Lively Bouts At The Lafayette

Buffalo Courier – April 10, 1902

Parr Downed Whistler After A Fierce Struggle – Three Bouts Tonight.

Lew Whistler, the sturdy Chicago heavyweight, who is doing the posing act in Denny Gallagher’s combination, gave Jim Parr a hard fight at the Lafayette last night.  He went on to earn the $50 offered by Parr to any wrestler staying fifteen minutes.  It was a fierce struggle from beginning to end, both men working like demons.

Whistler got out of many dangerous positions, but finally succumbed to a half-Nelson and crotch hold.

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Jenkins Is The World’s Champion

Buffalo Courier – February 15, 1902

Clevelander, the American Champion, Wins From Jim Parr, English Champion, in Two Straight Falls.

Parr Puts Up A Hard, Gamey Battle.

Englishman Puts Jenkins to the Mat but Duration of Time Shoulders Are Down Is Not Long Enough to Satisfy the Referee – Fastest Wrestling Ever Seen in Buffalo.

Tom Jenkins won the world’s championship at catch-as-catch-can wrestling in Convention Hall last night by defeating Jim Parr, champion of England.  Jenkins won the match in two straight falls, taking the first in 53:35 and the second in 15:10.

The contest was the greatest ever seen in this part of America.  It was spectacular from start to finish, and abounded in spectacular movements.  Both men did wonderfully skillful work.  Parr’s science was a revelation.  He used locks and blocks such as had never been seen by Buffalonians.  He also displayed surprising strength and agility, and at times he had Jenkins in dangerous predicaments.

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‘Strumberry Cheemy’ Londos Switches Diet To Razzberries

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – February 29, 1940
By Don Hassett

Yep, That Head at Left Belongs to the Gent on the Right
Ivan Rasputin, bottom; Referee Ward Seidel, middle layer, and Lee Hemming, more or less on top, wound up in this arrangement at the end of semifinal rassle brawl last night at Convention Hall.  Ivan and Hemming weren’t ready to quit, though, and continued to grapple on floor and among customers until officials intervened, stopping the melee.

Villainy Booed in Victory Over Strongberg

Rasputin and Foe Stage Bruising Mat Duel

Shed a tear, gents, for the glory that was Greece.  It was liberally plastered with razzberry – not stromberry, RAZZBERRY – at Convention Hall’s “Burpatorium” last night.  But waste no tears on “Cheemy” Londos, the gorgeous ol’ Greek who was on the receiving end.

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Mat Winner To Get Champ

Oakland Tribune – August 15, 1940

Brazil, Ivan Rasputin Victor Will Wrestle Pantaleon Manlapig

Ivan Rasputin

“Calling Pantaleon Manlapig!”

That’s who Promoter Ad Santel was paging today for a possible opponent to tangle with the winner of the Pedro Brazil-Ivan Rasputin match tomorrow night at the Oakland Auditorium.

Manlapig is the proud owner of the Pacific Coast wrestling championship, which he captured several months ago from Ramon Villmer.  The giant Filipino star has waited 2 ½ years for such an opportunity and he plans to keep the golden throne for a long time to come.

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Murray Rothenberg To Be On Columbia Park Mat Card

The Bergen Evening Record – September 3, 1943

Ex-Diamond Gloves Champ Will Meet Chief Bamba Tabu In Bout; He’s Now Head Of War Plant Guards

The amazing Murray Rothenberg, ex-Teaneck gridder, former Bergen Evening Record Diamond Gloves champ, judo teacher to soldiers, car salesman, chief of a defense plant police staff, and just about everything else you can think of, branches out into new fields to conquer tonight.

The amazing Murray makes his debut here as a professional wrestler on the card at Columbia Park, North Bergen.

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Rohde At Camden

The Philadelphia Inquirer – January 1, 1945

Herman Dutch Rohde and Gino Garibaldi meet in the windup of a New Year’s night wrestling program at Camden Convention Hall tonight.  Two out of three falls determine the 90-minutes’ contest.  In early bouts Pat Welsh meets Bibber McCoy and Rudy Dusek tackles Murray Rothenberg.  Jim Austeri and Herb Freeman tussle Fred Grubmier and Frank Bruce in a team match.

Rothenberg On Passaic Mat Bill

Paterson Evening News – November 15, 1944

Murray Rothenberg, the promising grappler, is scheduled to appear in one of the bouts on tonight’s wrestling card at Kanter’s Auditorium, Passaic.  He will have Matros Kirilenko, the veteran Russian as an opponent.

The principals in the main event will be Rudy Dusek, Omaha, and Abe Yourist of North Bergen.  They will battle it out over the two of three falls, one hour time limit route.

In other matches the “Black Terror,” clashes with Charley Allen, of Albany, and Frank Bruce of Brooklyn, N. Y., tackles Ali Adali, the squat Turk.

Murray Rothenberg Teams Up With Big Savoldi At Armory

The Sunday News – June 13, 1948

Wrestling will be resumed at the Teaneck Armory next Wednesday night.  Promoter Charley Hoffman has signed Angelo Savoldi, the Jersey City Italian, to team up with Murray Rothenberg, of Paterson, in an Australian tag bout against Tarzan Hewitt, the Texas cowboy, and Abe Stein, of California.  The match will be a two-out-of-three falls affair with a time limit of an hour.

Savoldi is one of the headliners of his profession.  He spent the past four months in California where he appeared in the principal clubs against all comers and won virtually all his bouts.  He was a tremendous attraction and he has received offers for another tour next fall.  His speed and cleverness have been responsible for his success, but he isn’t afraid to rough it.

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Swedish Angel At North Bergen Club

The Bergen Evening Record – September 3, 1944

Maurice (French Angel) Tillet’s chief rival for the wrestling game’s Pin-Up Boy championship, Swedish Angel, visits Columbia Park, North Bergen, tonight, where he’ll go through his grimacing routine with Milo Steinborn, a gentleman of muscle from Memphis, in one of Promoter Ralph O. Mondt’s “International Tournament” bouts.  The eventual winner of the tourney will get a shot at Babe Sharkey’s Maryland “world’s” title.

Gargoylish Tillet hasn’t got a thing on Olaf – Swedish Angel – when it comes to looks.  Neither would have the nerve to apply for a job as a collar ad model, but still it is their respective faces that brings them their bread and butter.

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Jimmy Austerio To Meet Yourist

The Pawtucket Times – February 13, 1947

NORTH ATTLEBORO — Roughhouse Jimmy Austerio, from Jersey City will have Abe Yourist, smooth-working former footballer, and expert grappler, as an opponent in the semi-final bout at the North Attleboro Sports Arena Friday night. This bout will lead up to the main event, in which Don Evans of Toronto will endeavor to end the claims about the invincibility of Kilroy, the masked grappler, who has won five straight bouts. Austerio is one of the trickiest grappers in the heavyweight division. Opponents always have to figure that they will get a lot of rough treatment, if they don’t get the jump Yourist, former star end with the Providence Steam Rollers, and once a member of Sam Rushton’s Attleboro Huskies, is no neophyte inside a wrestling arena ring Abe is a fast, hard-hitting, rugged grappler He’ll give Austerio lots of trouble, and may be more that that, while trying for the best of three falls within the 45 minutes time limit allotted the pair. There will be a special bout to open the show at 8:30.