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Szabo Tossed By Lopez After Long Mat Match

Los Angeles Times – October 24, 1935

Senor Vincent Lopez and Sandor Szabo, a couple of healthy young men who take their rassling so seriously that they require a whole evening to settle a question of supremacy on the mat, kept 10,400 grunt-and-groan fans up until way after bedtime last night at the Olympic.

Senor Lopez finally flopped his Hungarian foe, but not until after one hour, thirty-five minutes and thirty seconds of hectic activity that had the customers in what is technically known as a lather of excitement. And there’s no telling how long the marathon match might have lasted if Lopez hadn’t clipped Szabo from behind with a flying tackle that wrecked the Hungarian Adonis’s shapely kneecap.

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Wrestling Last Night

Malone Evening Telegram – May 8, 1931
By The Associated Press

SYRACUSE, N. Y. – Jim McMillen and Billy Bartush drew, 45 minutes without fall; Hans Steinke, Germany, threw Willie Davis, Virginia, 12:20; Renato Gardini, Italy, threw Casey Berger, Texas, 36:00; Glen Stafford threw George Tragos, St. Louis, 10:43.

BOSTON – Al Morelli, 210, Boston college, defeated Pat McKay, 205, Memphis, Tenn., straight falls, 15:00 and 26:00; Stanley Stasiak, 240, Boston, and Nick Lutze, 215, California, drew, 30 minutes; George Zarynoff, 200, Russia, threw Louis Loew, 210, France, 19:00.

Sonnenberg Wins Bout with Count Zarynoff

The Pawtucket Times – April 29, 1932

BOSTON, April 29 (AP) – After losing the first fall Gus Sonnenberg of Boston, former wrestling title claimant, throw George Zarynoff of Russia twice last night to gain the victory in Paul Bowser’s feature match at the arena. Sonnenberg went down in 43:33 under a reverse double leg nelson, but evened the match in 13:51 with a head lock and body press and gained the deciding fall in 18:13 with a flying tackle. Sonnenberg weighed 210 and his opponent scaled 205. Nick Lutze, 198, Los Angeles, won the semi-final grappling by tossing Jim Neslin, 205, Montreal, in 18:15 with a backfall. Al Morelli, 210, Boston, threw Pat O’Reilly, 202, Texas, in 15:45 with a flying tackle. In the other bouts Pat McKay, 218, Memphis, threw Karl Tompkins, 210, Saco, Mo., in 2:30 and Patsy Flanagan, 205, Stamford, Conn., with headlocks and body presses Jack Wagner, 205, Providence drew with John Poddubney, 208, Lithuania, John Spellman, 202, Providence, threw Eddie Pope, 200, Georgia, in 7:26 with a giant swing: Regis Siki, 207, Buffalo, threw Rex Smith, 210, South Dakota, in 6:15 with a hip lock; Jack Gansen, Lithuania, drew with Charlie Leahman, Cleveland; Lee Wyckoff, St. Louis, drew with Boris Demitroff, Bulgaria; Jack Patterson, Syracuse, drew with Arthur Flynn. Lawrence, and Mike Mazurki, New York, threw Jimmy Nelson, Sweden, in 3:19 with a body slam.

Rudy Laditzi Meets Lopez In Mat Bout

The San Bernardino Sun – March 24, 1940

Vincent Lopez, pride of Mexico, and Rudy Laditzi, the rough and tough Hungarian, clash in the feature two out of three falls wrestling match at the San Bernardino Athletic club, Friday night.

In another outstanding tussle Nick Lutze of Los Angeles will maul with Max Krauser, the ‘rugged Lithuanian In a one fall match limited to 30 minutes.

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Vincent Lopez Downs Laditzi in Mat Co

The San Bernardino Sun – March 30, 1940

Vincent Lopez, popular Mexican matman, roughed his way to a two-fall victory over Rudy (Rowdy) Laditzi, the Hungarian butcher boy of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in the headline bout at the San Bernardino Athletic club last night.

Laditzi, who has rightfully gained the name of being as rough as they come in the grunt and groan fraternity, lost one fall in less than one minute when he was disqualified. He lost the second and deciding fall in 27 minutes and 14 seconds when Lopez used a body slam and press. The two heavyweights had just entered the ring and had been called for the usual instructions by Referee Bull Montaryi when Laditzi, still wearing his robe, attacked Lopez and pinned his shoulders.

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Lutze, Laditzi Rematched In Mat Feature

The San Bernardino Sun – November 10, 1939

Heavyweights Gash Tonight at San Bernardino Arena; Five Bouts on Program

Nick Lutze, popular Venice Beach grappler, and Rowdy Rudy Laditzi. tangle tonight in a rematch headlining the wrestling card at the ban Bernardino Athletic club.

The two meet on a winner take all basis, with Lutze seeking revenge for a licking he suffered last week at the hands of the Hungarian. Five bouts in all are scheduled on the wrestling card.

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Lutze Beaten By Hungarian

The San Bernardino Sun – November 4, 1939

Rowdy Rudy Laditzi, the burly Hungarian won two of the three falls in his match with Nick Lutze last night at the San . Bernardino Athletic club.

Using the painful back breaker Laditzi won the first fall in less than 20 minutes, but Lutze evened the count by taking the second flop of the match with a step-over toe hold In three minutes and 30 seconds.

Lutze appeared to be on the verge of the winning fall when Laditzi got one foot free from the step-over toe hold and kicked Lutze in the face. As the Venice Beach grappler fell after his hold was broken, Laditzi secured a body press to win the fall in less than 12 minutes.

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Bob Russell Will Tackle Tough Foe

Madera Daily Tribune And Madera Mercury – June 11, 1935

When Bob “Rebel’’ Russell, the Georgia Hurricane, climbs Into the ring at Hyan’s auditorium Wednesday night, hundreds of valley wrestling fans will be pulling for him to dole out a decisive lacing to King Kong Ted Cox, the Lodi slugger.

Russell in his past two bouts here has proved himself big enough and rough enough to give the Lodi Larruper a dose of his own medicine. After Cox’s rough-house work last week when he subdued Wee Willie Davis scores of irate fans beseeched Matchmaker Don Price to put him against Russell. Hence, the match, which will be decided two out of three falls, two hour limit.

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Donchin Throws Passas In Armory Mat Bout

The New York Sun – March 2, 1935

By United Press

Twenty-second Engineers Armory – Curley Donchin, New York, threw Steve Passas, Greece; Sammy Kosh, New Jersey, threw John Gudiski, Poland; Leo Wallick, Germany, drew with Maurice La Chapelle, France; Jack Bloomfield, Connecticut, gained decision over Hans Schnabel, Germany; Wilhelm Wagner, Germany, threw Hymie Fishman, Chicago; Sammy Nicholas, San Francisco, gained decision over Dave Levin, New York.

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George Calza Throws Lutze In Two Falls

Los Angeles Times – December 19, 1935

George Calza, the Italian wrestler, might have been “unknown” before, but Nick Lutze, popular Venice mat man, became acquainted with him in the worst way possible last night – on the mat at the Olympic Auditorium. Continue reading