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Strangler Lewis In Title Campaign

Seattle Times – January 11, 1933

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, many-time heavyweight champion wrestler of the world, is campaigning for undisputed possession of that title once again, in “wrestling matches” rather than the present-day “exhibitions.” The veteran heavyweight made that declaration here yesterday. Continue reading

Eliminate Three In Wrestling Bouts

The Southeast Missourian – February 14, 1930

Kansas City, Feb. 14. – (AP) – Three of the field of 30 heavyweight wrestlers entered in a series of matches planned by the Kansas City American Legion to pick a logical contender for the world title claimed by Gus Sonnenberg were eliminated today as a result of the first card last night. Continue reading


The Sydney Morning Herald – September 25, 1934

Koloff Beats Beth.

Dan Koloff, the Bulgarian wrestler, won with two falls against Bill Beth at Rushcutter Bay Stadium last night.  The match was scheduled for eight rounds, but Koloff gained the first fall in the third round and the deciding one early in the fourth session. Continue reading


The Milwaukee Journal – August 31, 1932

San Francisco, Calif. – Don George, Boston, won from Dan Koloff, Bulgaria, on a foul after each had gained one fall.  Koloff was disqualified for using rabibit punches; John Pesek, Ravenna, defeated Dick Raines, Texas, in 5 minutes; Ira Dern, Salt Lake City, and Bob Kruse, Portland, Ore, drew in 60 minutes; Everett Marshall, La Junta, Col., pinned Barney Ostopovitch, Russia, in 15 minutes; Bull Heffner, Texas, and Hardy Krushkamp, Columbus, Ohio, drew in 30 minutes. Continue reading

Slip Costs Dan Koloff Win Over Wrestling Champ

San Jose Evening News – August 8, 1933

SACRAMENTO, Aug. 8 (UP). – A slip and a champion’s agility lost Dan Koloff, Bulgarian challenger, his main chance for the heavy weight wrestling crown last night. Continue reading

Koloff Triumphs Over Strong Man

Spokane Daily Chronicle – August 8, 1925

For more than 30 minutes Henry Steinburn and Dan Koloff, heavyweight wrestlers, furnished a series of hair-raising, spine-jiggling thrills in their bout at Fort George Wright last night, but finally the science of Koloff triumphed over the Herculean strength of the man calling himself the world’s strongest. Continue reading

Koloff Suspension From Mat To Stand

Prescott Evening Courier – August 1, 1929

CHICAGO, Aug. 1. – (AP) – The Illinois Athletic commission has denied Dan Koloff, heavyweight wrestler, a hearing on his recent suspension from Illinois rings.  Koloff was suspended for one year when the commission learned he had wrestled under assumed names in five matches.

The commission fined Haakon, Chicago middleweight boxer, $100 for roughness in a recent fight.

Wade Uses Leg Locks To Down Dan Koloff; Leathers Flops Beth

The Lodi Sentinel – April 13, 1933

Glen Wade, many-muscled bone-bender from Iowa, won the battle of the behemoths Tuesday night in the Stockton auditorium when he pinned Dan Koloff, self-styled Balkan Lion, in the last two falls in the main event.  Wade was flopped in the first fall by a body slam in 17 minutes but came back to clamp on those dread leg locks in 11 and 6 minutes for the victory. Continue reading

Rassling War Flames In San Francisco

Los Angeles Times – February 10, 1933

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 9 (Exclusive) — San Francisco’s wrestling war has burst into flame and there’s no telling what will happen.

Ed Lynch of Dreamland announced today definite split with Lou Daro, the Los Angeles promoter whose wrestlers have been used by the local promoter. Continue reading

You Don’t Say!

The Pittsburgh Press – July 12, 1929

The Illinois Athletic Commission recently barred Dan Koloff, a Boston wrestler, from the state…  It was charged that he wrestled Gus Sonnenberg six times since March 19… Once under his own name… And the other times under these names – Dave Shannon, Dan Kolman, Dave Petroff and Fred Gotch… And Paul Prehn, the chairman of the Illinois commission, is a former wrestler… And the wrestling coach at the University of Illinois… McGraw was bounced by the umpire a few days ago for the first time in years…  And Robby, the Brooklyn manager, never has been gated…  And when McGraw was walking toward the gate Robby said – “It’s about time some of these young fellows learn to hold their tempers.”