This site is a labor of love for me.  I have been a life long pro-wrestling fan.  As I have grown older I have come to truly enjoy reading articles about the pro-wrestlers of eras gone by.  This site is devoted to preserving and collecting their memories into a single searchable space.  You can search chronologically above or by your favorite pro-wrestler in the search bar on top.

I love how the journalists of different eras have different viewpoints on what professional wrestling is/was.

I love how journalists felt like they were making news when they were “proving” that professional wrestling was fixed whether that was 100 years ago or just 30 years ago.

I love how most of those journalists writing about professional wrestling know next to nothing about it and often presented inaccurate facts and often just made up names for the moves they were describing.

I love how the great professional wrestlers continue to profess that they put on a legitimate competition.

I love finding out about professional wrestling personalities that I hadn’t heard of before.

Sport?  Entertainment?  Sports Entertainment?  Professional Wrestling.  I love it.

9 responses to “About

  1. Hey Man, did you give up this project? Missing your posts.rl

    • classicwrestlingarticles

      Didn’t give up. I’ve just had a LOT on my plate as of late. Too many projects, too little time in a day. Thanks for reminding me that there are others out there enjoying this, though. I’ll try to keep up with it a little better.

  2. Man the first time I found your site I spent several hours going through that backlog, killer work. Are you in the US? RL

    • classicwrestlingarticles

      Glad you’ve enjoyed it. I find myself getting lost in these articles on the front end. I typically pick one wrestler that I decide I want to learn more about and start digging up articles from a number of different sources and pretty soon I have dozens of articles and not enough time to get them all typed out and posted. I do have a backlog that I can get back to posting on a fairly regular basis, though.

      Yes. I’m in Minnesota, the former pro wrestling hotbed.

      Let me know if there’s anyone you’d like me to focus on for future postings.

  3. Archie Gouldie! I’ve seen a little bit on him but he was one of my heroes growing up in SE Kentucky. Would love to read more.rl

  4. Thank you for this wonderful site! I’m an older fan and being from Iowa I especially enjoy the history of Frank and the Farmer among plenty of others. But this post is not about them. In the early 80’s I formed a friendship with Frank Goodish. How about some articles on him and Stanley Hansen? Thanks again from an 8 time World Record fisherman.

  5. My uncle was a professional wrestler, Hammering Hank Metheny. It was fun to read about one of his matches. We still have some of his photos. Thank you for keeping this site up.

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