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Stecher Defends Wrestling Title In L. A.

The Humboldt Times – August 11, 1925

Italian Fails To Take Belt From Champion


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 10. – Joe Stecher, world’s wrestling heavyweight champion, tonight successfully defended his title against Renato Gardini the Italian challenger.

The match was looked forward to with good deal of interest here among the followers of the game.  A good sized crowd turned out to see the two grapplers.

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Wrestlers In Three Bouts Tonight

Boston Globe – December 14, 1916

The three matches which make up tonight’s wrestling card at the Grand Opera House are so good that the cancellation of the Joe Stecher-Franz Hockmann contest does not appear to have lessened interest in the least.

Stecher will be on hand to be introduced.

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No Falls, But Stecher Gets The Nod

San Francisco Chronicle – October 5, 1921
By Harry B. Smith

Joe Stecher won the decision last night from Strangler Ed Lewis after two hours of the best wrestling ever staged in this city. It was a great bout that was held at the Coliseum arena, with never an idle moment, and even Mrs. Strangler Ed (Dr. Morton), who was an interested spectator, shook her head as if in confirmation of the verdict handed down by Referee Charlie Andrews.

Stecher may not have had much of an edge on his opponent, but, since the conditions of these matches call for a decision and no draw verdict, he had to be the winner. On points there could be no question as to who was ahead. Stecher, a vastly improved wrestler over a week ago when he met Ad Santel, had Lewis in jeopardy for more than the reverse, was in superb condition and, all in all, had an advantage over the San Josean.

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The Grunt And Groan Business

Canadian Business – January 1948
by Andy O’Brien

For better or for worse, the hilariously maligned science of Grunt and Groan has been parlayed into big business in Montreal.   Local enthusiasts there contributed more than $300,000 to wrestling during 1947.   This all-time record box office gross, amassed during 40 shows at the Forum and exceeding even the previous turnstile feat of $240,264 in 1946 at the same Forum, has firmly entrenched the Canadian metropolis as wrestling mecca of the world and a reformed Boston taxi-driver as Pachyderm Promotional Peer.

Executives of more prosaic business enterprises are often surprised to learn that Grunt and Groan Inc. operates more by guide than by guess.

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Strangler Lewis vs. Stecher

The Independent, St. Petersburg, Florida – April 25, 1918

New York, April 25.–It will be the “strangle hold” vs. the “scissors pinch” when “Strangler” Ed Lewis of Lexington, Ky., and Joe Stecher, the Nebraska wrestling marvel, come together in Madison Square Garden tomorrow night in another effort to determine the question of their relative supremacy in the grappling game.  It will be the third time Lewis and Stecher have met on the mat.  The previous two matches ended without a decisive victory for either grappler.

What’s Happened To Old-Time Favourites?

Southern Cross, Wellington, New Zealand – June 10, 1949

In last Sunday’s “World of Sport” broadcast from Radio 2ZB, Wellington, Wallie Ingram, Sports Editor of Southern Cross, gave interesting information about some of the wrestlers seen in New Zealand in the earlier days of streamlined wrestling.   Today, Form Parade reprints this talk — from the original radio script — as an exclusive feature.   If you’ve wondered what happened to “Whiskers” Blake, “Count” Joe Varga, or some of the others, you might find the answer in the following: Continue reading

Maybe Not

Fort Wayne News – May 20, 1916

CHICAGO, Ill. — Frank Gotch may never wrestle Joe Stecher. The world’s champion is in Chicago consulting a specialist in stomach troubles, and he is in bad shape physically. He says he will never go into the ring unless he is in perfect shape, which now seems improbable. Continue reading

Savoldi Captures Londos Claim To Title

Associated Press –  April 8, 1933

CHICAGO – Jumping Joe Savoldi, who used to shatter football lines for Notre Dame, had one big area of the wrestling world rocking with claims and denials today.

Joe strode into the Chicago Stadium ring last night to tackle Jim Londos, claimant of the championship. To the amazement of 8,000 customers, he walked out with a one-fall victory after 20 minutes and 26 seconds of rough-and-tumble grappling. The match attracted a gate of approximately $12,000. Continue reading

Londos And Stecher Do It All Over Again Tonight

Chicago Tribune – March 3, 1933

Joe Stecher, the Nebraskan who is one of wrestling’s patriarchs by virtue of his years of experience, will seek his fourth lease on the world’s heavyweight championship tonight at the Chicago Stadium. He will engage Jim Londos, who has made the most sustained claim to the crown for the last three years, for the second time in six weeks. Continue reading

Londos-Stecher Mat Drama Goes On Boards Again

Chicago Tribune – March 2, 1933

The second 1933 showing in Chicago of the Jim Londos-Joe Stecher wrestling number, familiar to followers of the grappling pastime at intervals during the last decade, will be presented at the Chicago Stadium tomorrow night before what is expected to be a record crowd at a local match. Continue reading