.” The veteran heavyweight made that declaration here yesterday. Continue reading

Who Won

Time – April 14, 1930

Strangler Ed Lewis, onetime heavyweight wrestling champion of the world: A bout in Madison Square Garden with Marin Plestina, Chicago muscler, by pushing him in the face with fingers outspread until Plestina no longer objected to being flopped over.

Two Collegians In Mat Go Here

The Milwaukee Journal – January 13, 1928

It will be Illinois vs. Nebraska when Jim McMillen and Wayne Munn clash on the mat at the Gayety theater Friday night.

This is the first time the two collegians have met and the bout will be attended by a number of wrestling celebrities, including Champion Johnny Meyers and Marin Plestina, who have prepared McMillen for this tiff with the Nebraska giant. Continue reading

Wayne Munn’s Gang To Show At Gayety

The Milwaukee Sentinel – July 19, 1926

Wayne (Big) Munn, former heavyweight champion, and his troupe of wrestlers on a tour of the middle west, will arrive in Milwaukee today for an exhibition at the Gayety theater Tuesday night. Continue reading

Mat Outlaws Meet Tonight

International News Service – February 11, 1931

NEW YORK — The so-called “rasslin'” outlaws come to town tonight bent on proving that New York will support two wrestling combines. The new Armory Athletic Club will stage its first show this evening, with Joe Stecher meeting Marin Plestina in the main event.

Pat McGill, the Irish champion, and Al Baffert, the youngster who has made a name for himself in California, will appear in the semifinal.

Freberg Tries Speech After Losing Match

Seattle Times – September 29, 1931
By Ken Binns

Two heartily thrown chairs bounced off John Freberg’s legs last night as he lost to Steve Savage, attesting in a measure the intense interest aroused amidst the citizenry over that long-discussed bout for the championship of the challengers. Continue reading

Illinois Bans Heavies From Wrestling Shows

Associated Press – January 21, 1930
By Charles W. Dunkley

CHICAGO – Heavyweight wrestling in Illinois was placed under ban indefinitely today.

The Illinois State Athletic Commission gave the sport a stunning blow after failing to interest wrestlers of all factions to enter an elimination tournament proposed by the commission to decide the championship. Continue reading

The Sports Spy Glass By Hutch

Arizona Republic – March 3, 1931

Seems like I can’t get Pete Sauer out of my mind and with the mail carrying reams of copy about the great wrestlers of the day, I have the impression that Pete is being the run-around by most of the front-rank matmen. Continue reading

Stecher Sub Takes On German Grappler

New York American – December 3, 1923

Substituting for Joe Stecher, Nebraska wrestler, Wladek Zbyszko , Polish giant, will lock grips with Richard Schikat, German grappler, tonight in the feature mat struggle of the second tournament of the season in the Seventy-First Regiment Armory. The clash will be to a finish, one fall, to decide the winner. In two other matches Marin Plestina will engage Hans St. Steinke and Renato Gardini will attempt to pin the shoulders of Yussif Hussane to the mat.

Zbyszko Says He Will Meet Plestina for Wrestling Title

The New York Times – November 16, 1921

BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 15–Stanislaus Zbyszko, the world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, will be open to a match with Marin Plestina, who last night was awarded a decision on fouls over John Pesek at New York, if Plestina issues a challenge.  Jack Herman, manager of Zbyszko, made this announcement when informed of Plestina’s New York victory.  Herman said the only thing, as far as he is concerned, which has prevented a previous match is that Plestlna had not yet demonstrated his superiority over Caddock, Pesek and others near to the wrestling championship.