Fenton Gets Best Of Pogi In Double Tough Main Go; Van Bebber And Jean Moore Stage Exciting Special Event

Lubbock Morning Avalanche – March 14, 1935

Variety Program At Auditorium Gets Big Ovation

The “pile driver” hold worked once, to give him a fall, but the next time he tried it, Gorilla Pogi played right into the hands of Roderick “Lightning Rod” Fenton, who brought the Argentine over in a backward body slam and pinned him there to win the third and deciding fall of last night’s wrestling main event at the Auditorium.

It was an all-round good show that Promoter Sled Allen sponsored last night, and the fans were given every opportunity to unleash their various emotions.  It was a variety program, and just about every type of wrestling and every hold, block, punch and kick were represented.

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Mackey Spanks Rod Fenton In Fast Mat Duel

Lubbock Morning Avalanche – February 7, 1935

Cyclone Storms All Over Bad Boy From Canada To Win In Last Two Falls; Aultman Is Disappointment

Cyclone Mackey clouded up and stormed all over the ring last night to make a wreck out of what had been a raging, ranting rascal from Canada, Lightning Rod Fenton.

The “Lightning Rod” could not avert a whizzing, whirling Cyclone from New Mexico, and the Cyclone, charged with explosives that found outlets in flying fists and heels, proved conclusively that it has not played itself out in nearly two decades of regular rassling.

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Rod Fenton Loses In Wrestling Bout

The Great Falls Tribune – September 10, 1937

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 9 – (U.P.) – Al Szasz, Austrian light heavyweight wrestler, tonight defeated Rod Fenton, Canadian heavyweight, in the main event on the San Francisco wrestling card.  In the preliminaries, Joe Parelli defeated Klem Kusick in three falls; Al (Flash) Kelly defeated Ace Abbott, and the Joe Yaqui-Pat O’Dowdy match was called a draw.

Team Match For Schultz, Fenton Here

Clarion-Ledger – October 2, 1942

Top billing at the indoor Legion arena Friday night will be the tag team bout for Jack Curtis and Farmer Mack against the rough, tough duo of Dutch Schultz and Rod Fenton.

Since they have tangled last time in a straight team event Schultz and Fenton have insisted on another trial to redeem themselves, rather than get the victory they contend they should have had.  And the fans would like to see them mix, too, for the teams are best of entertainment and enlightenment.

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Danny McShain Is Winner Over Gene Blackley In Match

The Democrat-Voice – January 23, 1936

Danny “I’m a Gentleman” McShain of Los Angeles lived up to all the things that had been said about him last Thursday night when he took Gene Blackley of Red River Valley in two straight falls before a large crowd at the Coleman Athletic Arena.

Gentleman Danny had been advertised as a tough customer and he proved to be double tough.  Not only  to his opponent of the evening but to the most anybody in the audience who would liked to have entered the ring with him.

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McShain Will Appear Again At Arena Here

The Democrat-Voice – January 23, 1936

Grunt and groan fans last Thursday evening received an introduction to Danny (I’m A Gentleman) McShain, one of the roughest and toughest wrestlers who yet has obtained a toe hold in the local Hall of Horrors, alias the Coleman Athletic Arena.

But that introduction, the promoters of tonight’s bill state, was just a tea party in comparison with the prospects for tonight.  In the first place, there is no love lost between the gentleman and Rex O’Sullivan, the Amarillo Sandstorm.  In the second place, it’s a challenge affair and O’Sullivan is determined to win.

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Kusek-Meyers Rematch Tops Rassle Card

The Montana Standard – March 7, 1936

Rassle fans get a return engagement between Eddie Meyers and Klem Kusek in the main event on the weekly mat card at Miners’ Union hall tomorrow night.  Last week Referee “Red” Lee thought of boxing rules when he gave Kusek a win over Meyers.  Eddie had been kicked from the ring but wasn’t out and didn’t get the prescribed count of 20 to get back in action when he was declared a loser.

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Sonnenberg Takes Two Out Of Three Falls From McCoy

Nashua Telegraph – June 27, 1930

Has Easy Time With Boston Man

Holy Cross Star Takes First Fall

BOSTON, June 27, (AP) – Gus Sonnenberg, claimant of the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship, won two out of three falls from Bob “Bibber” McCoy, former Holy Cross athlete from Cambridge in a battle of flying tackles here tonight.  McCoy won the first fall in 33 minutes and Sonny the next two in 16 and 6 minutes respectively.

McCoy apparently shot his bolt during the 33 minutes of torrid wrestling for the first fall.  This came when Sonnenberg backed “Bibber” into a neutral corner to maneuver for flying tackle.  Before he could launch his butt, McCoy spilled him with a front headlock and banged his shoulders to the mat with a tackle and butt.

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Sonnenberg Refused Permit To Sell Beer In Reno

Associated Press – October 24, 1933

RENO, Nev. – “Dynamite Gus” Sonnenberg, former champion of the heavyweight wrestlers, was wondering today how the Reno divorce colony would enjoy his pork and beef sandwiches without the 3.2 per cent beer he had planned would go with them.

The City Council refused Sonnenberg a permit to sell beer in his recently opened barbecue shack, after pastors of churches in the neighborhood had protested “we want this particular district to remain clean.”

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Seeks Robert For Bout

The Gazette, Montreal – November 4, 1936

Ganson Has Three Opponents Ready For Champion

With three title-seeking opponents anxious for cracks at Yvon Robert.  Matchmaker Jack Ganson will travel to Boston in an effort to sign the French-Canadian youth to defend his world mat crown in Montreal.  Eddie Quinn, the champion’s manager, has declined to match the Montrealer against any of the three men, Ganson announced last night.

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