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Wrestling Last Night

The Evening Independent – July 29, 1937
By The Associated Press

Hartford, Conn. – Danno O’Mahoney, Ireland, drew with George Clark, Scotland, bout stopped by 11:30 curfew. Continue reading

Ward To The Wise

Detroit Free Press – May 4, 1936
By Charles P. Ward

BOSTON – Recent developments in the wrestling industry have left Herr Adam (Cousin of Tarzan) Weissmuller sitting on top of the world. When this was written, Herr Weissmuller had the world champion in his custody, a truly remarkable individual with a name so remarkably appropriate that it must have been chosen by herr Weissmuller himself with malice aforethought. In all the wrestling industry there is no one else who could have sense of humor enough to think up a name like Ali Baba for the Kurd, Turk, Syrian, Armenian, man or beast, who has become the beneficiary of the strange concatenation of circumstances that recently have upset the wrestling status quo. Continue reading

‘Ali Baba Bah!’ – So Scoffs Gus

Detroit Free Press – April 28, 1936

As far as Gus Sonnenberg is concerned, he will be wrestling for the world’s championship Friday night when he takes on Danno O’Mahoney at the Olympia. The dispute in the courts has not affected Gus in the least. Continue reading

Fame And Fortune Arrived For Mat Promoter

Detroit Free Press – April 26, 1936
By Lewis H. Walters

Adam Weissmuller sat in his walnut-paneled office at Arena Gardens Saturday afternoon, looking over offers of thousands of dollars for the services of Ali Baba, the Turk who won the heavyweight wrestling championship of the world from Dick Shikat, of Germany, on the Olympia mat Friday night. Continue reading

Ali Baba Throws Shikat To Capture World Mat Crown

Detroit Free Press, April 26, 1936
By Tod Rockwell

And now the heavyweight wrestling championship has come to Detroit!

It happened last night at Olympia when Ali Baba, strange man from Detroit’s Hendrie St., pinned the mighty shoulders of Dick Shikat, until then the titleholder, before more than 8,500 wildly cheering spectators. They paid $7,405.93 to see a top-notch show. Continue reading

Shikat Wins In Court, Now Tackles Ali Baba

Detroit Free Press – April 24, 1936

Cheered by the assurance that the federal court at Columbus will not allow opposing wrestling moguls to interfere with his defense of the newly won world mat title, Dick Shikat will place his crown on the block at Olympia Friday night with Ali Baba, the “Terrible Turk,” as the first big bidder. Continue reading

Shikat Victory Worth $50,000

Detroit Free Press – April 19, 1936

Adam Weissmuller, promoter of the heavyweight championship match Friday night at Olympia between the titleholder, Dick Shikat, and the challenger, sensational Ali Baba, was handed a new nickname by his friends Saturday. From now on he will be addressed as “$50,000 Weissmuller.” Continue reading

Ali Baba Given Shikat Match

Detroit Free Press – April 15, 1936

Dick Shikat, world professional wrestling champion, has been signed to defend his title against Ali Baba, the Turk, promoter Adam Weissmuller announced Tuesday night. The match will be held Friday, April 24, at Olympia. Continue reading

Shikat Easily Pins Russian

Detroit Free Press – April 7, 1936
By Tod Rockwell

The odds were 3,000 to 2 that Dick Shikat, world wrestling champ, would pin one John Leon Grandovich, title claimant, last night at Arena Gardens. Dick did. Twenty-two minutes after Shikat, the stolid German, was introduced to about 3,500 spectators who grossed $3,500 for Adam Weissmuller. Dick had pinned John with the standard hold of grapplers everywhere – the body press. Continue reading

Ali Baba, Lopez Capture Olympic Features

Los Angeles Times – May 30, 1940
By Al Wolf

Ali Baba and Vincent Lopez made up the daily double at the Olympic torso-twisting party last night.

The pin-domed Turk defeated Tarzan White – and hurt him in the process. Tarzan attempted a flying tackle, but sly Ali was the little man who wasn’t there, and Tarzan flew into the seats. When he finally staggered back into the ring, Ali tried a body slam, but was careless and slammed White on his head. Referee Dick Rutherford immediately halted the action and Baba was the winner in 21m. 43s. A preliminary examination revealed no serious injury. Continue reading