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Lewis to Meet Zbyszko

The New York Times – April 13, 1921

Champion Wrestler Will Defend Title in Benefit Bout for Irish.

The last important wrestling bout of the local season will be held May 6 at the Seventy-first Regiment Armory for the benefit of the Irish Relief Fund.  On that occasion Ed (Strangler) Lewis, giant Kentuckian, will defend his heavyweight championship against Stanislaus Zbyszko, veteran Polish grappler.  The men will wrestle one fall.  Promoter Jack Curley is conducting the match.  Curley expects, in view of the fact that the proceeds will be donated to the Irish cause, and also because of the championship element of the match, that the receipts will exceed any recorded here this season. Continue reading


Wrestlers At The Garden

The New York Times – December 25, 1911

 Zybszko to Throw Raicevich Three Times in 90 Minutes.

Madison Square Garden is to be the scene of another wrestling match tonight, when Stanislaus Zbyszko, the Polish Champion, and Giovanni Raicevich, title holder of Italy, will be the principals.  Zbyszko will undertake to throw the Italian three times within an hour and a half at catch-as-catch-can style.  Tom Jenkins, the former champion, who is now wrestling instructor of the Naval Academy at West Point, has been selected to referee the contest.  While the Italian persuaded Zbyszko into giving him a handicap, even the most ardent admirers of the Pole think that he is undertaking too much of a job, and the results is that Raicevich has been a decided favorite. Continue reading

On The Hoof

Saturday Evening Post – December 14, 1935
By Milton MacKaye

The standing of wrestling as a profit-making enterprise has received little attention in the economic journals, and even those publications devoted to the fevers of sport have been niggardly in space and headlines. There has been a general tendency to regard wrestling as a sort of little country cousin of the opulent boxing profession, a rude and primitive trial of strength persisting feebly in the backwoods sections, but destined ultimately to become as extinct as the broadsword. As a public spectacle, it has been rated just ahead of long-distance walking contests and the hop, skip, and jump, and considerably behind the breath-taking thrills and romance of puss-in-the-corner and the potato race. Continue reading

Zbyszko Is Victor In Wrestling Bout

The Oregonian – July 17, 1925

Stanislaus Zbyszko, Big Munn’s 58-year-old conqueror, twice heavyweight champion of the world and loser of his second title only recently to Joe Stecher, made short work at the Heilig last night of the Giant Hindu, Jatrinda Gobar. Continue reading

Wrestling Match Ends In Knockout

The Oregonian – July 16, 1925

Ira Dern of Salt Lake City knocked out Billy Edwards of Kansas City last night in the second round of a bout that had been advertised as a wrestling match, which proved to be a Donnybrook for two. If it was a wrestling match then Dern played in tough luck, for he took two falls in jig-time and lost the decision. Continue reading

Wrestler Pilakoff Hurt

The New York Times – January 17, 1911

Zybszko Throws Finnish Grappler, Tearing Ligaments of Right Arm.

Pilakoff, a Finnish wrestler, after losing the first fall in his contest with Zbyszko in 0:46:16 injured his right arm in the second period and was compelled to forfeit the fall and match to the Polish wrestler at Prospect hall last night before a crowd that packed the large hall to the doors.  The gigantic Pole agreed to throw his Finnish opponent twice within an hour, and accomplished his first fall after the pair had wrestled a clean and sportsmanlike contest for 0:46:16 After the first fall the pair were allowed a reposition of ten minutes, and in the remaining 14 minutes and 44 seconds the Pole was to have tried to negotiate another fall.  After they had gone 7 minutes and 34 seconds.  Zbyszko, who was making every effort to win, grabbed his opponent from a standing position and threw him bodily over his head in a manner that had occurred on three previous occasions.  When Pilakoff came down he landed on his elbow with great force and pulled the ligaments of his right arm out of place.  He lay helpless on the mat in great pain and was unable to continue. Continue reading

Americus, Zbyszko, And Roller Win

The New York Times – February 15, 1912

BALTIMORE, Md., Feb. 14. – Six of the best heavyweight wrestlers in the country competed on the mat at the Monumental Sporting Club here to-night.

“Americus” (Gus Schoenlein) of Baltimore defeated Romanoff, the Russian, in two straight falls of 25 minutes 21 seconds and 13 minutes 35 seconds, respectively. Continue reading

Zbyszko Wins From Paul Schmidt

The New York Times – March 1, 1911

MERIDEN, Conn., Feb. 28. – Zybszko, the Pole, won in straight falls here to-night from Paul Schmidt, the German, getting the first in 17 and the second in 6 minutes.

Zbyszko Throws Roller Twice

The New York Times – January 29, 1911

BOSTON, Jan. 28. – Zbyszko, the Polish wrestler, took two falls from Dr. Roller of Seattle in a bout here to-night.  The bout, which was best two out of three without time limit, lasted nearly an hour and a half, for it took the winner 1 hour 10 minutes and 35 seconds to get the first fall.  The second he secured in ten minutes and thirty seconds.

You Can’t Monkey Around Like That

Ironwood MI Daily Globe – April 10, 1929

New York City NY, Apr. 10 (AP) — Stanislaus Zbyszko, former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world and the “iron man” of sportdom, today filed suit for $250,000 against the New York American, alleging that that newspaper had destroyed his young wife’s love for him. Continue reading