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K.O. Koverly Disqualified

Los Angeles Times – June 13, 1940
By Al Wolf

Last night’s rassle class at the Olympic quite possibly had the rare good fortune ot see a shooting match, although such things have long been considered as extinct as the dodo bird.

A stranger who gave the name “Del Rosa” plunked down five bucks for a license and examination, borrowed a set of trunks from one of the boys and attempted to win a “C” note by staying 20 minutes with Lee Wykoff, who has been making that offer to the house weekly. Continue reading

Wykoff Puts Szabo Down In ‘Grudger’

Los Angeles Times – June 6, 1940
By Al Wolf

Sandor Szabo was the people’s choice in the recent heavyweight rasslin’ roundup, but Senor Szabo was injured en route and Lee Wykoff emerged the champion.

Ever since, Senor Szabo has been casting aspersions on Mr. Wykoff’s talents as a sinew snapper, much to the latter’s disgust. So last night they had it out at the Olympic before a jury of some 6,000 zealots. Continue reading

Referee Soars, Audience Riots, Woman Is Hurt

Associated Press – February 13, 1935

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Mrs. Louisa La Place, 55 years old, wife of a state traffic inspector, was here yesterday recovering from injuries received in a riot which followed a wrestling bout here. John J. Shields, state athletic inspector, ordered an investigation of the affair. Continue reading

Record Crowd Sees Carnera At Armory

Wenatchee, Wash., Daily World – December 12, 1952

Primo Carnera, former world’s heavyweight boxing champion, now turned wrestler, provided the attraction to draw the largest audience of mat fans in local history last night. Continue reading

281 Pound Carnera Takes On 2 Men Here Tonight

Wenatchee, Wash., Daily World – December 13, 1952

Primo Carnera, once heavyweight boxing king of the world, will be in Wenatchee tonight, but this time using his brute strength to wrestle instead of punch.

Carnera is billed as the main attraction on Promoter Tex Porter’s Armory mat card. Continue reading

Marshall, Detton Failed To Reach Decision

Los Angeles Times – November 7, 1940

Everett Marshall and Dean Detton got exactly nowhere in their match which topped the first round of last night’s elimination wrestling card at the Olympic Auditorium. Continue reading

Rocca Riled, Blasts Verdict To Thesz

N.Y. Journal American – January 6, 1953
By Hugh Bradley

Antonio Rocca, the barefooted boy from the Argentina, is so peeved today he is biting his own toe nails. All because of the dastardly fate that befell him last night in the featured wrestling event at the Garden when he lost to Lou Thesz of St. Louis just when it seemed he had the ting won. Continue reading

Clara Defeats Rita Before Full House

San Bernardino County Sun – January 16, 1943

Clara Mortensen probably will continue to rule as the queen of lightweight wrestlers for an indefinite period. Continue reading

Kowalski Drives Primo To Defeat As 13,000 Watch

The Globe and Mail, Toronto – February 27, 1953
By Al Nickleson

Killer Kowalski, as a mat butcher, fully realizes the high price of beef. Last night, he attempted to rustle a month’s supply by galloping off with Primo Carnera’s leg. (This is a leg?) He didn’t succeed, but he did force the Italian strongman into conceding the main maul at Maple Leaf Gardens. Continue reading

Bakersfield Mat Referee Concerned

Los Angeles Times – February 24, 1933

BAKERSFIELD, Feb. 23 (AP) — Fear for the safety of John Pesek, professional wrestler, was expressed today by Col. Ted Hopkins, who was to have refereed a bout here last night between Pesek and Hardy Kruskamp, the bout being postponed when Pesek failed to appear. Hopkins said Pesek is wealthy and was believed to have been carrying a large sum of money when he was last seen at San Bernardino, where he wrestled Tuesday night.