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Gardini’s Strength Overcomes Meyers

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – March 7, 1928

Renato Gardini and Fred Meyers wrestled for 40 minutes at the New Ridgewood Grove last night with neither having any perceptible advantage.  Then Meyers suddenly surprised Gardini by grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and hurling him sidewise across the ring.

Gardini arose, scowling, and met Meyers’ attack by encircling his arms about the body of the Jewish champion.  Meyers was lifted over Gardini’s head and thrown to the mat.  The bout was to have been to a finish.

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Londos Grapples Siki On 71st Regiment Mat

The Daily Star – February 22, 1928

Jim Londos is preparing himself for a tough tussle when he encounters Reginald Siki in the finish match at the Seventy-first Regiment Armory, Monday night.

Siki is young, speedy and is master of the toe hold, and those who follow wrestling know that Londos doesn’t care much for this trick hold.

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Wrestling Last Night

Malone Evening Telegram – May 8, 1931
By The Associated Press

SYRACUSE, N. Y. – Jim McMillen and Billy Bartush drew, 45 minutes without fall; Hans Steinke, Germany, threw Willie Davis, Virginia, 12:20; Renato Gardini, Italy, threw Casey Berger, Texas, 36:00; Glen Stafford threw George Tragos, St. Louis, 10:43.

BOSTON – Al Morelli, 210, Boston college, defeated Pat McKay, 205, Memphis, Tenn., straight falls, 15:00 and 26:00; Stanley Stasiak, 240, Boston, and Nick Lutze, 215, California, drew, 30 minutes; George Zarynoff, 200, Russia, threw Louis Loew, 210, France, 19:00.

Siki, Negro Wrestler, Champion Of Tomorrow, Say Sport Experts

The Humboldt Times – November12, 1925

The wrestling match between Renato Gardini and Reginald Siki, negro, at Armory Hall Saturday night, is causing more comment than any match booked here for a number of years.

Siki, who has jumped from obscurity to fame virtually overnight, is rated by Los Angeles and San Francisco sportsmen as the “champion of tomorrow.”

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Matt Fans Show Interest in Siki-Renato Match

The Humboldt Times – November 13, 1925

Negro athletes usually get good support in Eureka, and the appearance of Reginald Siki, for the first time here tomorrow night, will be greeted with enthusiasm, if the gossip in “sport row” means anything.

Siki, one of the few negro wrestlers in the United States, who hails from San Francisco, is slated to perform his tricks on Renato Gardini, Italian champ, at Armory hull.

Gardini had little difficulty in disposing of Ivan Martingoff, Russian heavy, last Saturday night, hut a battle of strength is anticipated when he tangles with the negro grappler.

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Renato Gardini Wins From Reginald Siki

The Humboldt Times – September 10, 1925

SACRAMENTO, Sept. 9. – Renato Gardini won a 45 minute match from Reginald Siki, negro matman, in the main match of tonight’s show.

Jatrina Gobar defeated Farmer McLeod in five minutes with a head hold.  Basanta Singh, local Hindu wrestler, took his 15 minute one-fall match with Alex Kresloff, in 12 minutes.  Abe Captain, Jewish champion, and Joe Komar, Lithuanian title-holder, wrestled 30 minutes to a draw.

Siki And Gardini To Wrestle Nov. 28

The Humboldt Times – November 18, 1925

Reginald Siki, negro, and Renato Gardini are definitely signed up to wrestle here Saturday night, November 28.  Gus Cole, promoter, announced yesterday.

The men were scheduled to meet last Saturday night but Siki was forced to cancel the engagement against Renato due to injury sustained on leg while training.

Stecher Defends Wrestling Title In L. A.

The Humboldt Times – August 11, 1925

Italian Fails To Take Belt From Champion


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 10. – Joe Stecher, world’s wrestling heavyweight champion, tonight successfully defended his title against Renato Gardini the Italian challenger.

The match was looked forward to with good deal of interest here among the followers of the game.  A good sized crowd turned out to see the two grapplers.

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Gardini May Find Siki Hard Grappler At Armory Saturday

The Humboldt Times – November 25, 1925

Renato Gardini, Italian mat idol, who has been seen in two triumphed matches in Eureka, and Reginald Siki, negro idol of the bay region, ate slated to grapple each other Saturday night at Armory hall.

Gus Cole said yesterday that Siki is due here today or Thursday, and will train two day’s preparatory to the Saturday night bout.

Gardini, in all probability will not find Siki an easy mark, if the dope from the bay region is correct. He is a popular grappler in San Francisco and has been pitted against a number of mat wizards.

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Blah! Blah! Says Leo to Gardini

The Humboldt Times – December 2, 1925

Leo Papiano, who with Reginald Siki, negro is to throw Renato Gardini, the Italian Champ, in less than two hours, last night at Armory hall went through a light workout with Emil Firpo, Samoa wrestler.

Papiano, who has been seeking a match in Eureka for several months, gets his first crack at the Italian Saturday night at Armory hall. He Is to throw Renato in less than an hour; Siki is to do likewise. Renato says “it’s easy meat.”

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