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For The Record

The Bergen Evening Record – September 1, 1948
By Al Del Greco

Add Titanic Struggles

The body beautiful, M. Rothenberg, wrestles a guy who looks and is probably older than his dad tonight at the Teaneck Armory in Charles Strack of Spring Valley, N. Y.  Strack has a record of being a ver’ mean old man in the ring but all of his deviltry will probably go for naught because in Rothenberg he meets an aggressive young man who time after time has upended the forces of evil.

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For The Record

The Bergen Evening Record – September 29, 1948
By Al Del Greco

Grimstad Eyes Murray’s Superscapularis

Sam Grimstad, the old Paramus deer stalker, polished a glass, and said he was glad to see me by golly after all these years.  He bought a drink, and had one himself.

“What’s that you’re drinking?”

Sam said, “Milk.”  It looked like milk.

Sam said, “I never took a drink of liquor in my life.  Look,” and he inhaled and made all of his belly and chest come up high, leaving a hollow under his ribs.  He exhaled and said, “That should prove that I’m in shape.”

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Sharkey Still Unbeaten, Defeats Swedish Angel

Courier-Post – May 1, 1945

Maryland Champion Wins First and Third Falls of Feature Mat Match

Babe Sharkey’s wrestling record in Camden still is untarnished.

Sharkey, who is recognized by the Maryland Athletic Commission as world heavyweight champion, beat the Swedish Angel in the feature match last night, at the Convention Hall.  It was a scheduled 90-minute time-limit match, two out of three falls to win, and Sharkey won the first and third falls, the bald-pated Swede winning the second.

Sharkey won the first fall in 20 minutes and 30 seconds, with a body press.  The Angel scored the second in 13 minutes 20 seconds, with a body press, and Sharkey won the third and deciding fall in three minutes 50 seconds with a body press.

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Sharkey vs. Angel

The Philadelphia Inquirer – April 30, 1945

The Swedish Angel tries for his second wrestling triumph in as many weeks on the mat at Camden Convention Hall where he meets Babe Sharkey, 90 minutes, two out of three falls, tonight.  Don Evans and Michele Leone are semifinalists.  Red Devil faces Tony Martinelli, Murray Rothenberg takes on Fred Grubmier, Charley Allen tussles Jim Austeri.

Becker At Camden

The Philadelphia Inquirer – November 27, 1944

George Becker swings into heavyweight wrestling action against the undefeated Black Terror at Camden Convention Hall tonight.  They are scheduled to go 90 minutes, two out of three falls.  Murray Rothenberg and Fred Grubmier meets Jim Austeri and Pat Welsh in a team match, while Rudy Dusek tackles Dutch Rohde and Matros Kirilenko clashes with Joe Myers in single bouts.

Double Mat Windup At Camden Tonight

The Philadelphia Inquirer – November 8, 1948

One fall matches featuring George Becker as an opponent for Tarzan Hewitt and Jack Kelly against Michele Leone, will be staged as a double windup at Camden Convention Hall tonight.  In each instance, the Becker-Hewitt and Kelly-Leone bouts will be finish affairs, one fall to decide the winner.

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Savoldi Earns Draw Verdicts

Long Island Daily Press – September 16, 1944

The hurricane took at hand at upsetting last night’s wrestling card at the Jamaica Arena when Jack Clayburn, the Black Panther from Boston, Mass., was unable to reach the scene of action in time to face Don Evans of Buffalo in the main event.  However, Angelo Savoldi, who was down for a 45-minute affair with Mike Haller of Ozone Park, also took on Evans.  The net result for his strenuous efforts was a pair of draw decisions.

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Wrestles Tonight

Long Island Daily Press – March 22, 1945


Vic Christy, California Adonis, meets Emil Dusek of the Omaha wrestling tribe, in the feature match at the Ridgewood Grove tonight.  They will grapple best two out of three falls.  In the semi-final, Yvon Robert, the former world’s champion, meets Arthur Le Grand.  Other 30-minute bouts pair Tony Martinelli and Nanjo Singh, Fred (Poker Face) Grubmier and Pat Welsh and Reinhold Metzker, newcomer from Glendale, and Murray Rothenberg.

Virtue And M. Rothenberg

The Bergen Evening Record – March 25, 1948
By Al Del Greco

MURRAY ROTHENBERG, of whom you may have heard, has his ups and downs in sports, and now that he is viewing the scene from a spectators’ seat, gets a big kick out of them all.

I always thought the football game against Hackensack High was the biggest blow to Murray’s pride.

You may recall it: Teaneck was leading 6-0 with minutes to go, and quarterback Rothenberg (in this case Walter Mitty transformed into Sammy Baugh) figured he would run up the score a bit.  He flipped a pass, and a Hackensack winged creature caught it and raced 96 yards to a touchdown, and the final score read Hackensack 7, Teaneck 6, Rothenberg 0, because the extra point was successful.

Rothenberg figures his first pro wrestling bout made him evaluate the worth of things a bit more accurately.

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Becker, Russell To Battle In Passaic

The Bergen Evening Record – March 15, 1945

The Armory in Passaic will open its doors to wrestling tonight with an all-star show arranged by promoter Jimmy Austeri.  The card is headed by a bout between Gorgeous Georgie Becker, the Newark defense worker, and Rebel Bob Russell, a roughneck from Texas.  The match is slated for two out of three falls with a time limit of an hour.

As a wrestler Becker has no peers, but he is not a roughneck, while Russell can slug it out with the best of them.  The match is expected to provide plenty of excitement, especially if Russell doesn’t behave.

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