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Strangler Lewis Had It All Mapped Out

Referee – August 19, 1937

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, mastodon of the mat and five times heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, is due in Sydney at the end of the month. Lewis is under engagement to Stadiums Ltd. Continue reading

Wrestler To Leave

The Age – December 28, 1937

McGill For India.

Matched With Gama.

The Irish heavy-weight wrestler, Mike McGill, who has recovered from a broken ankle sustained in a match against Fred Atkins at Broken Hill, arrived here yesterday, and announced that he will leave for India to-day. Continue reading

Zbyszko Is Victor In Wrestling Bout

The Oregonian – July 17, 1925

Stanislaus Zbyszko, Big Munn’s 58-year-old conqueror, twice heavyweight champion of the world and loser of his second title only recently to Joe Stecher, made short work at the Heilig last night of the Giant Hindu, Jatrinda Gobar. Continue reading

Wrestlers Moaning; It’s So Unusual

Seattle Post-Intelligencer – May 4, 1941
By Royal Brougham

With all the tragedy and sorrowing in the world, a good chuckle is worth the price of the newspaper.

If there isn’t a laugh in this resolution from the Wrestling Mob, then quit reading the column and turn over to Blondie and Dagwood. Continue reading

Ted Thye Pins Sailor Wood

The Oregonian – July 9, 1925

Ted Thye defeated Sailor Jack Wood in two straight falls in their wrestling match at the Heilig theater last night. The Portland man handled his opponent pretty much as he pleased and, despite the fact that Wood tried everything in the wrestling book, including a few rough-house tactics, he didn’t appear to have a chance at any stage of the match. Continue reading

Mat Men Are Confident

The Oregonian – July 7, 1925

Both principals in the wrestling match for the light heavyweight championship of the world, an event of tomorrow night at the Heilig theater, finished training yesterday and said they were in well-nigh perfect condition for the a fast and bruising mat tangle.

Though Sailor Jack Wood, the challenger, declared in unequivocal terms that he will tear the title out of the hands of Ted Thye, the champion merely smiled at such a possibility. Continue reading

Cal Herman To Revive Sleeping Wrestling Game

Oregon Journal – February 6, 1944
By Marlowe Branagan

He admits just because a guy totes an umbrella to work it doesn’t necessarily follow it will rain, but right now dapper Cal Herman operates with the idea that if he gets enough heavyweight wrestlers in tow, eventually he will tow some of ‘em into Portland. Continue reading

Wrestler Pat Reilly To Marry In Seattle

Associated Press – January 6, 1934

EVERETT, Wash. – Ted Thye, Portland heavyweight, won two falls out of three to defeat Pat Reilly of Boston here last night in a wrestling bout. Reilly won the opener in the third round with a body press, but Thye took two falls in the fourth and fifth with shoulder presses. Continue reading

All The Big Ones In Wrestling Were Here

The Spokesman-Review – February 3, 1957

Hat keeps pushing back the glasses that keep sliding down his nose.

“Maybe it isn’t easy to take it easy,” he says.  “You remember so many names – just in wrestling, so many.  They were all here.  Stan Zybyszko, Jimmy Londos, Joe Stecher (he used to split a sack of wheat with his bare hands), Dan Koloff the Hungarian, Joe Savoldi, Dave Burns, who was a middleweight to and now does business in Colfax and Pullman. Continue reading

Up From Down Under

Oregon Sunday Journal – December 8, 1940
By Richard H. Syring

“Australians and New Zealanders know they’re at war; are convinced they are going to win, but don’t talk about it.”

This was the impression obtained by Ted Thye, retired world famous Portland wrestler, who now is American agent for Stadium, Limited, of Australia and the Dominion Wrestling Union of New Zealand. Continue reading