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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

Philadelphia Inquirer – February 24, 1978
By Clark DeLeon
Inquirer Staff Writer

The rotund McGuires will be riding motorbikes this weekend where, where they hope to make a splash

Benny and Billy McGuire weight 727 pounds and 747 pounds respectively and they are billed as the world’s fattest twins, a distinction they have turned into a lucrative livelihood.  This weekend they will make an appearance at the Downington Farmers Market.

Think of Bill Cosby’s character Fat Albert calling from a distance as he starts his run to rush the opposition in a game of buck-buck.  “Hey, hey, hey,” he growls as his feet pound the ground boom, boom, boom sending shivers through the earth.  “What’s this?” asks a member of the other team. “That’s our secret weapon,” says Cos with a knowing smile.  “Hey, Hey, Hey” the voice grows louder as the steps come closer.  BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.

The ground around the challenging team shakes violently.  Somwhere a needle on the Richter Scale leaps.  The last man on the buck-buck team turns in time to see the sun blotted out by a massive form on its final approach.  “HEY, HEY, HEY,” Fat Albert cries while taking his last three steps.  DOOM, DOOM, DOOM… SPLAT!

Fat Albert, of course, is a Philadelphia legend.  But if such a person existed, and if he were white, and if he hailed from Hendersonville, N.C., and if there were two of him, then their names would be Billy and Benny McGuire.

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Rip Tyler vs. Grizzly Smith Ad

Alexandrian Daily Town Talk – June 4, 1974

World’s Heaviest Twin Takes Wife

Spartanburg Herald – May 28, 1975

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. (AP) – Billy McGuire, a 710-pound wrestler from Hendersonville, N. C., and his 98-pound wife, Danielle, of Montreal, began their honeymoon here Monday. Continue reading

‘Heavy’ Twins To Wrestle In Local Contest

Florence Times – Twin-Cities Daily – November 9, 1972

Len Rossi returns to wrestle ex-football player George Hultz as the main event for tonight’s wrestling at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum. Continue reading

Infernos Take Main Event; McGuires Win

Florence Times – Tri-Cities Daily – March 1, 1974

After a wild free-for-all, the Infernos with their manager J. C. Dykes won the main event Thursday night at pro wrestling at the Florence National Guard Armory. Continue reading

Two IS A Crowd

Wilmington Star-News – March 13, 1977
By Lee Weisbecker, Staff Writer

Billy (R) and Bennie McGuire dwarf Wulff's owner Gene Pontius.

Billy (R) and Bennie McGuire dwarf Wulff’s owner Gene Pontius.

Benny McGuire sat staring at a wrestling magazine, his 724-pound frame supported by two chairs.

His brother Billy, who weighs 747 pounds, was chatting with the ever-expanding group of onlookers that crowded into Wulff’s newsstand at 125 Princess St. Saturday afternoon to see the world’s heaviest twins. Continue reading

Burial Of Twin To Cause Problem

StarPhoenix – July 17, 1979


Transportation and burial of a 747-pound man, one of the world’s largest twins, will create some problems for the operator of a Hendersonville funeral home. Continue reading

World’s Largest Twins Wrestle For A Living

The Free Lance-Star – June 14, 1973

ORILLA, Ont. (AP) – What weighs more than 1,400 pounds, has four legs, four wheels and attracts stares?

The McGuire twins on their motorcycles. Continue reading

Rossi Subdues Hultz; McGuire Twins Win

Florence Times — Tri-Cities Daily – November 10, 1972

Len Rossi defeated George Hultz, the McGuire twins won over the Blitzer and Jimmy Kent, and Frankie Lane downed the Blitzer in wrestling action Thursday night at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum. Continue reading

Kirby, Hayes Meet McGuire Twins

St. Joseph Gazette – October 19, 1973

Natureboy Kirby and Lord Alfred Hayes will be at the defense of their National Wrestling Alliance world tag team championship again tonight in the Auditorium ring. Continue reading