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Strangler Lewis in Win Over Ad Santel

San Francisco Chronicle – April 29, 1933

Strangler Lewis won two out of three falls from Ad Santel in their feature wrestling match last night in the Oakland Auditorium. Lewis won the first fall in twenty-four minutes with a headlock, lost the second in six minutes when he quit to a Japanese leglog, and won the third by twisting halfway out of another leglock and pinning Santel’s shoulders to the mat in seven minutes. Continue reading

Royal Welcome For New Rassling Mob

San Francisco Examiner – January 31, 1961
By Prescott Sullivan

The State Athletic Commission has rolled out the red carpet of welcome for a new rassling mob.

With the commission’s blessing, the new outfit has settled down in Oakland’s KTVU where last Friday night it put on its first televised studio show.

Four or five other televised studio “come on” productions will follow. Continue reading

Wrestling Probe Proves A ‘Dud’

San Francisco Chronicle – December 15, 1935
By Harry B. Smith, Chronicle Sports Editor

As had been anticipated and predicted, the carried-over investigation of the wrestling squawks proved a dud. When Dr. P.H. Visser of Sacramento started trouble some weeks ago, based on the raising of a fund for so-called legal services, it was thought it might start something. But the same wrestling protesters who failed to give any important information to Governor Merriam were even meeker yesterday when they faced the State Commissioners. Continue reading

Browning’s Airplane Scissors Downs Lutze

Los Angeles Times – May 18, 1933

Jim Browning, a prominent member in that great fraternity — “The Rasslin’ Champions of the World” — tossed Nick Lutze, the former Venice life guard, two out of three falls last night in the main event at the Olympic Auditorium. On both occasions the recognized kingpin in the environs of New York City and Hoboken resorted to an airplane turnover scissors to perform the feat. Continue reading

Ad Santel On Santa Cruz Card

The Evening News, San Jose, California – June 16, 1933

SANTA CRUZ, June 16. – Marvin Westenberg and Nick Velcoff top Promoter Thornton’s wrestling show at the ball park here tonight. Continue reading

Rassling War Flames In San Francisco

Los Angeles Times – February 10, 1933

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 9 (Exclusive) — San Francisco’s wrestling war has burst into flame and there’s no telling what will happen.

Ed Lynch of Dreamland announced today definite split with Lou Daro, the Los Angeles promoter whose wrestlers have been used by the local promoter. Continue reading


The Evening Independent – December 5, 1923

San Francisco – Ad Santel, claimant to the light heavyweight wrestling title, defeated “Bull” Osmen, Russian grappler in two falls.

Injunction Sought

The Canberra Times – August 19, 1927

MELBOURNE, Thursday.
Mr. Justice McArthur refused to-day to grant to Adolph Ernst, a wrestler, known professionally as Ad Santel, an international injunction to restrain Sam Clapham, wrestler, Richard Lean, promoter, and Melbourne Stadiums, Ltd., from describing Clapham as light heavyweight champion of the world. Santel sought an injunction pending the train of action against the three defendants for damages. He contended that he had suffered pecuniary loss from the defendant’s misstatements. Continue reading

Ad Santel Again

The Examiner – August 20, 1928


Ad Santel (13.0) continued his unbroken run of victories in Australia by defeating young Bob Kruse (13.6 1/2) on a submission fall, through a short scissors on the arm, gained after 54 minutes of a tough gruelling match, at the Stadium on Saturday.

Ad Santel Wins Case

The Gippsland Times – October 3, 1929

Ad Santel, wrestler, was awarded £625 damages for injuries and loss caused by being knocked down by motor car, driven by W. Coghlan, cartage contractor.