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Jesse The Ref: A Million Bucks?

St. Paul Pioneer-Press – July 15, 1999
By Patrick Sweeney

Gov. Jesse Ventura will return to the wrestling ring as a referee next month for a payday that will allow him to donate $100,000 to charity and perhaps pocket $1 million more in fees and royalties.

Ventura joined officials of the World Wrestling Federation on Wednesday at Target Center to announce that Ventura will be the guest referee Aug. 22 in the SummerSlam, a pay-per-view event that will decide who is the WWF’s latest champion. Continue reading

Ventura Defends Participation

Associated Press – July 13, 1999
By Rochelle Olson

ST. PAUL, Minn.–Gov. Jesse Ventura defended his return to professional wrestling Tuesday, insisting he’s entitled to a life outside politics. Ventura bristled when asked whether his renewed ties to the World Wrestling Federation threatened the dignity of the governor’s office.

“If I were a nightclub singer in Caesars Palace, would you ask the same question?” he asked. Continue reading

Ventura Jumps Back Into The Ring

St. Paul Pioneer-Press – July 13, 1999
By Patrick Sweeney

Gov. Jesse Ventura, who first achieved fame as a pro-wrestling bad guy known as “The Body,” will return to the ring next month in a pay-for-view extravaganza sponsored by the World Wrestling Federation at Target Center.

Ventura and his spokesmen refused to say Monday whether he’ll participate as a wrestler, referee, ringside announcer or perhaps as a color commentator for the television broadcast of the event. Continue reading

Ventura Body Slams His Critics

New York Post – July 15, 1999
By Gersh Kuntzman

Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura says he didn’t have to wrestle with his conscience before deciding to go back into the ring – and slammed his critics as a bunch of spoilsports.

“There’s no rule that says a governor can’t have fun,” the former pro wrestler said, defending his planned appearance as a referee in the World Wrestling Federation SummerSlam event on Aug. 22 in Minneapolis. Continue reading

Body’s Back… Where He Belongs

St. Paul Pioneer-Press – July 15, 1999
By Bob Sansavere

As he approached the stage, Jesse Ventura walked slowly and appeared to be biting his lip. He seemed nervous, even sheepish.

Could it be common sense finally had whacked him upside the head, and he was realizing he was about to embarrass himself as well as his state?

No such luck. Continue reading

The Giant’s Team Beats Up Taylor’s

Eugene Register-Guard – April 30, 1977

Kris Taylor Sam Bass Jesse Ventura 4-30-77

Andre the Giant was here… leaving in his wake an astounded Kris Taylor outside the ropes, a pained Sam Bass on the ropes and a flattened Jesse Ventura on the mat
Staff photos by Brian Lanker

Crowd 4-30-77

Part of a record crowd at the matches crowds up to the ring for a closer look, or a chance to add their two cents to the proceedings

A record crowd of some 1,500 turned out at the Lane County Fairgrounds to watch big Killer Kris Taylor take on Andre the Giant in the feature match of the weekly pro wrestling card Friday night. Continue reading

Ventura Interested In Running For President

The Hour – August 4, 2003

NEWTON, Iowa (AP) – Former Minnesota governor and pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura discussed his political future – and his “interest” in running for president – over the weekend while receiving an award for his sporting past.

Jesse Ventura 8-4-03


Continue reading

No Holds Barred

TV Guide – December 5-11, 1998
By Bruce Newman

No Holds Barred article title

Pro Wrestling’s Outrageous Superstars Are Pinning Down The Sport’s Biggest Audiences And Ratings Ever!  Here’s Why.

Before you see him on-screen, you hear him coming with the thunderously amplified sound of glass shattering into a thousand jagged pieces.  It’s as if Stone Cold Steve Austin had just kicked in the front of your television set.  And in a way he has.  Striding into the ring for Raw Is War (USA Network, Mondays, 9 P.M./ET), the feared dreadnought of the World Wrestling Federation glowers at the red light on the top of the television camera.  But rather than rushing to drop his opponent into that orthopedic hell known as the Stone Cold Stunner, he responds to the crowd’s plea to once again preach the gospel according to him, Austin 3:16.  “I just whupped your ass!” he bellows and triumphantly raises his huge biceps into the air.  Like Hollywood Hulk Hogan, who at this moment is doing virtually the same routine on TNT’s WCW Monday Nitro (Mondays, 8 P.M./ET), Austin’s greatest strength as a wrestler is his mouth.  “I don’t read from a script out there,” Austin says.  “Everything from me is ad-lib.  You turn a camera on, put that little red light on me, I’m gonna go.”  So turn a little red light on TV’s hottest form of entertainment, because as Austin himself might say: Hell, yeah!  Professional wrestling is ready for its close-up. Continue reading

Savage, Dr. X Paired For Miner’s Glove

Eugene Register-Guard – July 28, 1977

Dutch Savage will face Dr. X in a coal miner’s glove match in the featured event on the professional wrestling card starting at 8:30 p.m.  Friday at the Lane County Fairgrounds. Continue reading

Savage Captures Pro Mat ‘Fight’

Eugene Register-Guard – August 7, 1976

Dutch Savage kayoed Jesse Ventura in the fifth round as the professional wrestlers turned boxers Friday night at Willamette High. Continue reading