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“Masked Marvel” May As Well Discard His Hood

New York Herald – January 5, 1916

Photographs of Mort Henderson Show Remarkable Resemblance in Poses to the Mysterious Wrestler.

Masked Marvel Mort Henderson 1-5-1916

There is no reason why the “Masked Marvel,” who has caused wrestling “fans” and many others in all walks of life to do a lot of guessing since he first appeared in the tournament at the Manhattan Opera House, should not remove his mask, as it interferes with his work and his identity is conceded to be as good as proved. Continue reading

Newsy Gossip Of The Sports

The Day – January 27, 1908

Charles Olsen has about decided to give up the grappling game and he says that when he gets a good steady job planning joists or shingling roofs he will forget all about his aspirations to be a champion.  He has also discovered that he doesn’t know as much about the game as an experienced manager. Continue reading

Americus, Zbyszko, And Roller Win

The New York Times – February 15, 1912

BALTIMORE, Md., Feb. 14. – Six of the best heavyweight wrestlers in the country competed on the mat at the Monumental Sporting Club here to-night.

“Americus” (Gus Schoenlein) of Baltimore defeated Romanoff, the Russian, in two straight falls of 25 minutes 21 seconds and 13 minutes 35 seconds, respectively. Continue reading

Will Hold Mammoth Wrestling Tourney

Associated Press – January 18, 1908

CHICAGO – By terms just closed with the Florida State Mid-Winter Fair Association, Fred M. Barnes, of Chicago, will handle and promote the biggest wrestling tournament ever attempted in America. The tourney will take place at Tampa, Fla., for eight days, February 8 to 15 inclusive. At an estimated expense of not less than $20,000, mat artists from all parts of the world will be invited to participate in these events. Continue reading

Wrestling Bouts at Fairmont

The New York Times – December 20, 1913

Three bouts made up the programme of wrestling at the Fairmont Athletic Club in the Bronx last night, and a large crowd attended, witnessing some good wrestling of the catch-as-catch-can style.  The feature bout was between Paul Samson, the German giant, and Harry Litosky.  Samson had little difficulty in disposing of his adversary in straight falls, gaining the first in twelve minutes, with a body nelson, and throwing Litosky again after three minutes and forty seconds of tussling, with the same hold. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis, Who Will Meet Leoho Here Tomorrow, Defeated Swedish Champion In Rochester

Schenectady Gazette – January 8, 1913

Kentucky Grappler, in A-No. 1 Condition and Fresh from Victory Over Hjalmar Lundin, Tuesday Night, Will Arrive Tomorrow Morning in Readiness for Finish Match in Red Men’s Hall With Finn Heavyweight – Jack Winrow to Officiate as Referee.

Word was received last night from Ed “Strangler” Lewis, stating that he would come to this city early tomorrow morning for his scheduled finish match tomorrow night in Red Men’s Hall with Carl Leoho, the Finn heavyweight.  Tonight he will wrestle in Oswego, facing Peter Michialoff and will leave for this city immediately after the match. Continue reading

Smejkal Beats Lundin

The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette – May 15, 1912

Puts Swedish Champion Down in 22 and 16 Minutes at Cleveland, Ohio.

“Buck” Connolly, who has arranged another wrestling bout at Greene’s Friday night between Smejkal and Kennedy as the big card, received a telegram today from Cleveland, Ohio, stating that Smejkal had defeated Hjalmar Lundin, the Swedish champion, last night in Cleveland in 22 and 16 minutes. Continue reading

A Hard Battle

The Oswego Daily Palladium – January 8, 1914

Rogers and Lundin Will Come Together on the Mat Monday Night.

“Yankee” Rogers fully realize that he has his work cut out for him at the Armory Monday night, when he goes up against Hjalmar Lundin, the champion wrestler of Sweden, and the Swedes turn out some good men on the mat.  That is why Rogers is going through one of the most thorough training stunts he had done this season.  Rogers knows that in order to win he must have everything he has ready and in working order.   It will be by far the best bout ever seen in this city and will be a finish match, best two out of three falls. Continue reading

Is French Champion

Lewiston Evening Journal – November 24, 1908

Raoul de Rouen One of Largest Wrestlers Ever Booked for Lewiston – The Prelims

Raoul de Rouen, the French wrestler, who is booked to wrestle in Lewiston, Dec. 3 under the austpices of the Canadian club bears the title of heavy weight champion of France and his appearance in America is an occasion of some interest as it will enable the wrestling enthusiasts to see how he will stand up against some of the American grapplers. Continue reading


The Auburn Citizen – May 16, 1908

Before a crowd of 6,000 wrestling bugs, male and female, in convention hall last night, Frank Gotch won his handicap match with Hjalmar Lundin without going the extreme limit – three falls, says the Kansas City Star.  While the bout was scheduled to go to three falls, no one is to blame but the champion.  He handled the bulky Swede in anything but a ladylike manner and after he had been on the mat eight minutes in the second bout he secured his famous toehold on Hjalmar and twisted his ankle out of the socket.  Lundin rolled over in agony.  For fully ten minutes he laid on the mat and finally he had to be carried to his dressing room. Continue reading