Lindsey Wins Over Bronko In Mat Duel

Tacoma News-Tribune – October 10, 1953

Luther Lindsey won over Bronko Nagurski in Friday’s wrestling main event at the Armory when, with honors even at one fall each, the former Minnesota and Chicago Bears football star was disqualified for refusal to break a shoulder butt hold.

Nagurski won the first fall at 12:33 with a series of flying tackles and a full body press, while Lindsey squared accounts at 3:28 with a neck-breaker to which Bronko conceded.

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Halpern To Wrestle Under Gilzenberg

Newark Star-Ledger – April 8, 1954

Raphael Halpern, Hebrew heavyweight wrestler, leaves for his native Israel from International Airport tonight. Prior to his departure, the rabbinical grappler signed an exclusive contract to be handling by Willie Gilzenberg for the next two years.

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Barend Faces Von Goering

The Cincinnati Enquirer – August 14, 1959

Johnny Barend takes on Fritz von Goering in the opening match in tonight’s Quality A. C. outdoor wrestling show at Parkway Arena.

In the double feature, Paul de Galles goes against Ralph (Ruffy) Silverstein, with Ruffy offering $1000 if de Galles can pin him within 30 minutes.

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Cheney Forces Heavy To Limit, But Loses

Seattle Times – January 17, 1933

George Cheney, a big, rugged youth from Los Angeles, came mighty close to carrying away Jack Forsgren’s Canadian heavyweight mat title in the main event of last night’s wrestling card at the Civic Auditorium. Cheney won the first fall from the champion but the effort was a bit costly to Cheney’s stamina. Forsgren staged a sensational comeback to take the next two falls.

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Wrestling Here To Stay; Makes Hit With Crowd

The Lewiston Daily Sun – April 17, 1931

The sport of pachyderms came back to Lewiston-Auburn last evening with a satisfying thud that resounded with enthusiasm to all corners of this community.  More than 500 enthused fans, a record crowd for wrestling in this city, gave the grand old game a glad hand which indicates the sport has hit Lewiston the way it has taken other cities throughout the country.

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Resin Thespians Offer ‘Tonight At 8:30’

Rocky Mountain News – December 5, 1937
By Abe Pollock

Our dear resin thespians, the muscle necks, will light the gas lamps tomorrow night at City Auditorium in another of those spasms of playlets made famous by Noel Coward

The wrestlers, under the guidance of Impressario Jack Kanner, will present matdom’s version of “Tonight at 8:30” in five, instead of nine, short — shall we say — plays. Heading the list will be Gus Sonnenberg, ace of all the muggers, and Bill Longson in a 90-minute, two-out-of-three engagement.

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Grunt, Groan Men Given ‘Dummy Up’ Signal For Today

San Francisco Chronicle – December 14, 1935
By Harry B. Smith

Wrestlers and wrestling promoters are assured a packed house when they present their new act, “We Tell All We Know,” at the State Athletic Commission meeting this morning in the Hotel William Taylor.

I have too good a sense of humor myself to expect grapplers to start a “squawk” that’s going to lead anywhere, but there are plenty of hopeful ones who think this morning’s show is going to blow the roof off the house.

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Detton Pins Longson In Mat Go

Rocky Mountain News – December 16, 1937
By Abe Pollock

A couple of boys from the other side of the divide — Salt Lake City — staged a little home-town brawl in our midst last night with Dean Detton, the former Utah U. football player, making Bill Longson say “uncle” in the feature of a pretty good wrestling show in City Auditorium.

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Clark Packs ‘Em In

Referee – March 4, 1939

Seldom does the home town boy make good, but Charles Clark, the genial gentleman from Sacramento, did the other night and how. After cutting his eye teeth as mat impressario at Salinas for fourteen months, Professor Joe Malcewicz promoted Charley. He moved him up about four grades in one leap. Joe gave Clark a diploma and move him into Sacramento, which happens to be Clark’s home city.

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Taylor Confident Of Win Over McCready Tonight

Winnipeg Free Press – May 9, 1933

The Canadian heavyweight championship will be at stake tonight when Earl McCready, of Amulet, Sask., tangles with Jack Taylor, of Calgary, in a finish bout. They will tussle until one registers two falls, or for a two-hour time limit. This contest headlines an attractive all-star programme being staged by Ivan Mickailoff at the Amphitheatre rink.

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