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Rudy Laditzi and Ray Steele Clash

Indianapolis Times – November 5, 1935

Big Fellows Top Mat Bill at Armory Tonight.

Rudy (Rowdy) Laditzi, 235, New York grappler who has gained three consecutive victories in Indianapolis, will take on Ray Steele, 218, top ranking matman from California, to feature tonight’s all-heavyweight wrestling card at the Armory. The Hercules A. C. is staging the program.

Laditzi, a rough and tumble performer, goes against the toughest opposition he has had in this city when he comes to grips with Steele. Ray is clever, fast and experienced. Rudy saw action here last week when he cuffed his way to a win over Dorve Roche.

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Rudy Doesn’t Like Referees That ‘Heckle’

The Indianapolis Times – November 6, 1935

So Laditzi Goes Right on Gouging and Steele Is Awarded Match.

Rudy (For Cryin’ Out Loud) Laditzi can’t stand hecklers when he’s wrestling. That’s why Rowdy Rudy’s record today showed a setback at the hands of Ray Steele at the Armory last night.

Rough Rudy was doing all right by himself against the California star until he started gouging and strangling in the third fall. Then Referee Bob Berry stepped in and warned him—not once, but several times.

Once Rudy yelled: “For cryin’ out loud, I ain’t done nothing.”

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Russell Pins Dusek

Indianapolis Times – October 12, 1937

NEW HAVEN, Oct. 12. — Reb Russell, Texas, threw Rudy Dusek, Omaha; Ray Steele, California, and Dynamite Joe Cox, Kansas City, drew; Abe Coleman, California, threw Al Mercier, Springfield, Ill; Willie Davis, Virginia, threw Franz Schuman, Germany.

Strangler Lewis In Title Campaign

Seattle Times – January 11, 1933

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, many-time heavyweight champion wrestler of the world, is campaigning for undisputed possession of that title once again, in “wrestling matches” rather than the present-day “exhibitions.” The veteran heavyweight made that declaration here yesterday. Continue reading

Steele v. Strangler

Time – December 12, 1932

Two of the ugliest professional athletes in the U. S. last week crawled through the ropes of a ring at Madison Square Garden. One was blubbery Ed (“Strangler”) Lewis, recognized by the New York State Athletic Commission as the heavyweight wrestling champion of the world. The other was crook-nosed Ray Steele, whose challenge the Commission had ordered Lewis to accept. Continue reading

Last Night’s Mat Results At The Olympic

Los Angeles Times –  January 12, 1933

Ray Steele won over George Zaharias in the main event of Lou Daro’s wrestling match last night at the Olympic by gaining the “rubber” fall with a full nelson in 16m. and 50s. A istic fight between the gladiators followed, but Daro separated them before any bodily harm was done. Continue reading

Steele Tops Card

New York Post – December 20, 1935

Ray Steele, California heavyweight, wrestles Ralph Garibaldi of Italy tonight in the main bout at the Jamaica Arena.  Rusty Wescoatt and Herbie Freeman meet in the semifinal.

Santa Claus Arrives Here Little Early For George

New York Post – December 16, 1935
By Eddie Wade

Poppa Curley Plays Santa Claus... by Uhlmann

Poppa Curley Plays Santa Claus… by Uhlmann

Grappler Don Hangs Xmas Sock in Bid to Regain Mat Crown

 Third Time Danno, Challenger Meet

Santa Claus comes early this year.  At least he does to Ed Don George, the former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, who gets a chance to even matters tonight with the current title-holder, Danno O’Mahoney, at Madison Square Garden. Continue reading

Savoldi Captures Londos Claim To Title

Associated Press –  April 8, 1933

CHICAGO – Jumping Joe Savoldi, who used to shatter football lines for Notre Dame, had one big area of the wrestling world rocking with claims and denials today.

Joe strode into the Chicago Stadium ring last night to tackle Jim Londos, claimant of the championship. To the amazement of 8,000 customers, he walked out with a one-fall victory after 20 minutes and 26 seconds of rough-and-tumble grappling. The match attracted a gate of approximately $12,000. Continue reading

Londos And Stecher Do It All Over Again Tonight

Chicago Tribune – March 3, 1933

Joe Stecher, the Nebraskan who is one of wrestling’s patriarchs by virtue of his years of experience, will seek his fourth lease on the world’s heavyweight championship tonight at the Chicago Stadium. He will engage Jim Londos, who has made the most sustained claim to the crown for the last three years, for the second time in six weeks. Continue reading