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Deglane Bests Reg Siki

Buffalo Evening News – September 7, 1932

PITTSFIELD, Mass., Sept. 7 (AP) – Henri Deglane, 216, Montreal, won over Reginald Siki, 210, Abyssinia, in two straight falls in a wrestling match here Tuesday night.  The first fall was in 22 minutes, with a double-arm lock and back flop and the second in 11 minutes with a body lift.  In another match Pat Fraley, 210, Toronto, and Scotty Dawkins, 205, New Orleans, wrestled to a draw.

Morelli Beats Siki, Earns Bout With Lutze

Albany Times-Union – September 2, 1932
By Jack Andrews

Reginald Siki, the massive Senegalese negro, can’t take it.

There isn’t much doubt about that after his showing against Al Morelli, the Boston Bumper, in the topline wrestling event at Hawkins Stadium last night.

The Boston Bumper bumped Reginald with a flock of flying tackles and Reginald literally gave up, taking a ten count outside the ropes after 34:29 of almost completely outweighing the tackle specialist.  Morelli earned the right to meet Nick Lutze in the main next week.

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Morelli And Siki Meet On Mat

Albany Times-Union – August 29, 1932

Familiar faces are again scheduled for the weekly wrestling carnival at the Hawkins stadium Thursday night.  Imposing because it is the headline match between short, chunky Al Morelli, the hard-headed Boston tackler and Reginald Siki, towering, muscular Senegalese Negro.

At first thought, Siki would be instilled as the favorite but Morelli’s smashing headlong dives may send the clever Negro to the mat in defeat.

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Zbyszko Wins Mat Feature

Albany Evening News – August 9, 1933

Kick to Chin Upsets Siki in Main Bout at Stadium

A well placed kick to the chin enabled Karol Zbyszko of Chicago to defeat a heavier and stronger opponent in the main match of the Albany Sports Club wrestling show in Hawkins Stadium last night.

Zbyszko was wrestling Reginald Siki, Senegalese who holds the European championship, and was behind on points despite his best efforts.  The Negro’s greater weight and strength seemed too much of a handicap.  Siki however, grabbed both of Zbyszko’s legs after 44 minutes of grappling and stood erect in an effort to force Zbyszko’s shoulders to the mat.

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Reginald Siki Subdues Fraley

The California Eagle – August 29, 1946

Reginald Siki, Sepia wrestler who is undefeated in local rings to date, won another bout last Wednesday night when he applied a shoulder-pin to subdue Pat Fraley at the Olympic auditorium.  Primo Carnera scored over Tommy O’Toole in his Los Angeles debut in the main event.  10,000 fans saw the contests.

Szabo Tossed By Lopez After Long Mat Match

Los Angeles Times – October 24, 1935

Senor Vincent Lopez and Sandor Szabo, a couple of healthy young men who take their rassling so seriously that they require a whole evening to settle a question of supremacy on the mat, kept 10,400 grunt-and-groan fans up until way after bedtime last night at the Olympic.

Senor Lopez finally flopped his Hungarian foe, but not until after one hour, thirty-five minutes and thirty seconds of hectic activity that had the customers in what is technically known as a lather of excitement. And there’s no telling how long the marathon match might have lasted if Lopez hadn’t clipped Szabo from behind with a flying tackle that wrecked the Hungarian Adonis’s shapely kneecap.

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Mat Champs Risk Titles

San Pedro News-Pilot – February 19, 1946

Two wrestling champions ‘tonight risk titles in bouts at Wilmington Bowl.

Tony Martinez, state titleholder, takes on Bomber Kulkovich in the final of a four-bout program. Jim (Mighty) Casey, coast champion, meets Tug Carlson in the semi-windup.

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Detton Pins Longson In Mat Go

Rocky Mountain News – December 16, 1937
By Abe Pollock

A couple of boys from the other side of the divide — Salt Lake City — staged a little home-town brawl in our midst last night with Dean Detton, the former Utah U. football player, making Bill Longson say “uncle” in the feature of a pretty good wrestling show in City Auditorium.

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‘Mat Champ’ Appears Here Wednesday

Rocky Mountain News – December 12, 1937
By Abe Pollock

Royalty will honor us with its presence here next Wednesday night and I don’t mean the duke and duchess.

Dean Detton, who claims the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship by the glace of the Lord and a strong right arm, will defend his claim to the coveted crown against Bill Longson in the top spot on a five-bout cauliflower carnival.

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Lee And Thomas Tangle With Brazil, Szabo

Los Angeles Times – April 24, 1957

Sky Hi Lee and Shag Thomas, the two-man riot squad, put their International TV tag-team title on the line tonight at the Olympic against the new combo of Bobo Brazil and Sandor Szabo. The match goes on at 7:30 p.m. and won’t be televised.

Sky Hi and Shag form a rugged duo. Lee towers 6 feet 9 inches and weighs 290 pounds. He’s an ex-pugilist. Shag, a former All-American from Ohio State, is constructed like a fire hydrant and weighs a mere 240. Continue reading