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DeGlane Nearly Bows To Gus Sonnenberg

Albany Times Union – July 1, 1932

BOSTON, Mass., July 1 – Henri Deglane of Montreal, a leading claimant of the world’s heavyweight  wrestling championship, is breathing many sighs of relief today.  He almost lost his crown to Gus Sonnenberg, the former champion, here last night.  Luckily for Henri, Gus fagged out the same time he did.  They both retired for the evening after one hour and 30 minutes of a grueling battle.

Sonnenberg Wins Bout with Count Zarynoff

The Pawtucket Times – April 29, 1932

BOSTON, April 29 (AP) – After losing the first fall Gus Sonnenberg of Boston, former wrestling title claimant, throw George Zarynoff of Russia twice last night to gain the victory in Paul Bowser’s feature match at the arena. Sonnenberg went down in 43:33 under a reverse double leg nelson, but evened the match in 13:51 with a head lock and body press and gained the deciding fall in 18:13 with a flying tackle. Sonnenberg weighed 210 and his opponent scaled 205. Nick Lutze, 198, Los Angeles, won the semi-final grappling by tossing Jim Neslin, 205, Montreal, in 18:15 with a backfall. Al Morelli, 210, Boston, threw Pat O’Reilly, 202, Texas, in 15:45 with a flying tackle. In the other bouts Pat McKay, 218, Memphis, threw Karl Tompkins, 210, Saco, Mo., in 2:30 and Patsy Flanagan, 205, Stamford, Conn., with headlocks and body presses Jack Wagner, 205, Providence drew with John Poddubney, 208, Lithuania, John Spellman, 202, Providence, threw Eddie Pope, 200, Georgia, in 7:26 with a giant swing: Regis Siki, 207, Buffalo, threw Rex Smith, 210, South Dakota, in 6:15 with a hip lock; Jack Gansen, Lithuania, drew with Charlie Leahman, Cleveland; Lee Wyckoff, St. Louis, drew with Boris Demitroff, Bulgaria; Jack Patterson, Syracuse, drew with Arthur Flynn. Lawrence, and Mike Mazurki, New York, threw Jimmy Nelson, Sweden, in 3:19 with a body slam.

Flying Tackle To Be Shown Monday

The Montreal Gazette – July 25, 1931

George and Mercier, Opponents at Arena, Are Both Expert in Its Use

Wrestling fans who journey to the Mount Royal Arena Monday night to see Don George, the former champion, wrestle Al Mercier, rugged Chicoutimi product, will have an opportunity of seeing the flying tackle, one of modern wrestling’s most potent holds, on display by two experts in its use, judging by performances of the rivals in previous bouts here this season.  It was this grip that gave Gus Sonnenberg his win over Lewis for the title, and it was by the same hold that Gus lost his crown to George.  Against Deglane, the champion.  George found it unavailable in Boston two weeks ago, but Sonnenberg hopes to regain the championship with it when he tackles Deglane outdoors in Boston next week.

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Sonnenberg Takes Two Out Of Three Falls From McCoy

Nashua Telegraph – June 27, 1930

Has Easy Time With Boston Man

Holy Cross Star Takes First Fall

BOSTON, June 27, (AP) – Gus Sonnenberg, claimant of the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship, won two out of three falls from Bob “Bibber” McCoy, former Holy Cross athlete from Cambridge in a battle of flying tackles here tonight.  McCoy won the first fall in 33 minutes and Sonny the next two in 16 and 6 minutes respectively.

McCoy apparently shot his bolt during the 33 minutes of torrid wrestling for the first fall.  This came when Sonnenberg backed “Bibber” into a neutral corner to maneuver for flying tackle.  Before he could launch his butt, McCoy spilled him with a front headlock and banged his shoulders to the mat with a tackle and butt.

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Sonnenberg Refused Permit To Sell Beer In Reno

Associated Press – October 24, 1933

RENO, Nev. – “Dynamite Gus” Sonnenberg, former champion of the heavyweight wrestlers, was wondering today how the Reno divorce colony would enjoy his pork and beef sandwiches without the 3.2 per cent beer he had planned would go with them.

The City Council refused Sonnenberg a permit to sell beer in his recently opened barbecue shack, after pastors of churches in the neighborhood had protested “we want this particular district to remain clean.”

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Seeks Robert For Bout

The Gazette, Montreal – November 4, 1936

Ganson Has Three Opponents Ready For Champion

With three title-seeking opponents anxious for cracks at Yvon Robert.  Matchmaker Jack Ganson will travel to Boston in an effort to sign the French-Canadian youth to defend his world mat crown in Montreal.  Eddie Quinn, the champion’s manager, has declined to match the Montrealer against any of the three men, Ganson announced last night.

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Resin Thespians Offer ‘Tonight At 8:30’

Rocky Mountain News – December 5, 1937
By Abe Pollock

Our dear resin thespians, the muscle necks, will light the gas lamps tomorrow night at City Auditorium in another of those spasms of playlets made famous by Noel Coward

The wrestlers, under the guidance of Impressario Jack Kanner, will present matdom’s version of “Tonight at 8:30” in five, instead of nine, short — shall we say — plays. Heading the list will be Gus Sonnenberg, ace of all the muggers, and Bill Longson in a 90-minute, two-out-of-three engagement.

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A New Wrestling Find

Boxing & Wrestling News – April 1933
By Marvin Williams

When we discover that a youngster of barely twenty-one summers in the short space of less than a year has already nearly defeated a great ex-champion, Gus Sonnenberg, and recently gave the present champion, Jim Browning, a tough battle, we naturally prick up our ears and decide to look into the matter. We realize that this is a very rare case. We remember that such a fine wrestler as Earl McCready, after successfully wrestling for years, made the statement when a match between himself and Jim Londos was talked about, “I am not yet ready to meet Londos. I feel that I require more experience.”

We wonder if Paul Boesch is too ambitious and if he will be a flash in the pan? We wonder if he will grow discouraged by being defeated, even though the defeats thus far have only been at the hands of the finest? Or can it be possible that Paul is a “great”; one of those instinctive wrestlers who acquires great skill without long years of practice? Perhaps he figures that the finest experience in the world can only come from real matches against the best. Continue reading

Referee Gives Sonnenberg Decision

Washington Post – December 9, 1933

It was somewhat of an off night at Mons. Joe Turner’s rassling circus at the Auditorium last night, the card not being particularly good and the cash customers seeming to sense the fact and so staying away in larger numbers. Only about 2,500 showed up. Continue reading

Lewis Keeps Title By Pinning Meyers

The New York Times – February 7, 1933
By James P. Dawson

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, had no difficulty defending his crown last night against the assault of Dr. Fred Meyers, Chicago’s grappler-dentist, in Madison Square Garden. Continue reading