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Why America’s Hooked On Wrestling

Newsweek – February 7, 2000
By John Leland

On Dec. 13 of last year, the World Wrestling Federation was broadcasting live from Tampa, Fla., and trouble, as they say, was afoot. Baseball legend Wade Boggs was in the house; the nation’s No. 1 author, a man in a leather mask named World Wrestling Federation Mankind, was scheduled to wrestle; the women’s chocolate-pudding match was good to go. Yet all was not right: not for the WWF, not for Vince McMahon, its chairman and mastermind. On the previous week’s broadcast, his real-life daughter, Stephanie, had been “tricked” into marrying his arch nemesis, the wrestler Triple H. Now McMahon was running into the ring with a sledgehammer, out for blood. Stephanie had a surprise for him. She was in love with Triple H, she told him. And further, they were taking control of the company. “Triple H outsmarted you by making business personal. That’s something you know all about.” Continue reading

WWF Struggles As Wrestling’s One Super Power

Galveston County Daily News – December 20, 2001
By Scott Williams

It’s said that nature abhors a vacuum, but the wrestling industry has been making what Ross Perot might call “giant sucking sounds” for months. A couple of would-be players are scrambling to fill the void, but scrambles often turn to stumbles. Continue reading

Pimping Iron

Spy – June, 1991
By Irving Muchnick

Pimping Iron pic 1

The grim, borderline-pornographic world of professional bodybuilding – the world that gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger – has been controlled for years by two elderly brothers.  Now Vince McMahon, the, uh, brains behind Hulk Hogan’s crossover stardom, is moving in on the brothers’ turf.  IRVIN MUCHNICK reports on the pumped-up, steroid-fueled marketing war between the impresarios who make megabucks.

Pimping Iron - Hulk Hogan

If you have remote control, a cable hookup and way too much free time, you know Vince McMahon. He’s the tuxedoed, shellac-haired, Nautilized emcee of the syndicated program “Superstars of Wrestling,” the USA network’s “Prime Time Wrestling,” and NBC’s “Saturday Night’s Main Event,” all produced under the aegis of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). McMahon’s is an uncharismatic, if he-manly, TV presence; he’s TV wrestling’s Zeppo Marx, looking on, deadpan, while Hulk Hogan and Sergeant Slaughter shove fingers in each other’s faces and pretend to argue. But like Bill Cosby and Merv Griffin, whose on-screen personalities are equally unpresumptuous, McMahon is actually a shrewd, tenacious businessman with a multimillion-dollar empire. TitanSports Inc., his $150-million-a-year company (and the parent company of the WWF), has a brand-new, $9 million office complex in Stamford, Connecticut, complete with state-of-the-art TV-production facilities. In addition to the cable and network shows, there are nightly live wrestling exhibitions and four-times-yearly arena extravaganzas, broadcast over pay-per-view for up to $30 a pop – WrestleMania V, staged in 1989, grossed nearly $21 million. There are WWF videocasssettes, posters, toys, apparel, a WWF Magazine, even WWF ice cream bars, molded in the images of WWF wrestlers. And there are WWF stars who have managed to cross over into more conventional realms: Rowdy Roddy Piper landed the lead in the 1988 movie “They Live”; Jesse “The Body” Ventura was last fall elected mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota; and Hulk Hogan has starred in both feature films (the forthcoming “Suburban Commando” and 1989’s “No Holds Barred”) and a commercial for Right Guard deodorant. Add it all up and you’ve got an entertainment conglomerate of formidable financial might. Continue reading

20/20 Sparked Wrestling Movie’s Woes?

New York Post – March 8, 2000
By Don Kaplan

A 20/20 profile of pro-wrestling star Mick Foley was the spark that ignited a war between WWF honcho Vince McMahon and the makers of a new wrestling film called Beyond the Mat.

The day after the 20/20 piece aired, McMahon accused Beyond the Mat distributor Lions Gate Films of using the ABC newsmagazine to promote the movie. Continue reading

Questions About The NWO: Who? When?

The Ledger – February 1, 2002
By Matt Tracker/Gregory Dickens

The WWF continues its run of no-nonsense serial drama, and why not – wrestling is a TV entity nowadays.  As much as people may decry the label of “male soap opera,” let’s be frank, it is just that.

Vince McMahon, Victor Numan.  They ain’t that different.  They’re the same type of characters: super-rich, dressed to the nines, larger-than-life and wielding significant power.  And, of course, both overact like you wouldn’t believe. Continue reading

Pro Wrestling Takes Bite Out Of ABC

Ocala Star-Banner – January 17, 1999
By Richard Burton

For those of you who need more proof of how well pro wrestling has caught on, just look at the bite it took into Monday Night Football’s viewership this past year.

Thanks to the 9.2 million viewers who watched Nitro and Raw on Monday nights during the fourth quarter of 1998, Monday Night Football had to endure the lowest ratings in its 29-year history. Continue reading

Brisco’s Chat Comments Stir Up Another Feud

Charleston Post and Courier – November 4, 2001
By Mike Mooneyham

While family feuds are certainly not new to professional wrestling, the latest one to make headlines is quite unique.

This feud is a legitimate, behind-the-scenes war of words that actually involves three of wrestling’s most famous families and was sparked by comments made by former NWA world champion Jack Brisco during a recent Internet chat. Continue reading

Wrestling Royalty Up For Fight

USA Today – September 5, 2001
By Jim Hopkins

LOS ANGELES — They are the king and queen of smackdown, but have they met their match?

Vince and Linda McMahon founded World Wrestling Federation Entertainment 20 years ago, turning a small-fry business into cable TV’s No. 1 draw. More than 20 million people worldwide watch the company’s shows weekly at packed stadiums and on TV. Continue reading

One Trip To See Pro Wrestling

Charlotte Observer – June 10, 2000
By Ken Garfield, Religion Editor

Some people might find the descriptions below offensive. But to understand the popular world of professional wrestling, we believe you need to understand exactly what children are cheering on in arenas and on television. Continue reading

Does McMahon Still Have The Moves?

Westchester County Weekly – August 2, 2001
By Chris Kanaracus

Vince McMahon, Connecticut’s most colorful billionaire, and promoter/owner of the phenomenally successful World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc., generally comes across as larger than life. Not tonight, though, on the July 12 broadcast of UPN’s “WWF Smackdown!” Continue reading