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“Masked Marvel” May As Well Discard His Hood

New York Herald – January 5, 1916

Photographs of Mort Henderson Show Remarkable Resemblance in Poses to the Mysterious Wrestler.

Masked Marvel Mort Henderson 1-5-1916

There is no reason why the “Masked Marvel,” who has caused wrestling “fans” and many others in all walks of life to do a lot of guessing since he first appeared in the tournament at the Manhattan Opera House, should not remove his mask, as it interferes with his work and his identity is conceded to be as good as proved. Continue reading

Ed (Strangler) Lewis To Wrestle Gardini

The Milwaukee Journal – January 20, 1929

New York – Ed (Strangler) Lewis, recently dethroned as heavyweight wrestling champion by Gus Sonnenberg, will grapple Renato Gardini, Italian candidate for championship laurels, in a finish wrestling match at Madison Square Garden on Monday night.  Renato has been performing steadily in the metropolitan area for a long time and feels in fine condition.  Lewis will arrive in this city Friday.

Szabo, Dr. Wilson Battle To Yonkers Draw

New York World Telegram – November 20, 1931

Sandor Szabo, 203 pounds, of Hungary, and Dr. Ralph Wilson, 206, of Philadelphia, wrestled to a draw in the feature finish match at the Columbus Sports Club, Yonkers, before a crowd of 2,000 last night. The match was halted at the end of an hour of grappling by the New York State Athletic Commission’s 11 o’clock rule. Continue reading

Stecher Takes Out The Bulgarian

Associated Press – January 7, 1924

PHILADELPHIA — In one of the roughest wrestling matches seen in this city in years, Joe Stecher, former heavyweight champion, finally wore down Yussif Hussane, Bulgarian, in 57 minutes and 15 seconds, and threw him with a head chancery and bar lock. Both men weighed 220 pounds. Continue reading

Stecher Sub Takes On German Grappler

New York American – December 3, 1923

Substituting for Joe Stecher, Nebraska wrestler, Wladek Zbyszko , Polish giant, will lock grips with Richard Schikat, German grappler, tonight in the feature mat struggle of the second tournament of the season in the Seventy-First Regiment Armory. The clash will be to a finish, one fall, to decide the winner. In two other matches Marin Plestina will engage Hans St. Steinke and Renato Gardini will attempt to pin the shoulders of Yussif Hussane to the mat.

Pesek To Wrestle Plestina Tonight

The New York Times – November 14, 1921

Rivals Will Meet In First Of Series Of Bouts To Be Held At The Garden.

The half-Nelson and the body holds, with an occasional toehold, headlock or scissors, will hold forth tonight In the ring at Madison Square Garden where the jab, the counter and the swing have been prevalent of late. Boxing gives way to wrestling, with Tex Rickard staging the first of several shows which he expects will bring about, through the elimination process, a settlement of the championship dispute. Continue reading

Wladek Zbyszko Secures Main Event Win

New York American – December 4, 1923

Wladek Zbyszko, the Polish heavyweight champion, defeated Richard Schikat, massive German wrestler, who recently came to this country with high hopes of winning the world’s championship, last night at the Seventy-First Regiment Armory, Park Avenue at Thirty-fourth Street. The end came after 1 hour, 9 minutes and 50 seconds of hard and even wrestling, when Zbyszko brought his man to the mat with a toe-hold. A crowd of several thousand fans watched the main bout and the two preliminaries, in which Marin Plestina defeated Hans Steinke, another German giant, in 18 minutes and 10 seconds with a head lock and barlock, and Renato Gardini, Italian heavyweight, threw Yussif Hussane with a headlock in 18 minutes.

In the main bout it was announced that Schikat weighed 215 pounds, while Zbyszko tipped the scales at three pounds more. The German aspirant for titular honors proved a great surprise to the gallery and won many friends by his speed, skill, strength and ability to balk Zbyszko and wriggle out of the latter’s most dangerous holds.

The German has been essentially a Graeco-Roman wrestler and was quite unfamiliar with the catch-as-catch-can style of grappling until he came to this country a few weeks ago. For that reason his cleverness and his ability to hold off the veteran Polish star was quite unexpected. Schikat proved dangerous from the very start and gave Zbyszko many anxious moments, while he surprised the latter time after time by the ease with which he tossed the Pole about.

For more than an hour the men wrestled with little advantage to either contestant. The end came when both men seemed comparatively fresh. After working out of an armlock, Zbyszko maneuvered until he gained a toe hold in the centre of the ring. The German threw all his strength into an effort to break the hold and gradually worked himself and his opponent to the north ropes.

It was a crushing grip that Zbyszko held and he exerted every ounce of his strength in an effort to terminate the match quickly. Schikat managed to get under the ropes and Referee Roeber called the men to the middle of the ring. So terrific had been the pressure exerted by the Pole that the German said he could not bear his weight on his left leg. He was counted out and the bout awarded to Zbyszko.