Juan Juarez Wins Olympic Mat Tourney

Los Angeles Times – May 20, 1941

Disposing of four opponents in a total of slightly more than 15 minutes, Juan Juarez, Mexican champion, won the one-night elimination wrestling tourney at Olympic Auditorium last night.

Juarez was pretty sensational as he disposed of Tom Zaharias in the opening match in 5m. 48s. with an airplane spin and finished with a flashy 1m. 9s. triumph over another of the Zaharias clan, Chris, in the finals.

In between the Mexican polished off Sonny LaMont in 1m. 42s. with a flying mare and Tiny Roebuck in 6m. 45s. via body press.

Chris reached the finals by downing Luigi Bacigalupi, Pete Mehringer and Flash Hill. Hill advanced into the semifinals when Al Baffert was disqualified while Roebuck won over Giovanni Garibaldi by default.

Other first-round results were as follows: Baffert defeated Smoky Joe Woods, Hill defeated Babe Dusek, Chris Zaharias took Luigi Bacigalupi, Garibaldi topped George Cutler, Sonny LaMont flattened George Schnabel, Roebuck won over Tony Felice and Mehringer floored Abe Kaplan.

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