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Fenton Meets The Soldier In Main Mat Bout

The Borger Daily Herald – December 17, 1939

Two rough and tumble mat-men, both hard as the proverbial nails, will clash in the main event on Promoter Otis Robertson’s wrestling show here at the Arena tomorrow night.

Rod Fenton, the rough house Canadian, and Soldier Thomas, the former U. S. Army champ, are the two principals in this grunt-groan special. Continue reading

Rod Fenton Pins The Italian Count

The Borger Daily Herald – November 14, 1939

That canny Canadian, Rod Fenton proved his mastery here at the Arena last night in winning a main event bout over Count Antonio Marino, the swarthy Italian.

Fenton took the third and deciding fall in the match in which Marino substituted for Red Shadow who has an injured shoulder. Continue reading

Grunters’ Pay Is Reduced

Associated Press – November 15, 1939

NEW YORK – It’s a sad state the old sport of wrestling has reached hereabouts.

For several years the New York State Athletic Commission has refused to recognize any wrestling championships, ruling all bouts must be billed as “exhibitions.” Yesterday, at the request of Jess McMahon, representing various mat promoters, the commissioners agreed to reduce the minimum wage of wrestlers from $10 to $8 per exhibition.


The Day – January 19, 1939 

Wrestling Champ Steve (Crusher) Casey claims to have bigger hands than any other athlete in the world – 14 inches from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger…He can palm eight baseballs in one hand.


Reading Eagle – January 3, 1939 

Crusher Casey, the burper, claims he has the biggest paws in sports. He palms eight baseballs in each mitt and can hold an inflated basketball in each hand palm downward, or so he says.

Roberts Starts New Push Against Fenton

Eugene Register-Guard – September 12, 1939

Eddie Roberts, the Oklahoma stylist who says he’ll never leave this country until he regains the Pacific coast light-heavyweight belt he once wore, will be picking his opponents tough Thursday night at the armory where he is scheduled to meet “Lightning Rod” Fenton, Canadian villain, in the 45-minute semi-final. Continue reading

State Official Fights Slurs On Wrestling

Los Angeles Times – May 11, 1939
By Chester G. Hanson

SACRAMENTO, May 10 – Another member of the State Athletic Commission who has seen no violation of the wrestling rules was uncovered today by the Assembly special committee investigating boxing and wrestling in California.

The see-no-evil man was George Payne, chairman of the commission. He is a newspaper publisher of San Jose, has been on the commission since 1935, and has been chairman for two or three years. In that time he has attended anywhere from 25 to 50 wrestling bouts, he said. Continue reading

Brother Jonathan Disqualified

The Sydney Morning Herald – October 17, 1939

There was a wild finish to the wrestling match at the Ruchcutter Bay Stadium last night, when Ronald Kirchmeyer (18st) was declared the winner after Brother Jonathan (17-5) was disqualified in the seventh round for striking the referee, Mr. Norman.  Each man gained a fall. Continue reading

Brother Jonathan’s Idea

The Age – September 28, 1939

The Mormon heavy-weight wrestler Brother Jonathan has arrived here for his match with Ray Steele at the West Melbourne stadium on Saturday night.  It will be his first match for the season here.  Since he last appeared Brother Jonathan has wrestled in New Zealand and South America, as well as in the principal cities of the United States.  He said he was still a firm believer in direct action in the ring, and did not believe, when he was jolted in a contest, in turning the other cheek. Continue reading

Londos Scores Over Szabo At Olympic

Los Angeles Times – November 9, 1939

Lee Wykoff joined the also-rans in the international wrestling tourney at the Olympic last night, lumbering Hans Steinke being returned the winner, but it was Jeemy Londos and Sandor Szabo who stole the show with a Graeco-Roman match which had no bearing on the tournament proper. Continue reading