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Gardini’s Strength Overcomes Meyers

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – March 7, 1928

Renato Gardini and Fred Meyers wrestled for 40 minutes at the New Ridgewood Grove last night with neither having any perceptible advantage.  Then Meyers suddenly surprised Gardini by grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and hurling him sidewise across the ring.

Gardini arose, scowling, and met Meyers’ attack by encircling his arms about the body of the Jewish champion.  Meyers was lifted over Gardini’s head and thrown to the mat.  The bout was to have been to a finish.

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Meyers Wins Jewish Wrestling Title

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – February 22, 1928

The carded feature wrestling bout at the Ridgewood Grove last night was the Hans Steinke-Tommy Draak tussle, but the semi-final between Abe Coleman and Fred Meyers, which was billed to decide the Jewish heavyweight championship, stole the thunder from the main attraction and converted itself into one of the best bouts held at the Ridgewood this season.  Meyers won.  The match lasted 36 minutes, but every minute of the time was filled with action.

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Professional Wrestling Popular Great Show Every Tuesday Night

The St. Maurice Valley Chronicle – May 7, 1936

Arena Scene of High Class Heavyweight Professional Wrestling Every Tuesday Night. – See the Big Pachyderms in Action. – Popular Prices.

After last Tuesday’s exciting bouts at the Arena, the fans now realize that the promoters mean business by bringing the cream of the lot to Three Rivers.

Next Tuesday, Yvon Robert, the popular coming world’s champion, will provide the highlight in the final against Henry Biers.  The latter has been seen in action here twice, he is a most promising prospect for the title, so that he and Robert should put on one of the classiest bouts ever seen at the Arena.

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Sign Fabyan To Referee Thursday Wrestling Bouts

The Lewiston Daily Sun – April 14, 1931

Rumford Man, Widely Known Official, At Veterans Show

Assures Best Of Officiating – Frank Yusko Is Colorful Mat Personality

Doc Fabyan, head of the Mechanics Institute, Rumford, was yesterday signed to referee Thursday night’s wrestling bouts in City Hall, Matchmaker John McDonough of the Veterans A. A. announced Monday night.  Fabyan is one of the best known officials in the game, and recently refereed at the New England amateur bouts at Boston.  He has been connected with wrestling many years and knows every angle of the sport.

By signing Fabyan, the Veterans club is assured of having the bouts handled in proper style.  It is the best move the new club could have made.

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Sonnenberg Takes Two Out Of Three Falls From McCoy

Nashua Telegraph – June 27, 1930

Has Easy Time With Boston Man

Holy Cross Star Takes First Fall

BOSTON, June 27, (AP) – Gus Sonnenberg, claimant of the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship, won two out of three falls from Bob “Bibber” McCoy, former Holy Cross athlete from Cambridge in a battle of flying tackles here tonight.  McCoy won the first fall in 33 minutes and Sonny the next two in 16 and 6 minutes respectively.

McCoy apparently shot his bolt during the 33 minutes of torrid wrestling for the first fall.  This came when Sonnenberg backed “Bibber” into a neutral corner to maneuver for flying tackle.  Before he could launch his butt, McCoy spilled him with a front headlock and banged his shoulders to the mat with a tackle and butt.

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Wrestling Here To Stay; Makes Hit With Crowd

The Lewiston Daily Sun – April 17, 1931

The sport of pachyderms came back to Lewiston-Auburn last evening with a satisfying thud that resounded with enthusiasm to all corners of this community.  More than 500 enthused fans, a record crowd for wrestling in this city, gave the grand old game a glad hand which indicates the sport has hit Lewiston the way it has taken other cities throughout the country.

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Strangler Lewis In Title Campaign

Seattle Times – January 11, 1933

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, many-time heavyweight champion wrestler of the world, is campaigning for undisputed possession of that title once again, in “wrestling matches” rather than the present-day “exhibitions.” The veteran heavyweight made that declaration here yesterday. Continue reading

Eliminate Three In Wrestling Bouts

The Southeast Missourian – February 14, 1930

Kansas City, Feb. 14. – (AP) – Three of the field of 30 heavyweight wrestlers entered in a series of matches planned by the Kansas City American Legion to pick a logical contender for the world title claimed by Gus Sonnenberg were eliminated today as a result of the first card last night. Continue reading


The Sydney Morning Herald – September 25, 1934

Koloff Beats Beth.

Dan Koloff, the Bulgarian wrestler, won with two falls against Bill Beth at Rushcutter Bay Stadium last night.  The match was scheduled for eight rounds, but Koloff gained the first fall in the third round and the deciding one early in the fourth session. Continue reading


The Milwaukee Journal – August 31, 1932

San Francisco, Calif. – Don George, Boston, won from Dan Koloff, Bulgaria, on a foul after each had gained one fall.  Koloff was disqualified for using rabibit punches; John Pesek, Ravenna, defeated Dick Raines, Texas, in 5 minutes; Ira Dern, Salt Lake City, and Bob Kruse, Portland, Ore, drew in 60 minutes; Everett Marshall, La Junta, Col., pinned Barney Ostopovitch, Russia, in 15 minutes; Bull Heffner, Texas, and Hardy Krushkamp, Columbus, Ohio, drew in 30 minutes. Continue reading