Zbyszko Cannot Tame French Lion

The Woonsocket Call And Evening Reporter – May 1, 1912

Cazeaux Holds His Own With the Mighty Pole in Greatest Wrestling Bout of the Year and Before the Largest Crowd of the Season.

The most sensational and most hotly contested wrestling bout that Woonsocket has seen, took place at the Coliseum last evening when Stanislaws Zbyszko, Polish champion, and challenger of Frank Gotch, grappled an hour with Raymond Cazeaux, the French Lion, neither man being able to get a fall.

The bout was late in starting, due to a wrangle in the dressing room between the two principals. Zbyszko, who knew of the grand opera temperament of his adversary, started an argument which Cazeaux appeared anxious to finish with action rather than words, it was some time before the French Lion was tamed and there was considerable discussion over the conditions before the battle was started.

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Cazeaux May Get Spanked Tonight

The Woonsocket Call And Evening Reporter – April 30, 1912

French Lion Will Tackle Formidable Foe in Zbyszko, and if He Starts Anything His Opponent Should Meet Him More Than Half-Way – Doors Open at 7 O’clock.

Stanislaws Zbyszko, the mighty Pole, and the recognized rival of Champion Frank Gotch, went a long way towards proving that he is the greatest wrestler in the world when he got two falls from Jesse Westergarde in 40 minutes at Boston last night. Westergarde has given Gotch his two hardest battles and the champion was never able to throw the sturdy westerner in anything like time.

If Zybszko is in such shape that he made such easy work of Westergarde the question is what will happen to Raymond Cazeaux, the French Lion, tonight at the Coliseum?

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Melodramatic Finish “Nearly” At Mat Contest

Winnipeg Tribune – April 25, 1912

Pat Connolly Provides a Little Excitement at Conclusion of Zbyszko-Siegfred Wrestling Match–Question of $500 Prevents a Real “Thriller”

Had Pat Connolly carried $500 into the Walker theatre last night the 1,000 odd wrestling fans who assembled to see Zbyszko and Siegfred meet in a finish match would have witnessed a very melodramatic contest.

In the interval between the first and second bout, both of which were won by the bulky Pole in 30 and 6 minutes, respectively, the Irish champion was introduced by Referee Charley Gustafson as the “real Pat Connolly.” Pat immediately responded by telling how he had travelled 4,000 miles to this city and, learning how he had been impersonated a couple of years ago in Winnipeg, he was prepared to meet Dr. Roller, the responsible party, for any amount up to $5,000. Following up this statement Pat challenged the winner of the Zbyszko-Siegfred match.

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Roller Beats Cazeaux

Winnipeg Tribune – April 25, 1912

Montreal. Que., April 24. Dr. Roller defeated Raymond Cazeaux, at Sohmer Park tonight, it being the first defeat sustained by the husky Frenchman In this part of the country. Roller won the first fall which was at Greco-Roman style on a foul alter 23 minutes’ wrestling, when Cazeaux drove his foot to the doctor’s stomach. The second fall Cazeaux secured after 31 minutes with a barlock and wrist hold. Roller had his choice of style for the third fail as had won the first and chose catch-as-catch-can, although he had lost the second at this game. He caught Cazeaux off his guard after 12 minutes’ grappling and took the fall and match with a flying mare.

Cazeaux Again Wins

The Daily News – March 30, 1912

OTTAWA, March 29 — Cazeaux repeated his victory over Ivan Romanoff in their wrestling bout tonight.

Cazeaux won the first fall with a toe hold in 25 minutes and the second with a similar grip in 12 minutes.

Cazeaux Again Wins

The Daily News – March 29, 1912

MONTREAL, March 28. — Cazeaux won another match last night, defeating Ivan Romanoff in two straight falls, catch as catch can style. The first was taken by the Frenchman in 32 minutes with a toe hold, and the second in 20 minutes with a leg hold.

Romanoff Too Slow For Cazeau

The Gazette – March 28, 1912

Big Russian Started Out Well, but Frenchman’s Toe Hold Subdued Him.

Ivan Romanoff made a great start in his wrestling match with Raymond Cazeaux last night at Sohmer Park, and for a few minutes it looked as if the big Russian would be more than good enough for the Bordelais, but the fierceness of the initial attack was soon subdued by the swarthy Frenchman, who won a well deserved victory in two straight falls.

Romanoff is strong and heavy, but when that is said his recommendation must cease. He knows but little of the catch-as-catch-can game, and is such a slow thinker that his wits seemed to be constantly trailing minutes behind the action of his opponent, who is by no means remarkable for speed. Even with the heavy handicap of intellect and knowledge he managed to give the Frenchman the most grueling treatment that that past master of rough house has yet received on the local mat.

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French “Lion” Acts More Like A Mole

Pawtucket Evening Times – March 27, 1912

Referee Disqualifies Cazeaux For Kicking Roller in Their Wrestling Match

Woonsocket, March 27 – The wrestling match between Dr. B. F. Roller of Seattle and Raymond Cazeaux, the French lion, at the Coliseum last night was stopped at the end of 37 minutes when Referee Herrick, the wrestling instructor of Brown University, gave Roller the first fall after Cazeaux had deliberately kicked Roller in the chin after he lay on the mat and in other ways had tried to injure his opponent.

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Roller vs. Cazeaux

Pawtucket Evening Times – March 26, 1912

WOONSOCKET, March 26 – Dr. B. F. Roller, the physician-wrestler, Seattle, and Raymond Cazeaux, Montreal, the French lion, will meet at the Coliseum this evening in a finish wrestling match.

Kid Deshais and Young Tony, both of this city, will meet in the preliminary.

Karla And Cazeaux Had A Lively Bout Last Night

Ottawa Journal – March 23, 1912

Cazeaux Won Two of Three Falls – Rough-house, Police and Spectators all in the Entertainment – Karla Awarded His Fall on a Foul.

Fast and furious is the only way to describe the Karla-Cazeaux bout out at Howick Hall last night. Every-thing was on the card, police-interference, threatened hostilities from the crowd; M’sieu Cazeaux being the offending party, one fall being given for foul tactics and a general rough-house.

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