Perez Mat Victor Over Colby At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – September 28, 1960

Miguel Perez defeated Bud Colby, registering two falls in their two-out-of-three match at the Sunnyside Garden last night.  Pampero Firpo beat Tony Marino in another match. Continue reading

Gorilla Returns For Monday Bout

The Borger Daily Herald – November 26, 1939

Promoter Otis Robertson promised that after Gorilla Ramos, the smooth Sonora, Mex. wrestler, scored such a hit in a recent match here he would try to bring back the junior light heavyweight title claimant.  And he has. Continue reading

Jackie Nichols Wins Over LaDue

Toledo Blade – June 20, 1947

Paavo Knocked Out In Go With Fenton

Monte LaDue, the rowdy mustached Canadian grappler, got a little rough last night in his match with Jackie Nichols of down Maine way but it didn’t do him much good.  Nichols won the main event of the Civic Auditorium mat show last night in consecutive falls. Continue reading

Heavyweights Will Meet In Wrestling Match Monday Night

Stamford American – February 7, 1936

Promoter Pug Hester is out looking for props to hold up his arena when the heavy-weights invade it next Monday night for the first time.  Jack “Rough House” Nelson, 216 pounder, is to encounter the 205 pound tackle expert, Nick Elitch in the main event of the matches at the City Auditorium. Continue reading

Italian Matmen Top Sunnyside Card Tonight

Long Island Star-Journal – July 12, 1960

Bruno Sammartino and Ilio DiPaolo, two of the best matmen to ever come from Italy, will wrestle at Sunnyside Garden tonight in two of the six action-packed bouts on promoter Manny Heicklen’s allstar program. Continue reading

Bearcat Wright Grapples Firpo At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – May 10, 1960

Bearcat Wright, giant Negro mat favorite, meets Pampero Firpo, bewhiskered South American Wildman, in the non-TV highlight of tonight’s professional wrestling card at Sunnyside Garden. Continue reading

The Greatest Drawing Card In The Game

Associated Press – March 11, 1953
By Harold V. Ratliff

DALLAS, Tex. – Along the wrestling trail these days they say the only thing that worries Gorgeous George, the greatest drawing card in the game, is his blond, wavy hair.

Without his crowning glory, the gorgeous one would be just another wrestler. How it has stayed with him this long, through all the dyes, permanent waves, curling and hefty yanks by opponents, is something of a mystery. But it’s luxuriant and appears good for many more miles. Still, George the Texan who attained fame and fortune with his colorful robes, perfume, classic profile, valets, and roughhouse wrestling, worries about his hair. Continue reading

Savage, Stasiak, Adonis Win Six-Team Battle Royal

Eugene Register-Guard – July 14, 1979

Dutch Savage, Crusher Stasiak and Adrian Adonis teamed to whip Buddy Rose, Rip Rogers and John Mantell in two falls out of three in a six-team tag match Friday night in the main event of a pro wrestling card at the Eugene Armory. Continue reading

Ray Ryan Takes On Rod Fenton

The Tuscaloosa News – April 9, 1941

Diminutive Grappler Battles ‘Meanie’ Tonight At Brandon

Promoter Joe Gunther of the American Legion has signed a pair of rough customers and two casualties to do the wrestling at Fort Brandon armory tonight.

The rowdy lads are Ray Ryan, the diminutive matman from New York with a chip as large as himself on his shoulder, and Roderick Fenton, the toughest fellow ever to carry such a pretty name. Continue reading

Becker Whips Rod Fenton

The Tuscaloosa News – March 20, 1941

Irregularities Are Held At Minimum As Leonard Referees

Due to the expert refereeing job done by Benny Leonard, and no doubt because of the potential sting which still lay dormant in his two aging fists, the American Legion fight program passed rather peaceably last night at Fort Brandon.

The retired former lightweight champ of the boxing ring was continually at odds with the rampant Roderick Fenton, however.  A less strong willed character would likely have had considerably more trouble with the cantankerous Canadian. Continue reading